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Breathtaking weekends or flying for real.

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We've been waiting three days for nothing like this! On the first day you will fly: in an air tube and on a paratrack, hiding on a trampoline and skateboard. In the second - you'll ride everything you can: horses, buggies, trucks, jeeps, sleigh and even the tastes that the tractor pulls, will be real sumoists and shoot with guns, bows and crossbows ... On the third day, you'll have a curling or hockey game and winter fun - snowmobile, skiing and bagel riding.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Flight Day

It'll be flight day! You'll feel free floating and flying on a parachute. You will also jump on a trampoline, climb a climbing wall, learn how to skate and do tricks on skateboards or roller skates.


Gazpromneft filling station #52

An exciting journey awaits you! Before a long and interesting journey, we recommend stopping at a proven gas station - fill up with quality fuel a full tank and take a cup of delicious coffee to make the road more comfortable.


Here you can fly a paraglider, jump with a parachute or fly a parachute. The center offers flights on a paraglider alone or in tandem with an instructor. If you are not ready for such an extreme - then you are waiting for a flight on a parachute. Paratrack - a three-wheeled cart with a motor, propeller and parachute. Its speed is low, but its height can vary from 2 meters above the ground, up to an extreme 5000 meters. The main advantage of this device is that it is one of the safest flying devices, the pilot can turn off the engine in the sky, continue maneuvering in the air currents, and then quietly and without any extreme landing. You can find out more about the price [here]( Be sure to register in advance by phone at [site](


Have you ever had the feeling of free floating? No? This way, then! The airflow created by a powerful fan can lift you above the ground and give you an unforgettable experience! You can fly on your own or in pairs. You can find out the prices and make an appointment at [site]( Be sure to make an appointment in advance!


After a busy morning dine at one of the best restaurants in Yaroslavl - Penata Restaurant. The restaurant specializes in Russian cuisine. The serving of dishes is especially beautiful here.


Here you can do tricks on an ordinary and gismantic trampoline, do tricks on a trampoline track and jump into a dry pool with a run.

Skatepark and rollerdrome

On the 3rd floor of the mall is a skate park and rollerdrome. Here you can skateboard, skateboard, roller skate. If you're new at this, I'd advise you to take a class with your coach. You can find out prices and record them by phone at [site](


This café bar serves Belgian cuisine in Bruges for a good dinner. Delicious meat dishes and Belgian beers are served here.

Day 2: Horseback riding, buggy riding, jeep riding, sleigh riding...

Today you will ride a lot: on horses, buggies, trucks, jeeps, sleigh and even dragons, play sumo-ball, paintball and lasertags, compete in shooting guns, bows and crossbows and the ability to jump quickly, climb to the tops of trees and jump from a cliff.

Park-hotel Yaroslavl

Here you can ride horses and ponies. You can ride both in the riding hall and in the picturesque meadow. For the little ones, you can ride on a cart. Be sure to arrange your arrival in advance by telephone at [site](

Park of active and family leisure fun

Lunch in a cafe on the centre's premises In this center, you'll see the abundance of opportunities that is not available here. You will be able to organize team games in lasertag, paintball or sumo-ball (it's football, but in huge inflatable suits), arrange races on bananas; run in a squirrel wheel, ride a bungee. You can take a ride in a jeep, solo (the draught that drives the tractor), a regular and army truck or a high-speed convertible buggy. Or you can have an attraction called "Suzuki Samurai! It's a fast outdoor jeep trail in the middle of magnificent nature with steep descents and lifts for extreme lovers. Or you can get a breeze ride on an inflatable sleigh rolling ha snowmobile! This is an exclusive attraction of the center. You can also take an inflatable sleigh ride from different heights, the highest and steepest of which is Certova Gora, and the Farther Mountain is distinguished by its length and a charming turn at the foot. It is on these mountains that you can ride on an inflatable five-seater sleigh. Also here you can jump on inflatable and ordinary trampolines, shoot at a shooting range with a rifle, crossbow and bow, make a safe jump from a cliff. Another highlight of the center is the two-story rope city, where you can climb both in winter and summer. You can also go skiing and skating in the centre. Be sure to apply for your desired entertainment in advance through [site](

Restaurant Jug

Very atmospheric cafe of Caucasian cuisine. Georgian dishes are beautifully prepared here.

Day 3: Curling, snowmobiles and skiing.

Today will be a day of winter fun! Let's start it by playing curling or hockey, then there will be snowmobile riding, skiing, bagel riding and much more.

Arena-76 Sports Complex

In this complex you can skate, play table tennis, hockey or learn to play curling. Be sure to make an appointment and specify the working hours of the center by phone at [site](

Café Bravo

Lunch at Cafe Bravo. It serves homemade Russian cuisine. Be sure to make a reservation by phone at [site]( before you arrive.


Here you can go skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, hockey and bagel riding. It is possible to ski from the mountain or go hiking: kilometers of professionally prepared slopes are laid out for long walks on skis and training. Snowmobile Safari tours are sure to appeal to extremists. You will experience a real drive and see the spectacular scenery on Deminsky snowmobile safari on the snowy reserved pine forest. And in the summer, you'll be offered an ATV safari in the center. Snowmobile tours book in advance by phone at [site](


Dinner at the SupVeggu gastropub. Here you will be offered not only soups, but also a full menu with a large selection of appetizers, main courses and desserts, so there will be something to choose from. And fish dishes are especially delicious in the gastropub.