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Carting, archery, contact zoo and deer farm in the Kaliningrad region

Road Trip Route. Archery at Castle Brandenburg, Visit the oldest oak tree in the Kaliningrad region, Feeding deer in the Mushkino Safari Park., Going to Cat Yard and riding horses, Experience the adrenaline rush of a karting club, To make selfies against the background of a monument to sprats., Visit a unique brick museum, .

Picturesque parks and mysterious knightly castles, archery and karting, contact zoos and a deer farm - this route is for those who want to spend an interesting weekend with children near Kaliningrad. Dress up warmer and go! ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%.

Families with Kids, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Kaliningrad

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Brandenburg Castle, 900-year-old oak tree, Brick Museum, Mushkino Safari Park

Start the day with a tour of knightly castle Brandenburg and then visit the oldest oak tree in Kaliningrad region. In the afternoon, stop by Mamonovo, where you'll have a chance to take selfies against a monument to sprats and check out a private brick museum. The rest of the day can be spent in Mushkino safari park, where you can ride horses, pet deer and take a steam bath on the bank of the picturesque river.


Brandenburg Castle

The Brandenburg Fortress has had its history since 1266. Once the most important Komtur castle by the middle of the XVIII century began to collapse and crumble into building materials, and after fierce battles in 1945, it fell into disrepair. Although the castle is in ruined condition, it still looks majestic. Today you can come here for a half hour excursion, and at the same time shoot with an archery. All activities should be booked in advance by phone at [group](

The oldest oak tree in the Kaliningrad region

In the town of Ladushkin grows, as biologists assure, the oldest oak in the Kaliningrad region. The age of the tree is approximately 900 years. To cover the trunk at its base, you need at least 9 people: the length of the circle as much as 13.2 meters!


There are very few cafes and restaurants nearby. In fact, Ludwigsort is the only option. And quite worthy, in the opinion of most of its visitors. It is especially advantageous to order business lunches, which include simple and healthy dishes of home cuisine. The cafe opens at 12:00 and works until midnight.

monument sprats

Then the way lies in Mamonovo, and the first thing you can see is its funniest monument dedicated to sprats. The first batch of sprats at the local fish cannery was produced in 1963. In those years, sprats were called "the pearl in the crown of the fishing industry". The plant is still operating today, and in 2008 the idea to immortalize its main delicacy was born.

East Prussian Brick History Museum

Few people know, Mamonovo has a private Museum of East Prussian Brick History. And it has been working for over 20 years. During this time, collector Dmitry Adolfovich Shilov has collected more than 2000 exhibits that keep the secrets of the history of brick production in East Prussia, starting with the Order period. It is considered to be one of the best meetings in Europe. The collections will interest both adults and children, who can see and touch many unusual historical artifacts. You can get to the museum only by agreement with the owner by phone +7-906-2101043.

Mushkino Safari Park

The rest of the day you can spend in the "Mushkino" safari park. It works all year round and is waiting for guests on any day, from 9 am to 9 pm. In the park you can walk around the picturesque surroundings, feed the deer (there are almost 1800 animals on the local farm). Horseback riding is also available by appointment by phone +7 9062 18 29 00. After taking a walk, go to a local restaurant for dinner, which, by the way, has a children's menu. And then you can go to the bathhouse, which is located in a separate building on the river bank. In addition to the steam room, there is a kitchenette, two recreation rooms, billiards and a covered veranda with a wonderful view. The sauna can be booked for at least 3 hours. For all questions, please call +7 4012 52 39 39 or look for answers at [site](

Day 2: Knights' castles, Pravdinskaya hydroelectric power station, local history museum and trampolines

Start your trip with a walk around the ancient castle of Preisish-Eylau in Bagrationovsk, then go and admire Pravdinskaya hydroelectric power station and Teutonic Knights Gerdauen Castle. In Gusev, check out the local history museum and trampoline centre, and finish the evening in Topolyok café with billiards and a children's room.

Forburgh Castle Preisisch-Eilau

The main attraction of Bagrationovsk is the Forburg of Preisisch Eilau Castle, which dates back to 1325. It was a monastery for priests and knights, and also served a military function. The castle of the Order has been preserved only partially. In Forburg once there were utility rooms: brewery, mill, stables, warehouse and living rooms for servants and soldiers. There is no access inside, but it is necessary to wander around the ancient building and the picturesque surroundings.

Pravdinskaya HPP-3

Pravdinskaya HPP-3 on the Lava River for almost 100 years! The place is incredibly atmospheric and is a great place for walking with children.

