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Bolshoy Sochi

Bolshoy Sochi
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3 Days


By Car


298 km






Kids FriendlyRelaxationSights in Nature
Lovers of outdoor activities will certainly enjoy a trip along the Black Sea coast.
Rocky shores with caves, wild beaches, mountain rivers and gorges, noisy waterfalls will stay in memory for a long time...
If you've been here once, you'll want to come here again!
Valeria Azuevskaya
Valeria Azuevskaya
Travel Expert
  • Dolphin Water Park in Nebug.
  • Wild beach at Kiselev Rock.
  • 33 waterfalls.
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Travel Itinerary

Summer holidays center in Tuapse region
Day 1133 km7 m

Summer holidays center in Tuapse region

First day: drive along the picturesque Black Sea coast to the water park near the town of Tuapse.
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Unique places on the Black Sea coast
Day 272 km356 m

Unique places on the Black Sea coast

The second day: swimming in the sea, picturesque views and a little cultural and educational program.
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33 waterfalls
Day 393 km

33 waterfalls

Day three: outdoor activities. Visiting the apiary, tea plantation, ride along the mountain river and walk among the untouched nature.
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