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Breathtaking landscapes, waterfalls and mysterious dolmens

Road Trip Route. Visit Bogatyr Caves, Visit waterfalls "Devil's Mouth" and "Emerald"., Take a walk in a safari park, See dolmens of Pshad..

If you are delighted with the idea to take a ride through the most interesting natural monuments of the Krasnodar region, love all the mystical and active rest, then this route is created for you. You will ride through the most mystical places of Krasnodar region, which attract esoteric people from all over Russia. You will discover the "male" and "female" dolmens. You will visit the cave, which was built by the legendary heroes. You will see some of the most beautiful waterfalls. You'll find yourself on the Cote d'Azur and many other interesting things. Come and join us. Route developed with the support of [Volkswagen Caddy](

Adventure. From: Krasnodar

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Nature's wonders in Hot Key.

Today you'll spend the whole day in Hot Key. Many tourists unreasonably pay little attention to this area, and it contains a lot of interesting things. Today you will visit the gorge, the name of which is associated with the "Divine Comedy" of Dante, a cave of unknown origin, to visit two beautiful waterfalls.


Дантово Ущелье

Make the first stop at Hot Key. There are many beautiful natural attractions lurking in this place. Dantovo Gorge is a natural monument created by elements and man. In the second half of the XIX century, the Cossacks began to cut the gorge, but further because of the water it expanded and deepened. Now the length of the gorge is about 100 meters, and its height is about 10 meters. This place is surrounded by legends and speculation. The gorge was named after Dante Alighieri's poem "The Divine Comedy". Indeed, its entrance is reminiscent of the entrance to hell. It is worth more exploring this area, as next to the gorge there is an unusual rock Sobrznov, Iversk Chapel, which is visited by every believer, Abadzeh Mountain, the Blue Spring of Youth.

Devil's Jaw Falls (Psechiaco)

The next natural attraction in the area is the four cascading waterfall "The Devil's Jaws". Its total height is 23 meters. The waterfall is located in a gorge, which is clutched on both sides by sandstone rocks with grottoes and niches. It is always quite cool and there is little sun.

Bogatyr caves

Another amazing place - mysterious caves. Still everyone asks a question: who is a builder, nature or still a man? The answer to this question, most likely, no one will ever know, and the origin of these caves will remain a mystery. Like many places around here, the caves are shrouded in legends. According to one of them, the appearance of caves is the merit of Slavic heroes who lived in antiquity in this area. They built this place for themselves to hide from enemies.


After resting in the countryside, you should eat. In the village Chrebtovoye there is a place that is a favorite among tourists. Restaurant "Cossacks" is a manor house with a huge area, where you can not only have a tasty meal, but also take a walk. Inside, everything is furnished very homelike: a lot of antique photography and little things that make this place very cozy. In the menu you will find dishes of Russian cuisine.

Каверзинские водопады

Near the village of Khrebtovoye there is another natural wonder - Kaverzin waterfalls. If you have a car, you'll have to leave it in the paid parking lot. In fact, even paid parking should not spoil your mood, because the views here are really amazing. There are 6 waterfalls, the highest of which falls from a height of about 10 meters. If you walk a little further, you will see the University Cave, which was discovered by students in 1973.

l' cafe

You have already been to a Russian restaurant today, so it is time to visit a cafe of European and Japanese cuisine. Pretty diverse menu, there is something to choose from.

Day 2: Dolmens and the best beaches of the Black Sea coast

Did you know that dolmens are a feature of the Krasnodar Region? There are quite a lot of them here, and everyone keeps a centuries-old history. Today you will visit the farm, where four dolmens are located at once. Then compare two beaches that compete for the title of the best.

Кафе "Яблонька"

You had a great time in Hot Key and Jugba, now you have to move on. Have breakfast in an interesting place. This café is a picturesque site overlooking waterfalls. In the menu you will find dishes of European and Caucasian cuisine, be sure to try the specialty "Royal reception".

