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Around Garda Lake

Road Trip Route. The largest and beautiful lake in Italy., Unique microclimate. Palms, cypresses, pines, olive and lemon trees., Medieval castles, aristocratic villas and ancient Roman ruins., Thermal springs, sport and active vacation..

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy. The road that goes around it is about 200 kilometers long, so you could get around it in just three hours. But let's stretch out the fun and do it in four days. Because it's very beautiful, unusual and interesting! Sometimes you feel like you are on the Mediterranean coast, in the mountains, or in general a time traveler, who found himself in the Middle Ages. There is something to see and do here. So maybe four days wouldn't seem like much...

Relaxing Leisure, Active Leisure, History and Culture. From: Sirmione

Dmitry Shakhray. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Verona-Sirmione Airport

You decided to spend a few days outdoors by the water? Beautiful! Lake Garda is the best way to do it. Let's start the journey with Sirmione. It is not only one of the most beautiful and famous resorts, it is also easier to get here from the nearest airports - Verona, Bergamo, Venice and Milan.

Verona Villafranca Airport (VRN) (Aeroporto di Verona Villafranca)

Verona Airport will probably be the most convenient airport to arrange a trip to Lake Garda. Sirmione can be reached from here by public transport in about 2 hours. But it is better to rent a car, it will make the trip especially comfortable.

Porto di Sirmione

Sirmione is located on a long and narrow cape outstanding far into the lake. In the middle stands a 13th century castle, behind which begins a pedestrian zone. The parking spaces near the castle and its harbour are very popular, so I recommend you to book a hotel with your own car park and get instructions on how to find it in advance.

Ristorante Al Pescatore

Arrival at Lake Garda should definitely be celebrated with dinner at a fish restaurant. Well, what else?) In Al Pescatore "all your" - fish from the lake, grilled, the famous local olives and a bottle of local wine "lugano". Bon appetit!

Day 2: Syrmione

Lake Garda has many beautiful and cozy little towns which are so popular with tourists. But perhaps the most memorable of them is Sirmione. That's where we'll start! We will have the whole day to take a leisurely stroll along the picturesque cape and see all the interesting things.

Castello di Sirmione

This 13th century castle is a recognizable symbol of Sirmione. So the first thing to do today is to take a good look at it and examine it in detail. The castle has a museum. At the end of the tour, you must climb the highest tower of the castle and appreciate the views from there.

Grotte di Catullo

Once you've finished with the castle, head across town to see another famous local attraction - the picturesque ruins of an ancient villa built during the Roman Empire around two thousand years ago.

Ristorante Pizzeria Lido delle Bionde

Come by for a snack at the nearest pizza place. It may be a little early, but if you're going to visit the thermal complex today, remember that it's recommended 1.5-2 hours after eating.

Jamaica Beach (Spiaggia Giamaica)

In the afternoon, head to the tip of the cape, where you'll find the very beautiful wild Jamaican beach, which is a wave-polished stone slab that descends hollowly into emerald water. To get there you need to walk along the shore and a little bit on the water with your shoes off. But the effort is worth it! Swimming here is not necessary at all, you can just sit on the shore and admire the surface of the lake and the mountains towering behind it.

Aquaria Thermal Spa

Sirmione is famous for its thermal springs. Aquaria Thermal Spa complex is a large park with open-air and indoor pools with thermal and regular water, where you can also enjoy a variety of wellness treatments. You can relax here all year round, daily from morning till late evening. All necessary details [** here**](

Ristorante Faggio Rosso

End your day in a nice Italian restaurant like Faggio Rosso or somewhere near your hotel.

Day 3: East coast: Malchezine

Traveling along the eastern bank of Garda, from Sirmione to Riva, not to stop and walk in Malcesina would be an unforgivable mistake. You will find a picturesque town by the water itself, a perfectly preserved medieval castle and an observation deck at an altitude of 1,800 meters with a magnificent view of the lake.

Funivia Malcesine Monte Baldo

It's time to go on the road. Head north along the coast in Malcesin. Here you should definitely take a cable car to the top of Monte Baldo, where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the lake. The climb is best planned for the beginning of the day, as then there may be a queue. Losing time in it would be a shame. Leave your car in the parking lot near the lower station of the lift, take something to warm up (the mountain can be chilly), buy tickets and take a seat near the window - it will be beautiful! It's going up in two stages. After switching from the first to the second stage of the lift, the stall begins to rotate 360 degrees! Once upstairs, keep admiring (I hope you're lucky with the weather). If you want, you can walk around the upper station of the lift and get some mountain air. Once you've had a drink and seen enough, go back down to Malchezina on the same funicular.

