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Cinema adventure on the island Oahu

Road Trip Route. The memorial ‘Arizona’, The battleship ‘Missouri’, Feeding fish and ducks, Walking among tropical plants, Strolling at the Hollywood shooting sites, Going by the historical railroad, Ruins of palace, Unbelievable views of Honolulu, Breathtaking sights at the mountains, Beaches with white sand and blue water, The monument of Hawaiian actor and swimmer, .

This scenario perfectly suits you if you are a real amateur of cinema and stunning views. It is a true adventure during which you will be able to play diverse roles. Apply to yourselves the characters of archeologist and detective. Besides, become a photo-reporter and catch landscapes which are worth of the best glossy zine. A plenty of romance, visits to historical places and even a piece of Japan await you. The rest will be very active, you will climb the mountains, walk among tropical plants and go by the railroad. Almost forgot, an enormous labyrinth and plunging into Hawaiian culture is ahead.

History and Culture, Relaxing Leisure. From: Honolulu

Gvenet Bloom. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Chicken in the traditions of cinema

Hardly we have arrived at the place when an exciting evening is already waiting for us. Why is it exciting? – Because we are having dinner in the restaurant, the history of which is worth of shooting a documentary film.

Max's of Manila

Although the spot provides visitors with an extensive choice of dishes, we have came here to taste chicken after we found out the history of this place. It was 1945, right after the World War II, when Maximo Gimenez opened a hash, which was often visited by the military men who were his friends and wanted to drink some beer. Down the line his friends started to insist on paying for their drinks and thus Maximo amassed enough money for a bigger spot. Maximo’s niece Ruby wonderfully cooked chicken and she passed her recipe to the following generations that’s why we chose this place. And you are just about to find out how delicious it is –to follow a family recipe.

Day 2: And they are captured in the history forever

Although today we will manage to stroll in the park where fish and ducks will be fed by us and to rest on the beach, I think that the most important event is the visit to the sunk battleship ‘Arizona’ and a museum-ship ‘Missouri’ as both of these giants left a remarkable trail in the history of humanity.

Goofy Cafe & Dine

Let’s start our day from the breakfast in the cafe which is slightly similar to the one where Lucy and Henry, the characters of film ‘50 First Dates’ met. If you can, take a table with a sofa. A pleasant interior, there are three sections in the menu: breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The number of dishes is not extend yet all of them are diverse. They use products from the island when cooking and the slogan of cafe: ‘Eat local’.

USS Arizona Memorial

There is no other memorial similar to this one in the whole world. Design by Honolulu architect Alfred Preis the memorial is dedicated to the team of battleship ‘Arizona’ as well as to other members of military services and to the civilians who died during the attack on Pearl Harbor on the 7th of December in 1941 A 75 minute tour awaits you: 25 minute long documentary film and after you are delivered to the memorial by boat. 1, 177 soldiers and sailors died on the ship. More than 900 of them still sleep undersea. My skin crawled because the ship which found rest at a depth of 40 feet is at the same time a breathtaking and threatening spectacle. The memorial was shown in the TV serial Hawaii 5.0 right in the first episode.

Moanalua Botanical Gardens

An enormous park with a wide range of different plants and trees. There is space for both active games and calm rest here. The park covers 26 acres. The gem of this territory is the Hitachi Tree, which has been used as a logo of Japanese electronics company since 1973. You also can feed fish and ducks if you follow to the Koi pond, which is located on the territory of park. We spent a lot of time comparing monkey trees and attempting to realize why it is the Hitachi tree, which belongs to the mentioned above type that is has gained such a popularity. Try to find the answer yourselves. Goodluck!

USS Missouri Memorial

A battleship Missouri was constructed at the edge of the World War II and was commissioned on the 11th of June in 1944. The ship participated at least in two big wars. In particular, in the World War II and in the Korean War. There were many military exercises on the board of Missouri and the ship saw the world. Today this place is a good museum where you are told about the 70 years long existence of ship and about the role it played in the world history. It was really captivating to watch photos of sailors who once served here and to listen about the sea life.

The Alley Restaurant

We chose this restaurant on the advice of local citizens. They said this place must be included in the list of spots to have a bite in. I can say that the interior of cafe is somehow special but the dishes are really magnificent and interesting. Someone may be convinced that the fried octopuses can not be the main plat, yet I was delighted that I had listened to myself and had ordered them.

White Plains Beach

It is not the most popular place among tourists. This fact, on my opinion, make the beach even more attractive and more valuable than others. A clear sandy coast and small waves. Why did I mention the size of waves? – I don’t know how to surf and for people like me this place is a good discovery. You can exert yourselves here.