Gerdauen (Замок Гердауэн)

Half an hour's drive and you're in the Railway, where another half-destroyed castle of the Teutonic Knights, Gerdauen, is located. It was built in 1315 and has survived to this day in semi-destroyed condition. Only the gate, the ruins of the western wing and the rebuilt well with stables are left of the castle. Despite this, the building is impressive in beauty and grandeur, and its surroundings are perfect for walking.

Старая Мельница

Next to the castle is a cozy cafe "Old Mill", where you can eat and warm up. Order here a shish kebab and a cup of natural coffee, and your kids will like the most delicate cottage cheese pie. Please note that the cafe is closed on Mondays.

Краеведческий музей города Гусев

Gusev Historical and Local Lore Museum. A. M. Ivanov Gusev Museum of History and Regional Studies is a good place for family holidays. Archaeological collection, exhibits of the pre-war history of the region, historical costumes - much of what we saw will be a real discovery not only for your children, but also for you. The museum is open every day from 11:00 to 17:00. Ticket prices and phone numbers are available at the official [site](

4-jump trampoline arena.

The "4-jump" trampoline arena is ideal for fun. The room is small, but to occupy a child for an hour is quite real. Jumping on trampolines is a pleasure, and the most skilful will climb up a rope to the ceiling and land directly in a soft foam pit. Don't worry: each guest is instructed and warmed up before leaving. You will need comfortable sportswear, socks or scales. On weekdays the centre is open from 11:00 to 22:00, on weekends it opens an hour earlier. Before visiting, it is better to call the administrators by the telephone number indicated on [the website](


Billiard room, children's playroom and playground on the street and, of course, excellent cuisine - all this about "Topolyok". The institution works till 21.00 every day. Reservation of tables by phone +7 (921) 103-03-63.

Day 3: Gusev Beauties, Cat's Yard, Art Cafe, Zoo, Slides and Go-Karting

On the third day of the trip walk around Gusev and Gvardeysk, have a look at funny Koshkin Yard, visit park-hotel "Angel" with beautiful garden and mini zoo. In Chernyakhovsk visit art-space "Che Territory", and in the evening you will experience adrenaline rush in karting club near Kaliningrad.

Gumbinnensky Moose

After breakfast, take a walk in the center of Gusev. See the city's main architectural landmark, the Baroque Amatel building. Walk to the Pissa River and cross the bridge to see the majestic sculpture of the Humbinnen elk, the Mint Garden or the Alley of Fame. This hospitable town is full of coziness and tranquility - especially in winter, when there are many times less tourists.

Park Hotel "Angel"

The Angel Park Hotel offers a variety of family entertainment for every taste. Here you can go snowboarding, skiing and snowboarding, play hockey and visit the Museum of Angels. A walk in the garden can be varied by a visit to the contact zoo - and this is not the whole list of activities. For more information, please call +7 (921) 853 30 99 or visit the official [website](

Cafe "Angel"

Cafe "Angel" at the hotel is a real museum with an ancient library and a collection of extraordinary things. The design of the room is also praiseworthy, and the quality of dishes does not need advertising: royal ear, pilaf, home dumplings, fragrant strudel - no one will be hungry!

Art space "Che territory"

In the art space "Che territory" you can play board games, fight in the console, hold a family photo session or just relax over a cup of tea. The cafe works every day from 10.00 to 23.00, a visit costs 100 rubles per hour per person. For more details, please call the phone number indicated [here](

Cat Yard

There's a real cat town in one of the courtyards of the Guards. Fluffy predators are everywhere - both on the facades of houses (painted) and in the shadow of a luxurious chestnut in the center (real). And this yard also has a magnificent view of the river! After counting all the cats, don't be lazy to reach the unusual sculptural composition "The Kid" and the main square of the city, where the Monument to Russian soldiers of four warriors is located.

Leader Karting Club

The Leader Karting Club is two 650 meters of open-air tracks and 250 meters in the club's building. The tracks are equipped with electronic timekeeping. Children from 6 years of age (height from 120 cm) are allowed to go skiing. In winter the club works from Friday to Sunday from 14:00 to 19:00. Before visiting, it is necessary to call the administration of [the club]( to clarify the current working schedule. Phone for communication - +7 (4012) 37-95-95.

Radisson Blu

You can finish your journey at the Radisson Blu Hotel restaurant. Indulge yourself in international cuisine or French delicacies. **If you are a guest of the city, book a room on a special page on the Radisson Hotels website, pay for it with a premium card Mastercard and get a 15% discount, as well as the possibility of early check-in and late check-out.** **[Full promotion rules](**