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Based on the Uralic tales.

Based on the Uralic tales.
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A journey that both adults and children will enjoy. A truly fabulous day awaits you.
In the morning you will go to the kennel, where you will see various birds of prey, including very rare. Then you will visit the writer Pavel Petrovich Bazhov and learn how the famous author of the Ural tales lived and what inspired his amazing stories. In the afternoon you will plunge into the fairy tale, because the park based on the Malachite Box is waiting for you.
Sati Sarkisyan
Sati Sarkisyan
Travel Expert
  • Pet the branch.
  • Visit the author of the Malachite box.
  • Immerse yourself in a fairy tale.
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Bird of prey nursery. House-museum of P.P. Bazhov. Park of Tales.
Day 1127 km43 m

Bird of prey nursery. House-museum of P.P. Bazhov. Park of Tales.

Today you will go to the nursery where you will see eagles, falcons, eagles and other birds of prey. In the P.P. Bazhov Museum you will learn interesting facts about the writer's life. And, at last, you will visit the theme park, created on the basis of those Uralic tales.
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