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California Amusement Parks

Road Trip Route. Enjoy the most fun and exciting attractions in California, Visit giant water parks and see outstanding shows, Explore a great variety of animals in aquariums and zoos.

All of us: adults, children, teenagers just love the rides! Since childhood, wonderful impressions and good memories of roller coasters and soda from machines, roundabouts and the Ferris wheel, ice cream and, of course, those incredible emotions experienced there remain in our hearts. And since childhood, many people have had a dream to visit the largest amusement parks in the world. Dear friend, this scenario offers the best of them. The starting point of the journey through the amazing world of attractions and cotton candy is the beautiful city of Los Angeles, where an extraordinary Universal Studios Park, considered to be the best holiday destination of its kind in the city, is located. Explore the world of cinema magic, a lot of fun and chocolate, and experience unforgettable moments. Next, we go to Anaheim to visit a really legendary place, Disneyland. Enjoy a variety of the most interesting entertainment and exciting attractions. The park is divided into several thematic zones, so you need a lot of time not to miss all the fun. We are also in for the magical and funny world of LEGO, Legoland, full of miracles brought to life by this construction toys and others. We are going to visit the water park, join the pirates in their adventures and, of course, enjoy sweets in cafes and restaurants as well. In addition, we would stroll through San Diego with its magnificent parks, water parks and beaches. In short, the trip offers having a happy time with your family in places where you can lose track of time for hours on end.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Getting ready for future trip

Today is not going to be an unstoppable adventure and interesting experience, we just visit the restaurant and get ready for the future trip.


Daichan is an original Japanese home-style food spot. It is located in an unassuming mini-mall. Small nice trinkets and posters on the walls create special atmosphere in the facility. Daichan serves traditional Japanese cuisine. Fried seaweed with tofu is great here, as well as spinach with sesame and fried tuna with rice garnish.

Day 2: The first page of an unforgettable adventure, the Universal Studios Park

Our journey begins, and we are going to visit the famous and even legendary place today, the Universal Studios Park, located on the territory of Universal Studio itself. Enjoy plenty of positive impressions and emotions and explore the very pavilions where the most cult films of Hollywood were shot.

SweetSalt Food Shop

Sweetsalt Food Shop is an excellent breakfast restaurant. Cuisine of this facility is influenced not only by the East Coast, but also by Latin America and Spain. Tasty sandwiches, salads, soups and appetizers are prepared under the supervision of chef Alex Eusebio. You will surely appreciate rice with bean burritos, chicken with bacon and lettuce leaves and much more. You can also offer a salad from different ingredients to your own taste.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Enjoy the day of different exciting activities in one place: thrilling rides in the theme park, a real operating film studio, and the best shops, restaurants and cinemas in Los Angeles on CityWalk. You and your family will enjoy an unforgettable experience of visiting such a unique place as the Universal Studios Hollywood.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is a great place to have lunch and relax, without leaving the park. The atmosphere is pleasant, cozy and original, as in the park itself. The facility owes its name to the Forrest Gump movie.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Magic stories about the adventures of Harry Potter and his friends have already become an integral part of our culture and found the love of children and adults around the world. Each of us at least once dreamed of visiting a real school of magic. Universal Park offers this opportunity. Take a look at the oblique lane, taste the creamy beer, meet face-to-face with famous wizards and take a ride on the thrilling rides. And buy a false magic wand of the famous magician here!

Mantee Cafe

Mantee Café is a charming family-run cafe with a quiet backyard garden, a cozy atmosphere and comfort designed to fully enjoy delicious dishes and original sweets prepared in the Mediterranean style. Cooks strive for culinary excellence and use the best and freshest ingredients. Visitors say the Armenian salad, falafel and chicken chops are the highlights of the menu, and gourmets will enjoy an assortment of fine wines.

Day 3: Unforgettable moments in the very first Disneyland

Today is a very special day, because we are going to visit a unique place, the world's first Disneyland, opened more than 60 years ago. Since these times, it has greatly expanded and transformed. And today we are going to see what exactly are the newly opened areas of the park.

Porto's Bakery & Cafe

What could give strength, vigor and good mood to the traveler in the morning? The answer is pretty obvious: a great berry cake or a fine carrot cake with a cup of hot coffee or a bracing green tea. Porto's Bakery & Cafe is perfect for this, because the facility is very popular among locals and tourists for its extraordinary and original pastries.

