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Cheerful weekend near Yekaterinburg

Cheerful weekend near Yekaterinburg
Starts from



2 Days


By Car


369 km






Active Leisure🎅 Winter Trips
A trip especially for those who are always ready to conquer new heights! During these two days we will spend a lot of effort, but get a lot of emotions.
Exciting snowshoeing, alpine skiing, spectacular rocks and horseback riding. This weekend will be remembered for a long time!
Sati Sarkisyan
Sati Sarkisyan
Travel Expert
  • Conquer all the steep turns on the snowcat.
  • Cross-country skiing on all slopes.
  • Climb to the top of the cliff.
  • Enjoy the beauty of the forest on horseback.
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Riding a quad bike. Ski club.
Day 1146 km

Riding a quad bike. Ski club.

The day will begin with a great adventure! We'll go to the Spruce Cape on snowmobiles. In the afternoon, the ski club is waiting for us, we will conquer the snow elephants.
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The Kyrman rocks. Horse club.
Day 2223 km9 km

The Kyrman rocks. Horse club.

Today we will visit the famous Kyrman rocks, and in the afternoon we will take a horseback ride through the forest.
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