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Chattanooga Landscapes

Road Trip Route. Visit the underground waterfall, Enjoy scenic views from the observation decks, Spend time in amazing natural parks, Relax by the lake.

A trip across the most beautiful places in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is designed for those who want to relax from the city bustle and spend a few days alone with nature. Both children and adults would be much interested in the trip, you can visit interesting and unusual city sights, check out the local aquarium, enjoy the your time by the lake and have dinner in authentic restaurants just in four days.

Uninhabited Nature. From: Chattanooga

Elena Sadchikova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Happy evening in Chattanooga.

Take the scenic route around the city of Chattanooga tomorrow, and spend this evening in a relaxed atmosphere of a local restaurant, where the best varieties of craft beer are served.

Big River Grille & Brewing Works

Walking through the city center, you can easily spot the Big River Grille & Brewing Works. In stark contrast to the mass of other restaurants, this facility boasts the stone boat located at the entrance and the beautiful lit outdoor terrace. The bar menu offers many varieties of craft beer, and when ordering food, you should choose grilled meat dishes, prepared at the highest level here.

Day 2: Going on an adventure

Today you visit an interesting and unusual city park, and go to explore such natural beauties as waterfalls and mountains and enjoy the panorama of the city and the forest from the observation deck.

City Café Diner

A classic American diner with a pleasant retro atmosphere and a jukebox is open to visitors around the clock. The choice of dishes for breakfast here is quite diverse and takes several pages of the menu, more than five different kinds of pancakes alone are served here.


This is a beautiful, modern and well-kept park, located along the embankment of Tennessee River. Here you can spend your time walking along winding paths and fancy bridges, or viewing original modern sculptures next to the art gallery.

Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls is the highest underground waterfall in North America. This natural wonder was discovered in 1929, and since then many travelers have been eager to come here to see it for themselves. By the way, the waterfall owes its name to the wife of the researcher discovered it. The waterfall and the cave look just magical, thanks to the additional illumination, and the noise of falling drops under the ground sounds mystically fascinating.

New China Buffet And Grill

There are many cafes and restaurants nearby, but visitors say New China Buffet And Grill is a great value. The menu offers traditional Chinese cuisine served in a buffet style, many seafood dishes and different kind of Chinese noodles with various additives.

Point Park

Point Park is where important events of American history took place. For example, the Civil War battle, later called the “Battle Above the Clouds”. The park is distinguished not only by its historical value, but also by magnificent views from its highest points. Once in the park, you should definitely check out the visitor center to explore the mural, painted by an eyewitness, and learn interesting historical facts.

Rock City Gardens

There are many good things to see in the Rock City Gardens. Here you can enjoy beautiful views of mountain landscapes and waterfalls, take a long walk along forest paths, or visit the zoo to pet the alpaca or take photos with rare birds. If you visit this place with children, explore the caves of the dwarves, and if you are interested in modern art, you would be interested in sculptures and installations scattered throughout different parts of the park.

Sticky Fingers Ribhouse

After such a busy and eventful day, you just need to have a good dinner. This could be done both on the territory of the park and in the city. If you like the second option, visit the Sticky Fingers Ribhouse Bar and Grill, which offers great meat dishes. Whatever you choose, BBQ chicken wings or grilled ribs, you would ask for seconds.

Day 3: Alone with nature

Today you visit the picturesque parks near Chattanooga, where you can enjoy active leisure time in nature, or unhurried walks on hiking trails. In the evening, you visit the authentic gastropub, known for its range of quality drinks.

Peet's Coffee & Tea

A good breakfast sets the tone for the day. Peet's Coffe and Tea is open from 6 am on weekdays and from 7 on weekends, so that even the earliest birds can enjoy a large selection of natural coffee drinks and delicious food. The special breakfast menu offers many options, from oatmeal to several varieties of sandwiches.

Harrison Bay State Park

Forty miles from Chattanooga, along the shore of the lake is the beautiful Harrison Bay Park, a favorite resting place for travelers and city residents. In the park, guests will have fun and be amazed. Different themes cater to all tastes: here you can play golf, or fish in the designated areas, go hiking trails and explore local fauna, or just have fun time in the pool.

Dockside Cafe

Whatever activity you choose while relaxing in the park, boat trips or a game of golf, you should then have a good meal. A fine cafe with delicious food and pleasant service is located right on the beach, and what better lunch that one by the lake?

Enterprise South Nature Park

This park is mainly known among the locals, and they just love to spend their weekends here. It's clear for a very good reason, there are well-equipped bike lanes in the park, you can leave the car in the parking lot, rent a bike and enjoy the ride on cool, shady routes, or take a cross-country ride. During a ride or a walk you probably meet deer, or other wildlife. The park also invites visitors to tour a few bunkers on its territory.

Beast + Barrel

Visitors of Beast + Barrel claim the gastrobar offers excellent service and a large selection of great drinks, you can enjoy craft beer, or the best varieties of Italian and French wines. The assortment and quality of food is also great. Once here, indulge in grilled meat or fish dishes. You can spend the evening in cozy interiors in a loft style, or on the outdoor terrace offering a charming view of city streets.

Day 4: The culmination of the trip

The trip comes to an end, however, today we are going to visit another interesting city attraction, the Chattanooga Aquarium. You better get up early to have enough time to get new impressions and set the tone for the day.


The coffee shop of the world famous Starbucks chain, located near the city aquarium, opens at 6 am on weekdays, and at 7 am on weekends, so this is the most suitable place for an early breakfast on the final day of the trip. Everyone knows that they serve excellent delicious and aromatic coffee, and you can have pastry, sandwich, or one of the salads for lunch to your taste. And if you want to spend more time exploring the contrasts of urban architecture, just take a cup of coffee and a croissant to go and enjoy a walk.

Tennessee Aquarium

In the Chattanooga Aquarium, you can watch the inhabitants of the marine and riverine ecosystems. The aquarium building, creative and modern, contrasts, to a great degree, with low-rise buildings, and forms an integral part of urban scenery. It is safe to call a giant octopus from the Pacific Ocean the most unusual and fascinating creature in an aquarium, and the most lovely and amusing ones are playful otters, beloved by children.