Disney California Adventure Park

Probably, any adult person sometimes remembers the childhood when they were really happy and carefree giving the world a clean, kind and naive look. Disney California Adventure Park is where even the most grown-up, serious and respected person feesl like a little and happy child again. The park has everything for it, from breathtaking rides to incredible shows in the water park, from thematic castles made in the spirit of all your favorite cartoons to amazing salutes and performances based on the same cartoons. The perfect family vacation is guaranteed.

Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop

Give yourself little breaks during a fun and busy day in the park, because there are so many places to be in time, and the strength and energy would not last forever, so it’s a good idea to go to the cozy ice-cream parlor Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop. Fine cakes, cakes and other desserts are perfect for a change. And if you decide to have a good meal before enjoying the desserts, go to the Lucky Fortune Cookery, located in the same building.

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Disneyland is not only the world of Mickey Mouse and charming princesses! Here, on the edge of the galaxy, you can climb into the real Millennium Falcon, make your own lightsaber or droid, and even fight alongside the Rebel Alliance or the First Order.

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger is one of the most famous and high-quality fast food chains. It surpasses the competitors in taste and cooking standards, which is why you'd like to recommend the restaurant to the friends. The facilities of the chain have their own unique style, leading into atmosphere of the 60s of the last century. There is nothing like a juicy cutlet and crispy bun at the end of a busy day.

Day 4: Carefree walks in Riverside and more

Today we leave the neighborhood of Los Angeles and move to San Diego, passing along one of the most beautiful amusement parks in the state. We are also going to walk through some picturesque places in small towns along the way.

Tropical Mexico

Tropical Mexico is recognized as one of the best Mexican restaurants in the United States. The facility has a long and rich history and traditions, originated in the 50s of the last century.   From those ancient times, the owners managed to preserve and transform the method of cooking authentic Mexican dishes. So, for breakfast, it makes sense to order a Spanish omelette or enchilada cheese with beef tacos. Many visitors also apprreciate a good selection of salads and cocktails.

Claremont Village

Before we go on a journey through the amusement parks of California, we have time to enjoy a leisurely stroll through the incredibly beautiful city of Claremont. The streets here are lined with neat trees and equipped with benches, so walking here is like walking in a small picturesque park or garden square. There are also many small shops to buy souvenirs for friends.

Castle Park

Castle Park is 25 acres of real fun and entertainment. Thanks to 35 unique rides, four 18-hole miniature golf courses and a center with the most modern video games, it can be called the best vacation spot in Riverside. The park is often decorated for the most significant holidays. Different themes cater to all tastes: small family restaurants, attractions, miniature golf, water games at Buccaneer Cove, in general, there's plenty to keep you entertained all year round. Please note that the park is closed on Mondays.

Gourmet Italia

Our journey continues, and before moving on, you need to have a good meal, the Gourmet Italia restaurant is perfect for this. Here they use seasonal fresh organic products, grown in a 6 acre private garden, and imported Italian products of the highest quality for cooking. So any dish, flavor, or even a piece can put you right to sunny Sicily.

Harveston Lake

Very long trips are sometimes very tiring, so you need to take a break and have some rest. To do this, we’ll go to the picturesque park of Harveston Lake, where neat paths and trails stretch on 17 acres of pure nature, and small benches are hidden in shady alleys. In the park you can rent a boat for a wonderful ride on lake, a bicycle, or just have a picnic on the shore. Important note: feeding the ducks in the park is not allowed, because it can cause serious damage to the ecology of the park and harm the animals.

Vintana Wine + Dine

The long day is coming to an end, and we need to rest and recover after a long trip, and the cozy restaurant Vintana Wine + Dine is perfect for this. The facility is very popular due to its attractive atmosphere, and many locals celebrate weddings or birthdays here. The menu is replete with delicious dishes always served in a beautiful manner. For example, macadamia and coconut crispy sea bass, lobster bisque and oysters are very popular here.

Day 5: On the road to San Diego - Legoland

Today is going to be the brightest day in our trip. We visit the legendary amusement park, Legoland, and go further to San Diego to get an interesting and unforgettable experience.

El Pueblo Mexican

Not only a cup of morning coffee could set the tone for the day, as many believe, but a delicious fajita with guacamole sauce as well. One can find no better place than El Pueblo Mexican for this. Enjoy a very warm welcome and quality service here. In addition to the aforementioned dishes, you should also pay attention to fried potatoes, beef tacos and bean soup.

Legoland California

Probably, as a kid, many of us had LEGO construction toys from which we made various, sometimes even very original, structures, but did we ever imagine that we'd build literally an entire amusement park from the elements of this construction toy? The amazing Legoland in California is the third park of this type in the world. Enjoy a lot of interesting and fun things here: miniature versions of American cities, and breathtaking attractions, and a water park, and many souvenir shops and various cafes.

