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Bachelor party in Moscow region

Bachelor party in Moscow region
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An entertaining itinerary with intellectual and sporting excursions for energetic men of all ages. The programme includes paintball, fishing and a race course in harmony with museums of civilian and military equipment. The itinerary includes paid services. The proposed sites are not far from Moscow. You may return home in the evening or stay in hotels for a change of scenery.
Alina Maslova
Alina Maslova
Travel Expert
  • Visit the Central Museum of the Russian Air Force.
  • Taste beef "Medal of Honor" in Sergiev Posad gastropub.
  • Take part in a paint-ball fight on the bogs of Moscow region.
  • Look at the ZIS-115, the car that was driven by the leader of the USSR.
  • Taste hard Istrinsky cheeses.
  • Bow before the heroes of Panfilov.
  • Go fishing at Lvov ponds.
  • Fly in a rocket at Moscow Raceway.
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Military Museum and Gremyachiy Klyuch
Day 1148 km1 km

Military Museum and Gremyachiy Klyuch

The program of the day includes: a visit to two really spectacular military museums, where you won't get bored, and a breeze ride on a wakeboard on the Bear Lakes. Let's celebrate your success with a pint of kraft beer in Sergiev Posad gastropub. For dessert: FIFA, NHL, Mortal Kombat.
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Paintball battles
Day 2165 km

Paintball battles

The highlight of our trip - paintball battles, probably on the most interesting polygons in Moscow region. It will be hot! In between, stop by Mayakovsky's dacha, as well as the Istra Museum of Technology by Vadim Zadorozhny.
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Racing and fishing
Day 3261 km

Racing and fishing

Today you'll have a fishing trip to Lviv ponds. During the breaks visit cheese factory, heroes-panfilovtsy and Yaropolets HPP. Finish your journey at Russia's first FIA F1 race track of the highest category.
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