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Road Trip Route. See the massive steps of the Karagai quarry, Come close to an artesian spring, Learn more about nature of the Chelyabinsk Region.

Many people sometimes think that a whole region can hardly be rediscovered in a couple of days. But not when it comes to the Chelyabinsk Region with all its natural and man-made beauties! For only two days it is possible to see a set of miracles of the nature and incredible landscapes, to have fun and to expand own horizons. A memorable adventure during which there will be an opportunity to have fun, relax and enjoy the beauty of the Chelyabinsk region awaits you. You only need to dress warmly, fill up a full tank and, of course, take a good mood with you on the road!

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Alexandr Kosar. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Zyuratkul National Park and other nearby beauties

A small trip to the Chelyabinsk region can certainly be a special experience, because this region is famous for its incredible natural attractions, national parks, lakes and monuments.


Gazpromneft filling station #291

An exciting journey awaits you! Before a long and interesting journey, we recommend stopping at a proven gas station - fill up with a full tank of quality fuel and take a cup of delicious coffee to make the journey more comfortable.

Monument to the Chelyabinsk Meteorite

On the shore of Lake Chebarkul there is an interesting location - a wooden replica of a Cossack fortress. Here you will see several ships, a windmill, a log chapel and even a hut on chicken legs. And the most unusual sight is a monument to a meteorite that fell near Chelyabinsk in 2013.

Natural Science Museum of Ilmensky State Reserve

The Chelyabinsk Region is a very diverse and multifaceted region. To better understand its nature, you can make a stop and visit a tour at the museum of the Ilmensky Reserve. For all the inquisitive there is an extensive exposition telling about the amazing flora and fauna, geology and mineralogy. The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday. Prices for guided tours can be found [on the official website](

Национальный парк «Зюраткуль»

One of the main natural wonders of the Chelyabinsk Region can safely be called "Zyuratkul" National Park. In winter, there are several kinds of leisure activities offered here: a walk to an artesian spring, which turns into a huge ice pillar in the frost, or a visit to the "moose house", where you can see these incredible animals up close. Details about services, visiting rules and prices can be found [on the official website](

Eko-Kafe 1175

After a walk in the cold, you need to rest and warm up with hot tea. You can also enjoy meals made from locally sourced natural ingredients.

Эко-парк «Зюраткуль»

Besides a great variety of natural sights and beauties, "Zyuratkul" ecopark offers many other kinds of entertainment: dog sledding and horseback riding, bath and spa, tubing and skiing. Please note, some activities are paid separately, they need to be booked by phone [on the official website]( And for dinner you can drop in at one of the base's restaurants.

Day 2: Incredible views of the region's mountains and forests

Today will also be quite an eventful day. First, visit the incredible Taganai National Park with its fabulous views. And before heading back to Chelyabinsk, you can try your hand at skiing or just have fun tubing or skating.

Karagai quarry

Fascinating landscapes can be seen at the observation platform of the Karagai quarry. Its scale is amazing, its steps are huge, and the machinery passing there seems toy-like at first glance. A perfect place for memorable photos!


Another natural wonder of the Chelyabinsk Region is Taganai National Park. There are specialized routes for tourists of any level of training, offering scenic views of valleys and mountains, forests and lakes. You should definitely start your visit to the national park by registering at the visitor's center. Details in the official [VKontakte group](


The restaurant "Palermo" is considered to be one of the best in Zlatoust. The service here is decent and the atmosphere is cozy. The choice of dishes is wide, and many visitors note the rack of deer with sea buckthorn and rabbit stew.

Solnechnaia Dolina Resort

You can spend your time merrily and profitably at the ski resort "Sun Valley". There is a very wide range of leisure activities for holidaymakers in addition to skiing slopes. For example, karting, paintball, ice skating rink and a variety of excursions. And after an active evening you can have dinner in one of four restaurants of the resort. Details on prices and services can also be found [on the official website](