The Cheesecake Factory

We came here to have a supper and we enjoyed everything. However, a toothsome steak or a fresh salad weren’t the best part, it was a dessert. They serve cheesecakes of an extremely delicate flavour and other dainties. The cake recipes are a family secret and are given to pastrycooks from mouth to mouth.

Day 3: By the railroad and along the jungles

An amusive and educative trip by the historical railroad thanks to which we will finally understand how did Indiana Jones somersaulted and fought on the roof of carriage. Well, okay, we are unlikely to realize, but at least we can imagine how it was. Later, we will plunge into the beautiful world of flora and fauna. Besides, as much knowledge about plants and flowers as it is possible will be absorbed by us.

Heavenly Island Lifestyle

A true taste of Hawaii is a diversity of served to you with a smile dishes cooked only from the products which are presented to the locals by the islands. Salads, pastas, rice, soups, seafood, burritos and many other plats are provided to the visitors. Plating is viewy and it was such a pity to eat the food at first but the starvation overpowered and we shoveled the food down.

Hawaiian Railway Society

So, Indiana Jones! – What? Why is it Indiana Jones? – Well, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, some scenes of film about a famous archaeologist were shot on the Hawaiian islands. Secondly, Indiana Jones often travels by trains. The trip by the historical railroad we allow you to feel yourselves a real treasure hunters! During the journey the history of Oahu Railway and Land Company as well as the ways of using trains in the cane sugar production will be told to you. Also you will get acquainted with unique exhibits and to learn many interesting facts about the railroad. You will see for yourselves the carriages similar to those which Indiana usually climbs trying to return something what has been taken from him by his opponents or just trying to save his life. Pay attention that the trips are possible only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Wahiawa Botanical Garden

This garden is real paradisiacal jungles which were opened for public excess in 1957. Well, jungles is a too high-sounding word for description, of course, there are trails for visitors’ convenience and still the views are worth of being shot in romantic and adventurous cinemas. A great number of amazing plants grows here, such as Eucalyptus, divers ficuses, different palms, Blue Ginge, Camphor trees, Nutmeg, Blue Jacaranda and a lot of others. Unfortunately, I didn’t find information if the territory of park has ever been shot in a film. However, to walk past this place means to loose a lot, so you should stroll here.

Taqueria El Ranchero

It is a wonderful spot for enjoying a real Mexican taste right on the islands. The owner of taqueria are convinced as soon as you experience their salsa in different variations, you will be hooked on their dishes and will not be willing to eat anything else for a long time. We certainly savoured all what we ordered. And we agree that the taqueria provides visitors with fresh food for a reasonable price. Besides, the staff tries to do their job in a fast and professional way.

Waimea Valley

Hurray! We have reached it! We have arrived at the inimitable amazing gorgeous (okay, okay, I will stop here, otherwise, I will continue to list adjectives till the evening) place. Waimea Valley is famous as a plantation of pink taro root stocks, it is a unique natural reserve and a home for hundreds of thousands creatures and plants. The history of this park is too long to retell you. If you are interested, read it on the site. I just will mention that the natural reserve is one of the most favourite of directors. The scenes from such films as ‘George of the Jungle’, ‘The hunger games catching fire’, ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth 2’, ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ were shot here. Moreover, TV serials ‘Lost’ and ‘Hawaii 5.0’ were created in the valley. This place will always remain in the clips of famous artists, for example, in Janet Jackson’s musical videos.

Banzai Sushi Bar

I can’t advice you want to choose in this restaurant as I don’t often eat sushi. Yet I can emphasize that I liked the service and those sushi which I ordered. Unfortunately, I don’t remember their names. No doubts, the waiters will help you to make choice. The chef of this spot has traveled all over the world looking for exotical flavours and now his dishes has a special feature. Make sure yourselves.

Day 4: Romance and pineapples

Today it is all about romance. We will rest in the open air. Besides, an answer to the question: 'Who is a pineapple king' will be given to us. Feel yourselves crazy lovebirds the same way Lucy and Henry in the "50 first dates" felt or just enjoy unique nature of island. Look at Honolulu from the height and let your imagination run wild.

Kono's Big Wave Cafe

Sauces are the most memorable thing about this cafe, they make you long for more. Breakfast happened to be nutritious and delicious, although it took us more time than we had expected. Our order wasn’t brought at once, but all the dishes were piping hot. The food was worth of expecting.

waialua beach

Let’s rest a little bit from films, which had been long created and had got their success. This beach is aimed at making own romantic cinema. Just two of us headed to this journey and here we were lucky to enjoy the stunning views to the ocean and our feelings to each other to the full. Sit at the sand holding hands, gamble standing ankle deep in water and take joint photos, shoot some videos. We wish you to create your own happy fairytale.

