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Bolshoy Sochi

Road Trip Route. Dolphin Water Park in Nebug, Wild beach at Kiselev Rock, 33 waterfalls.

Lovers of outdoor activities will certainly enjoy a trip along the Black Sea coast. Rocky shores with caves, wild beaches, mountain rivers and gorges, noisy waterfalls will stay in memory for a long time... If you've been here once, you'll want to come here again!

Families with Kids, Relaxing Leisure, Uninhabited Nature. From: Sochi

Valeria Azuevskaya. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Summer holidays center in Tuapse region

First day: drive along the picturesque Black Sea coast to the water park near the town of Tuapse.

Пляж Магри

It is hard to imagine a trip along the Black Sea coast without a beach holiday. Let's make a stop to buy enough and sunbathe. Do not forget the hats and sunscreen!

Gold fish

For lunch, we go to a small family cafe "Golden Fish". Home cuisine will please both adults and children, especially since the prices in this institution do not bite.


After moving all need to rest, so when you get to the village of Nebug, I suggest visiting the water park "Dolphin", a popular place for both locals and tourists. There is a well-groomed area, pleasant prices, lots of sun beds and playgrounds with free animators.

Ресторан Tortuga

After a busy day, I recommend dinner at Tortuga Restaurant. It is loved by locals for its consistent quality of dishes, well-trained staff and, of course, for the Italian flavor of this place.

Day 2: Unique places on the Black Sea coast

The second day: swimming in the sea, picturesque views and a little cultural and educational program.

Мышиные норки, дикий пляж

There is an interesting place near the village of Agoi, untouched by man. The indentations in the rugged rocks are like mouse holes, hence the name. Here you can not only swim in the clear blue bay, but also take a lot of creative and just beautiful pictures!

скала Киселёва

Another unique natural monument located nearby. The steep smooth wall is the highlight of this place. In the holiday season around the rock there are excursions by pleasure boats. The beach here is wild, the water in the sea is clear, so I advise you to bring a mask for diving.

Музей Полетаева

Visiting the local history museum in Tuapse you can diversify your leisure time with a cultural and educational program. For a relatively inexpensive price of entrance tickets you can see an interesting exhibition and take photos in a XIX century mansion.


Not far from the museum there is an unusual restaurant "Cleopatra". Here you will find everything you need for a pleasant stay - delicious dishes, fast service and a place for children to relax.


When leaving Tuapse, you can stop at the observation deck, which offers a very spectacular view of the sea and mountains.

Svirskoye Ushchel'ye

Another unique natural place that is only accessible on foot. Among the steep cliffs, the falling stream of the Svirka River is a magnificent view, against which you can get wonderful pictures.

Мексиканский Тушкан

Dinner is offered to spend on the seashore, watching the sunset in the restaurant "Mexican stew". The menu is diverse: Mexican, European and even Japanese cuisine. For children there is a game room, so you can relax on ottoman or hammock without thinking too much.

Day 3: 33 waterfalls

Day three: outdoor activities. Visiting the apiary, tea plantation, ride along the mountain river and walk among the untouched nature.

Пляж «Лазурный»

For pep talk, I suggest swimming in the morning cool sea, well ... or just take a walk along the shore.


Few can boast of being at an apiary in the mountains. An educational tour with tasting of mountain honey will not take long. The apiary awaits guests every day from 10am to 6pm.

Adam Chay

For those who are indifferent to tea and sweets, I suggest making a stop at the Adam Tea shop, which is located directly on the tea plantation. Here you will be offered to try and buy not only local tea, but also jam from different fruits and berries.

Кавказское застолье

Before the upcoming hike along the mountain riverbed you need to have a good meal. Cafe "Caucasian feast" can offer not only Georgian, Abkhazian and Adjarian cuisine but also interesting performances of local artists with competitions.

33 Водопада

A walk or ride along a mountain riverbed, a spectacular hiking trail, untouched nature that surrounds you from all sides... An excursion to 33 waterfalls is an event that will be remembered for life.


After an unforgettable experience, you can have dinner in a cafe. Variety in terms of dishes (European, Japanese, Caucasian cuisine), will not leave any visitor indifferent.