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Canyons and geysers near St. Petersburg

Road Trip Route. Capture Martian landscapes on a photo, Explore geysers of Gatchina, Climb into a grotto, See the ruins of a XIX century temple.

It is not necessary to go far from home in order to see a maximum of unusual landscapes in one day. Did you know that in the outskirts of St. Petersburg you can find geysers beating from under the ground, quarries with the most bizarre landscapes, steep cliffs that change color depending on the angle of sunlight and the ruins of an ancient temple in pseudo-Byzantine style. This trip will appeal to those who are looking for interesting photo locations, or to experienced travellers who have already seen the most popular attractions and are hungry for new experiences. The day will be spent outdoors, so it's worth taking a thermos of hot tea and warm clothing.

Uninhabited Nature, Unobvious locations. From: Saint Petersburg

Kirill Khomko. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Is there life on Mars?

Feel like astronauts exploring the Martian expanse with a walk beside the quarry, a grotto in the Devonian cliff face, springs gushing from underground and the ruins of an ancient temple.

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Most of this busy day will be spent outdoors, so it's worth eating a hearty breakfast before heading out and grabbing some coffee and pastries to snack on at some scenic spot along the way.

Гатчинские Гейзеры

Some people call the Gatchina geysers the new wonder of the world, others are skeptical, believing that the emergence of fountains that gush out of the ground is nothing more than a consequence of drilling wells. Anyway, this place looks pretty remarkable and attracts fans of the unusual. If the air temperature is below zero, bizarre ice figures form next to the springs.

Елизаветинский карьер

You can find yourself on Mars for free and without any special preparation by visiting the Elisabeth Quarry. The bizarre mountains are of artificial origin; they were formed as a result of years of limestone mining. And streams of water flowing down from the tops have formed the bizarre relief.

Девонский обрыв

Another unusual location on your way is the Devonian cliff near the Lemoji River. Its height is about 30 meters, and the color of the rock changes from red to brown depending on the light. There is a small oval-shaped hollow in the steep wall of the cliff that is practically a grotto. You can take spectacular photos there.

Церковь покрова пресвятой богородицы

The ruins of the Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary are located very close to the picturesque cliff. The temple, built in Pseudovisian style, for a long time was the center of spiritual life of the nearest settlements. During Soviet times there were no divine services and the building was used as a storehouse. In the early 2000's the church was re-consecrated and is still waiting for restoration.


The weekend trip is coming to an end, and you can finish it in a cozy cafe in Gatchina. There are dishes for all tastes in the menu - from homemade soups, to original recipes from the chef. And for those who are not driving, you can familiarize yourself with the bar list, the range of drinks here is also quite wide.

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