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Busy trip from Tver

Road Trip Route. Go fishing in Zavidovo, Get the speed record on the track, Hit the Fox Hole, Become the best on the snowy slopes, .

Let's fight winter melancholy and go on adventures! Fishing in pristine nature, karting on a professional track, shooting at a shooting range, skiing slopes and cozy evening walks await us. Please note that the services included in the itinerary are chargeable. Information on cost can be specified in advance on official sites. Let's go!

Active Leisure, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Tver

Sati Sarkisyan. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Fishing in Zavidovo. Acquaintance with the town of Klin.

Today we are going to Zavidovo National Park. We will try to catch fish and enjoy the views of untouched nature. In the evening we will take a walk in the centre of Klin.


Gazpromneft filling station #71

The journey begins! Before the trip, we recommend filling a full tank of quality fuel at Gazprom Neft's filling stations, and at the same time buying water and snacks on the way.


We're staying at the famous Katyusha. BM-13 battle weapons from the Great Patriotic War.

Fishing yard "Vladimirovka"

Welcome to Zavidovo National Park. The object is a specially protected natural area. It is home to animals listed in the Red Book and grows various species of rare plants. Podvorje "Vladimirovka" offers fishing in one of three ponds. At different times you can catch carp, pike, pikeperch, pikeperch, ruff, trout and other fish. The fishermen will give you gear for rent and advice. You can find out more about prices and services and book your ticket [on the official website](https://vladimirovka.com/).

Королевская Охота

Lunch restaurant with the interior of a medieval castle - "Royal Hunting". Try the local fish, grilled meat and also onion soup.

Храм иконы Божией Матери "Всех скорбящих Радость"

Let's start our walk of the Klin with this red church. Very beautiful and bright structure will look great in your photos.

Мемориал У Вечного Огня

During the evening walk we will make a small stop near the monument to the Heroes of the Soviet Union.

Сквер У Вечного Огня

Let's walk through a quiet and picturesque park right to the Eternal Flame.

Вечный Огонь

A fading flame symbolizing the eternal memory of the fallen heroes who defended our homeland during the Great Patriotic War.


Dinner will take place in a cozy restaurant where excellent beer is poured and delicious steaks are prepared. Live music is usually played here in the evenings.

Day 2: The Beacon Kartodrom. Shooting at the "Fox Hole".

Today we are going to have a day full of impressions! We're gonna go karting on a professional open track, and then we're gonna go to the range where we're gonna where we'll test our marksmanship and shoot a lot.

Картодром «Маяк»

A 1200-meter-long year-round kartodrome. Suitable for professionals as well as amateurs. For more information on karting rental, please visit [official website](https://www.mayak-karting.ru/).

Лисья нора

Let's shoot, shall we? The foxhole is the perfect place to learn it. There are 16 sports grounds located in natural landscapes, 4 combined sites for Olympic exercises, 1 double trap ground. Try to shoot at the plates! It's a lot of fun. Details about services and prices can be found [on site](http://www.foxlodge.ru/).

Red Deer

We'll have lunch at the cozy Red Deer restaurant. In good weather you can go out with a cup of tea on the veranda, and in bad weather to sit on a soft sofa by the fireplace. You will be offered dishes from seasonal simple products. The minimum of ingredients allows you to try each product. Make sure you enjoy your dessert. They're just great here.

Перемиловская высота

Peremilovskaya Heights is a place of fierce battles during the Great Patriotic War. The extreme frontier at which German troops were stopped. Now there is a monumental monument to the heroes who died in the battles near Moscow.

Дмитровский кремль

Upon arrival in Dmitrov, go straight to the Dmitrov Kremlin. Here you can walk around the territory before it gets dark, and then visit the museum and exhibition complex.

Гриль-бар Б&М

A great place downtown to have a great meal and celebrate a great trip by sharing the experience.

Day 3: Ski club. Getting to know the town of Dmitrov.

Shall we go skiing? What do you choose: skiing, snowboarding, tubing, or maybe ice skating? When all the slopes are run down, we will go to Dmitrov to take a walk around the white stone Kremlin and have dinner at a very interesting restaurant.

Горнолыжный клуб Леонида Тягачева

On the territory of the club there are 9 ski slopes, illuminated track for cross-country skiing, track for tubing. You can also skate here. Any equipment can be rented. Details of prices and services can also be found on [official website](http://www.shukolovo.ru/).

Кафе "Вишневый Сад"

Cherry Orchard Café is located in a beautiful historical building. In the refined interiors you will be offered dishes of Russian and European cuisine. They make great steaks and soups here. It is worth ordering an apple strudel here, the visitors highly recommend it.

Nikolo-Peshnoshsky Monastery

Road home. Make a stop for a walk around the beautiful monastery. The Monastery of Nikola Peshnosha was founded in 1361 by Mefodiy, the pupil of Sergius of Radonezh. In the XVI century, during the general prosperity of the Dmitrov lands, the monastery became rich by selling bread to Belozersk; at the same time in the monastery stone construction began, so that by the XVII century, there were no wooden buildings in it any more. [Official site](https://peshnosha.com/)

Ресторан All-Day Dining

If you're hungry and want a classy dinner, stop by the Radisson Resort Hotel in Zavidovo. The high-level restaurant THE LAKE is perfect to end this busy journey. It's better to reserve a table in advance by phone: +7 (495) 587-70-00 Please note that the restaurant is open Friday through Sunday only.

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