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Cities of the South Urals: Chelyabinsk, Troitsk, Emanzhelinsk, Plast.

Cities of the South Urals: Chelyabinsk, Troitsk, Emanzhelinsk, Plast.
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History and Culture🎅 Winter Trips
You will visit the Stone Museum, where its founder gives fascinating guided tours.
Then you will head to Troitsk, where you will visit its main attractions and learn a beautiful legend about the construction of the Bashkirov Hotel.
Next you will be taken to Chelyabinsk, where you will have a chance to see the famous Chelyabinsk meteorite in person.
And on the way back you will visit Yemazhelinsk and Plast, get acquainted with their sights and stop by the carved in a rock icon of the Mother of God.
Александр Багно
Александр Багно
Travel Expert
  • Visit the stone museum in Ferchampenoise.
  • Walk on Central Square in Troitsk.
  • Take a picture with "Moskvich" in Emanzhelinsk.
  • Visit the hall of nature and ancient history in the Chelyabinsk History Museum.
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Fershampenoise, Troitsk and Chelyabinsk
Day 1370 km1 km

Fershampenoise, Troitsk and Chelyabinsk

You will visit private Museum of Stone in Fershampenuaz and take a walk along the streets of Troitsk, get acquainted with its history. By the evening you will arrive to Chelyabinsk and walk its pedestrian part. Don't forget to take a snack and a thermos with hot tea on the way, the visit to the cafe is planned only in the evening.
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Chelyabinsk, Yemangelinsk, Plast.
Day 2321 km

Chelyabinsk, Yemangelinsk, Plast.

We will visit the Chelyabinsk History Museum, where we will see the famous Chelyabinsk meteorite.
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