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Bright weekend near Ivanovo.

Road Trip Route. Look in the bird yard, Get to know moose, Fly in a wind tunnel, Visit the Planetarium, Dog sledding, To visit the museum-reserve, A snowmobile ride in the wind., Overcome the obstacle course in the rope park, Have fun in a ski resort, .

Do you want to take a break from the city routine and actively spend time? Then this route is just what you need! In 3 days you will visit the bird yard and moose farm, the planetarium, the Rybinsk museum-reserve. In addition, you'll actively relax at the ski resort, take a flight in the air pipe, go dog sledding and snowmobile riding, and pass an obstacle course in the rope park. A very bright and unforgettable journey awaits you!

Active Leisure, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Ivanovo

Eugenia Laputina. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Birds, elks, flying in the air pipe.

On the first day of the trip we will visit the bird's yard, visit elks and fly in the air pipe.


Gazpromneft filling station #115

An exciting journey awaits you! Before your interesting journey, refuel with quality fuel at Gazprom Neft filling stations. You can pay for fuel quickly and contactlessly in a mobile application. [App Store]( [Google Play](

Тихвинский источник

We will make a small stop near the holy spring, named after the Tikhvin icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and collect the holy water. There is also a swimming pool and a chapel on the territory of the spring.

Kurshchavel bird yard.

And now it's time to visit the loud and cheerful bird yard! Here you will see chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, peacocks, quails and even get to know the Fly pig. In addition to the bird's yard in the eco-household you can visit the squirrel and feed the squirrels with your hands, watch the horses at the stables and just take pictures at very interesting eclectic art objects on the estate. The farm accepts guests from Friday to Sunday, or on any day, by appointment. It is possible to agree upon a visit by phone indicated on [site](

Sumarokovskaya moose farm

Let's go to the lose farm. The farm was established in 1963 and is located in the forest area. Here you will see moose and little moose and make friends with these amazing animals, and you can pet and feed them. And from May to September you can buy moose milk here. More information about the farm is available [on site](


It's time for us to eat, too. Lunch will take place at an Asian restaurant. Here you can taste Thai pancakes with banana and chocolate, salad of fried salmon in tempura, glass noodles with shrimps and chicken, strawberry soup with an ice cream ball and many other interesting and delicious things!

Aeroplane "takeoff"

If you've been dreaming of parachuting for a long time and feeling a free fall, but you're not daring yet... You can get such sensations in the air pipe! Inside the pipe is a powerful air flow at a speed of over 200 km / h. Flights are absolutely safe and accessible even for children. You need to make an appointment in advance for the flight. You can do it [on site](


We're going to the Penata Restaurant for dinner. The menu offers a wide range of snacks, salads, side dishes, meat and fish dishes, side dishes, grill dishes. We have a rest and enjoy a cozy evening!

Day 2: Planetarium, Husky, Museum Reserve

On the second day of the trip we will visit the Planetarium and learn about the cosmos, make friends with Husky and take a dogsled ride, and then go to Rybinsk, where we will visit the museum-reserve and walk along the quay.


The day will begin with a dive into the world of space! Here you will learn the history of cosmonautics, see models of rockets, satellites, planets, even a space suit, visit an interactive star theatre where you will see how comets, planets and many other things move!

Sports complex Herzog

Here we'll make friends with kind and very nice northern dogs - Husky. By signing up in advance, you will have the opportunity to go for a doggy ride! You can make an appointment by calling the number indicated [on the site](

кафе Сорренто

We'll make a lunch stop at the cafe. The menu includes snacks, salads, soups, hot dishes. No one will stay hungry!

Рыбинский музей-заповедник

In the museum we will get acquainted with the history of the city of Rybinsk, with the flora and fauna of the area, learn how the locals used to live, see sculptures, a large number of objects made of wood, ceramics, porcelain, paintings, icon painting and much more! Operation mode: daily from 10:00 to 18:00.

Дом культуры и отдыха

It's time for a tasty dinner! Here you can taste cold and hot snacks, salads, soups, hot dishes, desserts, the menu also includes Italian and Georgian cuisine. Cozy atmosphere, friendly staff!

Волжская набережная

After a hearty dinner, we'll go to the quay. We will take a walk, get some fresh air, enjoy the scenery and tune in the next day!

Day 3: Snowmobiles, rope park, ski complex.

On the third day of the trip we will take a walk on snowmobiles, pass an obstacle course in the rope park and actively relax in the ski resort.

пляж "Бухта Коприно"

We'll start the day with a walk on the beach. It's very quiet and peaceful!

LoviRybinsk - ATV and snowmobile rental

And now we'll have some real fun! Hurry up and get on snowmobiles and go for a ride with the wind and enjoy the winter landscapes. For more information about rentals, please [online](

Gazpromneft filling station #52

There's a gas station coming up. If you are tired, make a comfortable stop - come for a coffee!


For lunch we'll stay at a restaurant of Russian cuisine. It serves iron dishes cooked in a Russian oven, there are also snacks, salads, desserts, a good choice of soft drinks.


Visit Tarzania Rope Park, overcome all fears and try your hand at the obstacle course. The park has several trails of varying difficulty. More information about the park can be found [on the website]( From November the park is open only on weekends.


And now we go to conquer the mountains in the ski resort and get unforgettable emotions! Here you can go skiing, snowboarding and tubing. More information can be found [on site](

Ski koplex café Shaksha

After the activity we will finish our trip with a dinner in a restaurant on the territory of the complex. Here you can order salad, pizza, pilaf, khinkali, pancakes, roast in French and warm up with a cup of hot tea.