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Art in Stavropol

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Art attracts many people to it. Every city has a piece of art, and Stavropol is no exception. On this trip we will visit art galleries, museums and architectural monuments of the city.

History and Culture. From: Krasnodar

Polina Zagoryanskaya. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Art then and now.

Today we will go to Stavropol, where we will visit one of the main museums of the city, make a wish with Angel and plunge into the world of contemporary art.

California Cafe

On the way to Stavropol we will make a lunch stop at the California Cafe of European and American cuisine. You should come here to try a sandwich club or have a delicious hot coffee. Cozy atmosphere and friendly staff will help you relax from the long journey.

Ставропольский государственный музей-заповедник им. Г. Н. Прозрителева и Г. К. Праве

The first place we'll visit in Stavropol will be the local history museum. In this museum it is possible not only to look at household items and tools of the indigenous population of the North Caucasus, but also to get to temporary exhibitions of paintings. *The museum is closed on Mondays. On Tuesdays, the museum only accepts organized tours. Entrance to the museum costs 100 rubles.


One of the symbols of the city is the "Guardian Angel" statue. They say that if you look at the Angel and make a wish, it will come true. Why not check it out?

Арт-галерея «Паршин»

The next place we will visit is one of the biggest cultural centers in the city - art gallery "Parshin". The gallery exhibits paintings by young artists and copies of works known throughout the world. Other cultural events, such as music evenings, are often held here.


We will have dinner at the restaurant of European and Japanese cuisine "Chestnut". In winter you can sit inside the restaurant, and in summer you can enjoy the coolness on the terrace. Pleasant music, modern interior and friendly staff - everything you need to relax.

Day 2: Architecture and Paintings of Stavropol

New day - new places! Today we will walk to the main triumphal arch of the city, get acquainted with the works of P.M Grechishkin and visit one of the largest museums in the North Caucasus.

Триумфальная арка «Тифлисские ворота»

The second day of our trip will begin with a visit to the beginning of Stavropol Boulevard, where one of the most famous attractions of the city - Tiflis Gate. The arch was built for the 30th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino, and according to the architect's idea, during the solstice the sun "enters the city" through the arch.

Галерея Гречишкина

Gallery named after Pavel Grechishkin is one of the branches of the Stavropol State Museum Reserve. In this gallery 450 picturesque and 50 graphic works are exhibited. In addition to paintings, it preserves the artist's memorabilia and rare post-war paintings. *" The gallery's off Mondays and Tuesdays. Entrance to the museum costs 100 rubles, but if you add another 200 rubles, you can get to the excursion.

YES Optimistic cafe

We'll have lunch at YES Optimistic Cafe. Delicious pizza, hot udon noodles or delicate cheesecake - everyone will find something to their liking.

Музей изобразительных искусств

The last place we will visit in the city will be the Museum of Fine Arts. The museum has over 25,000 art collections. This is one of the largest museums in the North Caucasus! *" The museum isn't open on Mondays. Entrance to the museum costs 100 rubles.


Before heading back to Krasnodar, we'll stop for dinner at Cafe Dandy. Here you will find delicious food, modern music and fast service - everything you need for rest.