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Castles and farms of the Kaliningrad region

Road Trip Route. Make friends with the pony., Lunch with freshly caught fish., Feed the birds by hand, Visit ancient castles, Buy homemade cheese.

This journey will be a real discovery for you and your children. You will visit a pony club and bird house where you can pet, feed and even hug cute animals. On the way you will find ancient castles that contain stories of their heroes and their exploits. You can't do without gastronomic notes - you will visit the famous cheese factory, where you can buy the most delicious types of cheese. In short, this trip will please any member of the family and no one will remain indifferent. ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%.

Families with Kids. From: Kaliningrad

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Pony club, locks and more.

You will start an exciting journey that will be remembered by you and your children for a long time. You will visit the historic Valdau Castle, meet animals on a pony farm and taste locally produced cheese. Take the great mood with you and go!


Замок Вальдау

Many centuries ago, two Prussian princes started building this castle. They received land from the Teutonic Order for supporting the Teutonic people during the next uprising. The structure was originally a small fortress, like an inn. In XVII Peter I even visited the castle. Although he spent only one night here, which is recorded in the castle archives. Today at the entrance to the castle you can see a memorial stone erected in honor of this visit.

Pekarnya Val'dau

After visiting the castle, we recommend that you take a short look at the local bakery and stock up on provisions, because on the way there are not many places where you can eat, and you are waiting for outdoor activities, after which you will surely have an appetite!

Pony Hunchback Horse Club.

It is home to decorative and poultry birds, ducks, tangerines, geese, swans, peacocks, down and curly hens, mini goats, mini rabbits. Animals are happy to communicate with children, eat a treat right from their hands. Little guests of the farm can take a walk with the pony in the yard or ride these cute horses. After the walk you will have a rest and hot tea - it's time to eat pies from the bakery! For more information on activities for children of different ages, please contact the [site](

Ragnit Castle (Замок Рагнит)

This majestic castle of the Teutonic Order is located right in the center of Neman. Today, only ruins are left of this unique monument of the Middle Ages that you can explore, but their size is also very impressive! An interesting fact for lovers of national cinema: on the territory of the castle were filmed episodes of such films as "Twelve days without war", "Soldier and an elephant", "I am a Russian soldier". In the last ruins of the castle played the role of the Brest Fortress.

Restaurant and hotel complex Deutsches Haus

This establishment operates in Neman at the craft brewery of the same name. In addition to homemade sausages, the menu includes several types of artisan cheese. The latter can be tasted, as they say, in "pure form", or baked with garlic and rosemary, deep-fried or simply as a melted pizza topping. You can buy 8 types of cheese here. If you are interested not only in dining on local produce but also in visiting the cheese factory, you should arrange a tour in advance, you can do so by telephone or via the social media channels listed on the official [website](

Day 2: The bird kingdom, the spirit of the Middle Ages and real racing.

The second day of the trip you will start with the acquaintance with birds. You will visit the tactile zoo and many other activities for children and adults. You will visit another famous castle - Georgenburg. You will finish this day with a breeze riding on maps. Arrange a real competition!

Парк Птиц "Приозерье"

Here you will see several dozen species of birds - from sleepy owls to mighty ostriches - and other animals: fluffy rabbits, domestic goats and horses - walk along the swan lake, ride on a massive wooden swing and just relax in body and soul. A place that children and adults alike will love!

Georgenburg (замок Георгенбург)

Next stop is the ruins of the castle of Georgenburg, a place with a rich and tragic history. The castle was repeatedly seized and devastated by Lithuanians and Mongol Tatars, who were hired by Poles to fight against the Teutonic Knights. In the chronicles of Georgenburg you can read a sad story about the desecration of the estate by the invaders, led by the Polish Prince Gonshevsky. Since the XIX century, Georgienburg began to be considered a private property he owned, surprisingly, a noble English family. The XX century prepared a difficult fate for the castle - it passed into state ownership, was badly damaged during the bombing of the Great Patriotic War, and the buildings adjacent to the castle housed apartments. Nowadays, the castle is gradually being restored and festivals of living history and battle reconstruction are held on its territory. A visit to the mighty citadel at any time of year guarantees you a lot of impressions!

Cafe "Angel"

Hungry during your outdoor walks? Time for lunch! The atmosphere in this cafe is always cosy and homely. Be sure to try the borscht and charcoal dishes.

Картинг-клуб "Лидер"

How would you like to try yourself as a real racer? Mapping is available for children 7 years and older. For the races, small riders are given low-power children's cards equipped with safety systems. The cardboard is open from Wednesday to Sunday, it is better to warn about the visit in advance to book the time and suitable equipment. Contacts can be found at [website](

Radisson Blu

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