Encinitas Fish Shop

The Encinitas Fish Shop restaurant was first opened on the Pacific coast in 2010 and since then has earned an impeccable reputation for providing customers with the freshest seafood, complementing them with excellent service in a relaxed atmosphere. Any ingredients are prepared just in the restaurant, from manually chopped french fries to salad dressings. Many visitors recommend trying shrimp, crab pie and oysters here.

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo is an incredibly popular place among tourists, every year millions of people come here, and rightfully so, because there are about 4000 different animals, more than 500 species and subspecies. The zoo also actively applies a conceptually new approach to keeping animals: in an environment as close to the natural one as possible, animals walk in the open air without any enclosures. Few zoos can boast the presence of such exotic animals as pandas or a specially equipped koala area, called “Koalafornia”.

Bronx Pizza

Bronx Pizza is a home for many locals. The atmosphere here is quite simple and attractive, and that is why people come here as home. The menu offers a huge number of different toppings, so, in fact, you can order pizza here according to your own recipe. In addition, many visitors appreciate a wonderful selection of salads and soft drinks.

Day 6: The culmination of the journey - San Diego parks

We are at the very final point of our route, and we've got a real experience ahead of us. In the beautiful city of San Diego, visit incredible and amazing places. Have a fun holiday and get a spiritual enrichment and exciting experience.


Pappalecco is a little cozy cafe, carefully following the culinary precepts of Tuscan cuisine. Visitors always praise delicious salads, pasta, pizza, but, of course, the highlights of the restaurant menu are desserts, it offers a great many of them. Berry and coffee ice cream, fruit cakes, croissants with various fillings are especially popular.

Balboa Park

One of the most famous and popular attractions in San Diego is Balboa Park. It differs significantly from large amusement parks such as Disneyland, but is also beautiful. There are neither breathtaking roller coasters nor noisy and cheerful crowds of tourists here. It is perfect place to calm down, rest, spiritually exalt and enrich. In the park are 4 theaters, about 20 museums, more than 10 botanical gardens. There is no better place to explore the culture of various nations, enjoy exotic flowers and interesting performances.

SeaWorld San Diego

Another tourist jewel of the city of San Diego is Sea World Park. On its territory are theme parks with animals, an aquarium, a marine mammal park. Every day the park offers about 20 different shows with the participation of dolphins, killer whales, domestic animals and exotic birds, numerous musical shows, as well as the opportunity to swim with dolphins. In addition, there are playgrounds, recreation, shops and restaurants.

OB Noodle House & Sake Bar

OB Noodle House is known for its special pho soup and Asian fusion food. Pho is a very popular rice soup with noodles and beef, richly seasoned with various spices, complemented by onions, green onions and cilantro. It is served with fresh Thai basil leaves, bean sprouts, jalapeno and lime. Vegetarian broth is also available here on request. A distinctive feature of the restaurant are very large portions, which is very nice, because you do not need to spend a lot of money buying a large number of different dishes to eat.

Belmont Park

Belmont Park is the only beachfront entertainment center on the beach in San Diego, which is the most popular destination on numerous beaches in Southern California. An unforgettable holiday here includes everything you need: from the old Giant Dipper roller coaster to restaurants on the ocean, from rock climbing to playing mini golf and much more. Different themes cater to all tastes regardless of age.


Hodad's is a great end to today's journey through the parks of San Diego. It serves classic American burgers, prepared according to time-tested recipes. Many visitors appreciate the excellent quality of tuna burgers, as well as vegetarian ones. The menu has a choice of several wines and soft drinks.

Day 7: Epilogue of our adventure

It's time to put an end to our amazing journey, and today we are going to spend the morning in a cozy cafe, and also have leisurely and pleasant walk through the park to sum up some of the trip's results and recall many pleasant moments.

Coffee & Tea Collective

Coffee & Tea Collective was found in 2010, and since then this place has begun to bring people together. And this is not surprising, because the technology and standards for the preparation of coffee, tea and other drinks are at the highest level. In addition to a wide selection of drinks, you will also find here a good assortment of pastries, desserts and other light snacks, which perfectly complement a bracing cup of hot coffee in the morning.

Park at The Park

Located outside the field wall, Park at The Park occupies a grassy area of approximately 2.7 acres. Here are excellent conditions for a carefree pastime: shady trees, the original statue of Tony Gwynn and many playgrounds for picnics and games. And those who are not in a hurry can take a blanket and something to eat and bask in gentle sun on the soft grass.