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Caves, geysers and heights of the Leningrad region

Caves, geysers and heights of the Leningrad region
Starts from

Saint Petersburg


14 Hours


By Car


223 km




Sights in NatureActive Leisure
Not far from the northern capital there are many natural monuments, of which even the residents of St. Petersburg do not know. On this trip we will visit some of them. If you do not like to sit at home at weekends and want to relax in nature, then join the trip.
Xena Fedchenkova
Xena Fedchenkova
  • Visit the Duderhof Heights.
  • Find Gatchina geysers.
  • Visit the A.S. Pushkin family museum.
  • See waterfalls.
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Recreation in nature
Day 1223 km

Recreation in nature

In this trip we will visit Duderhof Heights, where we will climb the highest point of St. Petersburg and walk 2.5 kilometers along the eco-trail. Then we will stop at Gatchina Geysers to learn their secrets. The cultural part of the trip will consist of a visit to the museum of the A.S. Pushkin family. And at the end of the day we'll spend at waterfalls.
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