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Day 2501 km1 km

The Urban Capital and the Largest Aviation Museum in the World

Today you'll stroll through the best parts of Ohio's capital, Columbus, marvel at the original memorial with green grass on the roof, see picturesque parks and cities, and then head to the largest air museum in the world to see more than 400 planes and rockets in person. The final point of the trip will be Detroit.

Day Itinerary

1 km5 min
Greenspot Charging Station
08:0030 min

Greenspot Charging Station

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Today is a busy day and a long drive, so we recommend waking up early and starting your day by charging your car. After charging, you'll have time for a morning stroll through downtown Columbus or a cup of coffee at a coffee shop nearby.
You can charge your car here:
Type: CCS/SAE 2 stations, 2 plugs Power: 50 kW
Type: CHAdeMO 2 stations, 2 plugs Power: 50 kW
1.4 km5 min
Topiary Park
08:4530 min

Topiary Park

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First, take a walk through the original landscaped park in downtown Columbus, Topiary Park. It's a cozy green park with many sculptures. You'll see 54 life-size sculptures of people, 8 boats, and various animals. The sculptures are made in the style of impressionism by the author James T. Mason. What makes the park unique is that all of these sculptures and plants recreate a single large-scale painting - "Sunday afternoon on Grande Jatte Island" by Georges-Pierre Serre, a French painter.
The park is open daily from 7.00-23.00

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