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Best in the Krasnodar Region and Adygeya in 3 days

Best in the Krasnodar Region and Adygeya in 3 days
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In just three days you can see the most beautiful: you will drive a little along the sea and enjoy the sea breeze, landscapes of Kiselev and the ancient history of the Byzantine times. Then you will go towards the mountains - to Adygeya, where you will walk next to ancient ruins and learn to saddle. Then you'll take a safari ride, where you'll meet tigers and camels. You can also enjoy star charts and other galaxies.
Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!
Mastercard Routes
Mastercard Routes
  • Solve the mystery of the Volkonsky dolmen.
  • To visit the Amazonian jungle on the Black Sea coast.
  • To be photographed by the Eiffel Tower in Adygeya.
  • Visit ancient people.
  • Go on safari.
  • Learn the history of Russian artist Kiselev.
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Oceanarium, dolmens and quests
Day 1261 km

Oceanarium, dolmens and quests

Today you will head along the sea and turn to Adygeya. In the morning you will find yourself in an ancient Byzantine fortress. From ancient times you will travel to another continent and visit the real Amazonian jungle, where you will meet piranhas and sharks. And in the afternoon, you'll have family fun in the quest room - solve the mystery with the whole family. You'll spend the night in Adygeya.
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In the animal world.
Day 2256 km966 m

In the animal world.

Wake up in Maikop, take a little walk downtown in the morning and head out into the countryside. Horseback riding in the mountains, exploring the ancient inhabitants of the region and beautiful pictures in the gorge await you. In the evening you can see animals from all over the world and see other galaxies from the planetarium.
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Caves and promenade walks
Day 3529 km432 m

Caves and promenade walks

Today's day will be calmer - you will see the ancient fortress of Psyfabe, Bogatyr caves where ancient people lived, as well as walks along the Gelendzhik embankment and the house-museum of Kiselev, who spent not a year in this region, drawing his famous paintings.
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