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Chiltern Hills Nature Reserve walking tour

Chiltern Hills Nature Reserve walking tour
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From the much-loved Cotswolds to the picturesque Lake District, there are so many amazing nature parks and reserves in England. But I like Chiltern Hills best, the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Firstly, because it's very close to London. And secondly, because it's accessible by the Metropolitan Line.
Julia Karpova
Julia Karpova
Travel Expert
  • Discover the great outdoors.
  • Stop for a coffee in a medieval town.
  • Eat wild blackberries.

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Day 111 km83 km

Contrary to the fears of Londoners, here's a myth: Britons are no worse off in Zone 9 than they are near Hyde Park. The locals don't even want to move closer to the centre. They're fine outdoors, especially in the midst of a pandemic. One of the reasons they don't mind being outdoors is the Chiltern Hills Conservation Area - a string of rolling hills crowned by expansive fields of sheep grazing and lush forests of wild blackberries. If you tire of the commotion on Oxford Street, there's an easy way to get out into the great outdoors on a budget (about £15). Covering over 300 square miles, the Chiltern Hills Nature Reserve stretches northwest of London. The woods start by the River Thames in South Oxfordshire, stretching across Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire before ending at Hitchin in Hertfordshire.
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