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⚡ Cleveland, Erie and Erie Lake

⚡ Cleveland, Erie and Erie Lake
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2 Days


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764 km






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This route includes CCS/SAE charging stations. For Tesla Supercharges, please follow this link
Traveling from Pittsburgh to Cleveland will give you a lot of impressions. On the way, you will meet rural landscapes and villages of Ohio, endless fields and picturesque forest edges. And Lake Erie will impress the most experienced traveler.
The route is planned for 2 days, so you can drive it on weekends. The entire route can be completed by recharging the vehicle, so charging stops are included in the route.
Your clothes and shoes should be comfortable for hiking in nature.
  • Visit the 19th-century lighthouse and take photos for Instagram on the shore of Lake Erie.
  • Explore the ways of Mother Nature.
  • Admire the local picturesque estates.

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Travel Itinerary

Towards One of the Great Lakes
Day 1354 km

Towards One of the Great Lakes

The route of the first day passes through rural Ohio. On your way, you will find museums and villages, many places for walks and photos. It is necessary to wear comfortable shoes.
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Picturesque Shore of Lake Erie
Day 2411 km770 m

Picturesque Shore of Lake Erie

The route of the second day runs along the shore of Lake Erie. The countryside will delight with landscapes. Small towns on the route have places to charge the car and have snacks.
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