Kaena Point

I will briefly tell the story which may run imagination riot. Who knows, you may become the ones who will write a scenario for a new film to be shot on Hawaii? Kaea means ‘heat’, this place was named after the Goddess Pele’s (the creator of Hawaii) brother who accompanied her from kahiki (the place where all the Gods come from). Another story says that this venue where all the souls jump from to go to the next world. Well, has you imagination already started to draw a story? In fact, this point is guarded by the Government as an array of originally Hawaiian animals, fish and plants inhabit it. You can either do snorkeling or just stroll along the white sand.

Dole Plantation

How about having some fun? Here you can do so many thrilling things. For example, to walk in the hune labyrinth, learning flora and fauna of Hawaiian islands which forms the walls. Or, maybe, you want to ride a train and to listen to the history of this place and about how James Drummond Dole got the nickname of a pineapple king? In reality you can do both and even more. In the film ‘50 first dates’ Lucy Whitmore and her father went for buying a pineapple for every birthday of his. What if they went to this exact plantation?

Hauula Beach Park

A narrow beach coast and breathtaking surrounding area make a deep impression, especially, when you are almost alone here. We were very happy to spend some time in private and face to face with nature. It is such a romance! The place is situated in the shoal, so the best thing to do here is to snorkel if the ocean is calm. The name of beach is translated like ‘Hibiscus tiliaceus’, Hawaii are a natural habitat for this flower. Hibiscus is a symbol of islands and is a favourite pattern for Hawaiian t-shirts, which are popular among celebrities. For instant, Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom can bluster with couple of nice pictures where Hibiscus is perfectly seen.

Papa Ole's Kitchen

The first thing to demonstrate the level of spot is that it is of big popularity among the locals. The second issue to catch the eyes is that the staff know the majority of client by names. We received a warm welcome. Portions are big, all the plats are flavorous and have a perfect taste. We had a pleasant evening. Besides, a few interesting stories about the island were told to us.

Day 5: Jurassic Park and a piece of Japan

Today there are adventures in the style of Jurassic Park and the very same unbelievably lush green views which can be seen in the cinema ahead.

Hukilau Cafe

It is something amazing. A small imperceptible cafe, yet so heartly people and so nutritious food. I ordered pork tacos with pineapples. I have never tasted such a dainty! There other delicious dishes and breakfasts in the Hawaiian style. You definitely will find something that suits your taste.

Kualoa Ranch

Welcome to the Jurassic Park! We were so eager about coming here because we both love all the films included in the cyclus, Although there many thrilling actions such as Kayak Adventure Tour, Jurassic Valley Zipline, Electric mountain bike tour, ATV Adventure and Hourseback Adventure, we chose Hollywood Movie Site Tour. It is a captivating trip! Prepare your cameras, you will want to imprint a great amount of moments! I would like to add, dear friends, although you wish to take photos for a long memory, try to have free moments from gadgets at least for a while, because you will not be able to see such stunning landscapes anywhere else. Book your tour in advance, it is preferable, two weeks before!

Chinaman's Hat - Scenic Viewpoint

An enormous hat. Where? – Right in front of you. A mountain-hat which everyine takes pictures with as the view is beautiful. of course, everyone has this hat on their heads. We tried to think of something more unexpected and took the photo where we pull the hat by opposite sides of pent. I wonder what idea will come your mind?

Waiahole Poi Factory

A gorgeous place, Hawaiian cuisine, all the plats are served in inimitable wooden dishes. I am not sure if it is a plate that adds special pleasant taste to the food or it is a skillful chef himself, yet, we wanted to relish every piece. In fact, it is not so important. You definitely should drop into this spot.

Valley of the Temples

A piece of Japan at the foothills. The mountains create a natural amphitheatre around the Byodo-In Temple. A wonderful sight to the ocean opens from here. It is hard to take your eyes off it. The temple is non-practicing and is available for tourists. For a small fee you can get satisfaction from calmness which this place is full of. Byodo-In is a copy of similarly-named UNESCO heritage included temple in Japan. The place provokes the thoughts about the film ‘Picture Bride’ which was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 1994. The cinema tells in the vivid colours the story of Japanese immigrants who work at reed plantations.

Nuʻuanu Pali Lookout

I urge you, dear friend, to forget about your cameras and phones for a while. Just look at the sight from here! When I watched the lying ahead green jungles which the city smoothly fits into, the words of adoration rolled of my tongue. I am sure you will love this lookout.