Peasant farm Bambakov "Dolmen"

You've never seen anything like it anywhere else. The owners of this farm promise that here you will be charged with spiritual energy of dolmens and strengthen your health with healing properties of zizifus (plant of Krushinov family). There are four dolmens: Maya, Khan, Tenderness and Thor. It is believed that each dolmen has a specific function. If you lack love, ask Maya for it, health - it's to Han, you can not realize yourself in life - turn to Thor, want a child - ask Tenderness.


We suggest spending the rest of the day comparing different beaches of the Black Sea coast and enjoying the good weather. The first beach is in Krinitsa today. Many people believe that this is the best beach for a quiet and peaceful holiday. It has a clean sea and few people. If you do not want to just lie on the beach, you can drive to Upper Krinitsa: there is an observation deck on a rocky cliff overlooking the sea.

Villaggio del Mare

Before moving on, dine in a cozy restaurant by the sea. The menu offers Mediterranean cuisine.

Byvshiy Avtokemping "Golubaya Bezdna"

This place is a must-visit because you will not see such beauty even on the Côte d'Azur. The beach is situated between Divnomorskoye and Dzhankhot. The main highlight of this place - the clear turquoise water and large white pebbles on the coast. It even seems that the film "Blue Lagoon" was filmed here. By the way, there is no mobile phone connection here. What else is interesting: this beach is wild, there are not many people here. Most of the people who come here are campers and photographers.


In the evening we offer a tasty dinner and have a good time at the restaurant-bar Shater. Here you can not only perfectly mix hit dishes of Europe and Asia, but also have fun.

Day 3: A safari park and some other amazing natural monuments.

In the morning you will visit the safari park, where you will not only walk along the enclosures with animals, but also climb to the top of the Markotkh Ridge by the longest cableway of the Black Sea coast. After that you'll visit the "female" and "male" dolmens and go exploring the waterfalls.


Start the morning in a cozy coffee shop. Here you can enjoy more than 30 kinds of drinks and taste delicious fresh pastries.


A safari park isn't the kind of zoo everyone's used to. It is a rehabilitation center, where animals that can no longer live in the wild get to. Here the conditions for animals are created as close to the wild as possible. Huge aviaries, dense vegetation, good food and employees who love their work. There are 17 bears, 10 lions, 10 tigers and many other beautiful animals and birds in the safari park. Here you can climb to the top of the Markotkh Ridge by the longest cableway of the Black Sea coast.

Гора Нексис. Дольмен Солнца

The search for the dolmens continues. Mount Nexis is interesting because there are two dolmens: Sunny and Moonny. They are large for several reasons. First, it is believed that the Sunny Dolmen should come only at dawn, only then it will work, and to the Moon - at sunset. Secondly, it's believed that the "male" dolmen are Sunny. Men can feed off his strength of spirit, and women get rid of infertility. Moon dolmen is "female", girls in this place learn family wisdom.

Ягода Малина

After the dolmens and the safari park, you need a little refreshment. The best place to do this is at the Raspberry Berry Restaurant on the way to the next attraction. The menu offers the best dishes of European, Russian and Caucasian cuisine.

Река Жане

Next, a walk to the waterfalls awaits you. By the way, on the trail you will meet 4 more dolmens, a bath of Aphrodite and a bowl of Hercules, barrows and simply magnificent views. Be sure to reach the Emerald Cascade Waterfall and listen to the beautiful legend about this place. In good weather you can swim in a bowl, which is formed by the waterfall.

Colonel Falls

Waterfalls are located on the Kamenistaya River, only 9 of them. The spectacle is spectacular. By the way, the waterfalls got their name after the village next to them. The most beautiful waterfall of all is the Great Colonel Falls. It reaches a height of 18 meters.


We offer to finish this weekend where we started - in Hot Key. Restaurant's menu offers traditional Russian and classical European dishes. Friendly waiters, pleasant interior and excellent service will make this trip just perfect.