Castello Scaligero

Once again a medieval castle, again very picturesque and perfectly preserved. It would be a shame to visit Malcesina and not see it, even if you had visited a similar one in Sirmione the day before.


After visiting the castle, go to the center of the town, wander its cozy streets and the quay near the harbour. Here you can also dine at one of the many restaurants, then return to your car and drive on to the Riva del Garda.

Ristorante Bellavista

After the rest at the hotel, it's time for a little walk and dinner. Walk along the promenade to the old town and have a seat on the terrace of a cosy restaurant such as the Bellavista. The cuisine and service here is quite good, enjoy the appetite!

Day 4: Riva del Garda

The ancient Riva del Garda, nestled under a steep cliff, offers many opportunities for active recreation. Bicycle, walks in the surrounding mountains, windsurfing, sapp board, kayak, sailing. And everything is surrounded by palms, magnolias, pines and cypresses. It's a great idea to spend the whole day here!


For starters, you can rent a bike and go around all the surroundings. I have to say, the bike in Riva is almost a religion. It seems that everyone rides here - just along the lake on special tracks or climb mountains on a mountain bike. Who doesn't want to pedal all the time uses an electric bike. Would you like to try it? Bicycle rentals are on almost every corner. And you can rent an electric bike at [**Energiabike**]( for one or more days, or even half a day.

Sailing Du Lac

Or maybe water sports? Windsurfing, kiting and yachting on Lake Garda are just as popular as biking. That's because the conditions for sailing here are the best - the smooth wind blows as scheduled twice a day. At [**Sailing Du Lac**](, you can rent a sailboat or get your first lessons in sailing. It also provides everything you need to go windsurfing, kayaking, kayaking, sapp board. And of course you can take lessons from your instructor right here.

Canyon Adventures

What about adventure in the mountains? Go for a simple trekking trip or take a more challenging route from Via Ferrata. Or maybe dare to canyon? You'll remember that for life...) The guys at [**Canyon Adventures**]( will help you organize your mountain climbing. They'll stop at the hotel, take you where you need to go and bring you back safe and sound. Make up your mind in advance and contact them a few days in advance so they can get everything ready.

Bar Gelateria Punta Lido

In a case if active rest to you it is contraindicated, beaches, promenade on quay, benches, cafe-ice-cream, old city and pleasure boats at your full disposal!

Pub All'Oca

Before dinner, check out the aperitif at All'Oca. Many people consider it the best in the whole Riva - pleasant interior, cozy atmosphere, delicious cocktails. You'll probably like it there too.

Nuovo 900 da Lucio

Nuovo 900 da Lucio may not be called a classic Italian restaurant, but it is prepared with local seasonal products (exclusively fresh) and very tasty. If you're lucky enough to have a rabbit polenta, it's not made every day.

Day 5: West Bank: Lemone, Salo

Driving in the opposite direction from Riva to Sirmione, but already along the western shore of the lake, I recommend to make a stop in two more beautiful towns - in Limona, famous as it is easy to guess, with its lemon trees, and in historic Salo.

Limone Sul Garda

Lemone is a maze of narrow streets, old houses, earthy terraces with carefully planted lemon trees, descending to the lake itself, where the incredibly picturesque old harbour Porto Vecchio is located. It is a very pleasant place to take a walk, sit in a cafe and admire the surrounding beauty again.


Next stop, Salo. Another cute town by the water, which managed to become the capital of Italy (Republic of Salo) for a year and a half during the Second World War. Stop here for a short walk and lunch, and then head to Sirmione.

Dadone - Italian Pasta Bistrot

If, by some miracle, you haven't tried pasta yet, it's time to fill that gap. The restaurant Dadone is cozy and very tasty. And most importantly in the heart of Salò.

Porto di Sirmione

Do you remember how important it is in Sirmione to put a car in the parking lot? The easiest way to do this is to discuss it with a local hotel booked on the first day.

Ristorante Al Pescatore

If you're not tired of fish yet, I suggest you take another look at Al Pescatore. Or choose any other restaurant, there are plenty of them in central Sirmione. Either way, have a nice appetite!

Day 6: Home

The journey around Garda is over - it's time to pack up and go to the airport. I hope you enjoyed it here and have many bright impressions and beautiful pictures left. Have a nice trip!

Caffè Grande Italia

Before departure, you can take a little walk, look at the water, sit on a cozy terrace in a nearby cafe. Verona Airport is a short drive away, so there is still time.

Verona Villafranca Airport (VRN) (Aeroporto di Verona Villafranca)

Have a good flight and see you again in Italy or somewhere else!