Kaneohe Beach Park

This beach reminds one of those that are often seen in the TV serial Hawaii 5.0, it is pleasant to stroll along such a place and to imagine yourselves in the role of two hotshot special service agents on the task. Enjoy the views and let your task be successfully completed (in particular, to track as many shooting sites as possible). Be in touch, agents!

Haleiwa Joe's - Haiku Gardens Restaurant

A great range of food: shrimps, ribbons, salads, soups – each plat has an inimitable taste. A really merry atmosphere, fresh products and staff’s broad smiles make this place one of the most favourite ones among both the locals and guests of island.

Day 6: An archeologist or a a detective?

A lot of impersonations and absolutely different positive emotions awaits you today. Firstly, we will set forward to savour natural landscapes. Right after that we will visit authentic ruins which will make you feel archeologists. Later we will understand what the detective Magnum experienced when he flew over Honolulu and, finally, we will stroll along the ocean coast.

Musubi Cafe IYASUME

Japanese cuisine is quite popular on Hawaii, this spot specializes in sushi, but there are salads, soups and other dishes as well here. The cafe is crowded, food is taken quickly that is why everything is fresh. Spam musubi is a Hawaiian sandwich of an unbelievable taste, rice of the best quality and seaweeds perfectly supplement it.

Ho‘omaluhia Botanical Garden

I know we have visited some breathtaking places, and still, is it possible to be full of such stunning sights which this island is rich in? Do you know this method when you need to wait for the certain time till a sunbeam falls in the certain direction? There is a similar secret in this garden which reveals after rain. If you are lucky, it will pour the day before and you will see a lot of waterfalls running down the mountain.

The Kaniakapupu Ruins

I am sure that nothing has been shot here. However, this place is of great importance. First of all, these ruins once used to be a summer residence of Hawaiian king Kamehameha III and the queen Kalama. Secondly, in 1847 a huge national Hawaiian party named Luau was organized here. This celebration was dedicated to the Sovereignty Restoration Day and 10 thousand guests participated in it. This historical spot is a treasure for such cinema amateurs as we are. Such authentic ruins are hard to find in the whole world.

Yanagi Sushi

An excellent restaurant with a wide range of dishes. There are Japanese and Korean cuisines here. We decided to try both. The best thing about Asian food is that you can simply share it. Friendly staff and fast service make you love this place from the first visit.

Diamond Head State Monument

This spot give you an opportunity to enjoy one of the best views to the Pacific Ocean and to Honolulu. The military used to use this place as an observation point to anticipate attacks on the city. Going up and down in total take 1,5-2 hours, the gates are closed at 6 p.m., so make sure that you return by that time. I wish you to get satisfaction from the sight to Honolulu, a famous detective Magnum, a character of a popular TV serial of the same name, often visited this city. Let’s give a touch to the world of detective investigations thanks to the tourist attraction. I would like to draw you attention to the fact that you should take water with you and that only cash are received.

Kahala Beach

A beach from the picture – that is the exact description of this place. It has been noticed on tha pages of magazine ‘Honolulu’ more than once so far. It is such a delight to walk along white sand and to listen to the sound of waves in the company of the beloved person. Every moment is precious, let the stroll here turn into wonderful moments for you.

Roy's Waikiki

My association to Hawaiian islands is the certain form of umbrella. I don’t know what such umbrellas are made from, but if you do to this restaurant, you will be able to sit under one of them outside and will understand what I am talking about. The atmosphere here reminded me of the film ‘Just go with it’, there were these umbrellas all over the cinema. The menu is diverse: there are local plats, sushi and other popular all over the world dishes. You won’t be disappointed.

Day 7: Hawaiian actor

Today a sweet romantic breakfast and an acquaintance with an actor whom the Hawaiians can be proud of awaits you.

Kona Coffee Purveyors | b.patisserie

A pretty bakery with unbelievably delicious coffee. In the end-of-holiday morning we were eager to catch each and every moment and to stop time. You know, we were close to success! We drank a big cup of coffee and ate fresh bakery, looking into each other’s eyes as it is done in the most romantic scenes in the world of cinema.

Duke Kahanamoku Statue

Dear friends! Say, how is that? The cinema spot tour and we haven’t even mentioned actors of Hawaiian origin? It won’t do! Let’s correct the situation: just look, there is a statue of prominent Olympic swimming champion and actor Duke Kahanamokum (1890 – 1968). Why is an actor and a swimmer embodied with a surf boat? – It is because he popularized surfing during his trips all over the world. I think if he knew how many people are into this sport today, he would be pleased.