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Cinogenic city and ancient monastery

Road Trip Route. Have a photo shoot at Pilgrim Port., Visit the New Jerusalem Monastery, Immerse yourself in the special way of life and crafts of peasants., Enjoy the picturesque nature of the Moscow region.

It's a journey for those who know a lot about historical architecture. On the first day of the trip you will find yourself on a former film set, where the atmosphere of an eighteenth century European town was recreated, and then go to explore an ancient manor house, where the well-known works of M.Yu. A trip to New Jerusalem is planned for the second day. You will visit the places where the sacred similarities of Mount Golgotha, the caves of the Holy Sepulchre and the place of the three-day burial are now reproduced. In the Museum of Wooden Architecture you will learn more about the culture and craft of the peasants who inhabited these places, and of course make a few stops to admire nature.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Like in the movies!

Today we are planning to go northwest of Moscow. We intend to visit Pilgrim Porto cinema city, as well as to go on an excursion to one of the estates, where once lived Mikhail Lermontov.

Kinogorod Piligrim Porto

Piligrim Porto is a small "ghost town" in the forests of the nearest Moscow region. Here they filmed "Notes of the forwarder's secret office", and the scenery is preserved in very decent condition. There is an antique frigate, which you can even climb to feel like a captain at the wheel, and then go explore the ancient streets. Some buildings can't be accessed, but it won't darken the photo shoot in a quiet forest surrounded by all kinds of scenery and curious buildings.


A ten-minute drive from the cinema city is a small restaurant Nekrasov. The menu here is very extensive and varied, you can find dishes of Italian and French cuisine, a lot of different salads. Facility's atmosphere is also very pleasant and soothing, the interior is made in light colors.

Усадьба «Середниково»

One of the main tourist attractions of the Moscow region can safely be called the Serednikovo estate. Once this place was owned by the grandmother of the famous Russian poet and writer Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov, here he spent a lot of time working on poems, as well as on the famous poem "Demon". Today the estate has a rather large museum complex and regular excursions take place.

Gazpromneft filling station #160

В Гости

We arrive in Zelenograd and go "To visit". Here is a very hospitable and relaxing atmosphere, really, as if dropped in for dinner with an old friend. The menu offers quite a lot of Asian dishes, as well as traditional Middle Eastern cuisine. Delicious kebab lula and grilled meat.

Day 2: New Jerusalem

Today, right after breakfast, we plan to go to the small town of Istra, where we will find interesting historical sights, including an ancient monastery and a museum of crafts and everyday life of local peasants.


You can start the day at Café Garden, which is right next to Central Avenue. Its interior is designed in a cozy and modern way. In the menu you can find both traditional European cuisine and something specialty from the chef.

Новоиерусалимский монастырь

One of the most interesting cultural-historical and religious attractions of the nearest Moscow suburbs is the New Jerusalem Monastery. Its stone walls have been rising above this land since the late seventeenth century. The territory of the monastery is very well maintained and equipped, the entrance is free.

Музей деревянного зодчества

Near the New Jerusalem Monastery in the former estate of the noblemen of Kokorins there is another interesting cultural-historical object - the museum of wooden architecture. It was opened in the early eighties. There are several wooden buildings on the estate, inside which there are expositions about the life, craft and life of ordinary peasants.


After a long excursion and a fairly long transfer you can take a short break and go to one of the restaurants on the way called Moremania. From the name it becomes clear that the institution specializes in fish dishes and seafood. Cozy, delicious, fish!

Семеновский Пруд

And yet, good native nature! You can see it personally by going to Semenovskiy Prud. A relatively small pond surrounded by dense forest is an ideal place to relax, walk and have a small picnic or fishing at any time of year.