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Another Road from Porto to Lisbon

Road Trip Route. Visit the unsurpassed churches of Lisbon and Évora, Discover the famous Chapel of Bones, Taste a variety of traditional wines and learn to recognize quality, Spend a long relaxing evening in the spa centre.

The other road from Porto to Lisbon is not about classical souvenir shops and historical museums. This scenario will suit the real connoisseurs of art and architectural masterpieces who want to get to know the palaces, churches, monasteries... The route was created for those who like to travel by car. In large and small historical cities, it is recommended to go on foot between closely located landmarks so as not to waste time searching for parking and enjoy the cosy atmosphere of the Old World. Only you, your car and lots of beautiful places in Portugal!

History and Culture. From: Porto

Kirill Khomko. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: First day in Porto

Welcome to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, according to many travellers. I've added some interesting sights for you to visit and a nice restaurant to have dinner. It's up to you in which order you want to have it all.

Palácio da Bolsa

Start a great tour of art and architecture in Portugal with one of the iconic and diverse style palaces of Porto. Palacio Bolsa, known as the Stock Exchange Palace, was the first building to be built to meet the needs of the city's commercial association. Learn more about the economic development of Porto on a tour of Bolsa Palace. Take a look at the interiors of the Tribunal Hall, the Assembler, the Golden Room and the Arab Rooms. Each of them has a strikingly different style and character of the famous artists who worked on their decoration.


It is possible to get to the restaurant for an early dinner in the same time by car and on foot. We offer you to get acquainted with the surroundings of the hotel on a leisurely walk, especially since the restaurant where you are going to have dinner is located on the picturesque bank of the Douro River. Don't miss the opportunity to admire the views, breathe the fresh Portuguese air and tune in for an incredibly beautiful and busy week of travel. The restaurant serves a wide range of fish dishes. Try the traditional Portuguese classics "Bacalhau" performed by the chef. The restaurant is notable for its high level of service and responsive staff. Enjoy your first dinner in the legendary Porto! Restaurant opening hours are quite convenient, and on Friday and Saturday the restaurant opens an hour earlier and finishes its work an hour later.

Igreja de S. Nicolau

The first meeting with the Portuguese tile will take place in a detailed observation of the Church of São Nicolau located right in the center of the city. The church building combines the two styles in its design, the neoclassical and the baroque.

Elevador da Lada

If you walk along the river towards the Ponte Luís I bridge, you can reach the Lada Ribeira observation deck, which overlooks the bridge itself, the Douro River and the lights of the night port. It's worth giving in to the romantic mood and seeing enough of the Portuguese scenery from the hills because it seems that nowhere else in the world there are so many viewing platforms and fascinating landscapes opening up.

Day 2: Explore the area

On this day, you can fully experience Porto and have a short getaway to the north to visit a picturesque fort on the ocean shore.

Majestic Café

Enjoy not only the cuisine but also the atmosphere of a magical cafe. This place is located at the crossroads of the most popular tourist routes, so there are small queues. Your breakfast will start right after the opening of the café, so you can spend the morning in Porto without queues or haste.

Farol de Felgueiras

A romantic walk awaits you at the foot of the Porto lighthouse, where the river meets the sea, where fishermen, who inherited the art of their ancestors, catch fish.

Forte de São João Baptista

Starting its existence as a fortification structure, the fortress gradually absorbed the historical events of Portugal, accumulating new architectural elements. Previously, the complex included a monastery and a church, but eventually, they were removed, making room for more modern fortifications during the War of Independence, as well as modernizing the fortress in accordance with modern features of the XIX century. Later it became the peaceful residence of the poetess Florbela Espanca, wife of one of the officers of the garrison located here.


The port is actually made up of beaches and embankments, so it is common to have lunch near the beach. The dishes are made from the freshest ingredients, and the variety of exotic juices and salads comes to countless.

Forte de São Francisco Xavier do Queijo (Castelo do Queijo)

Continue your tour and visit the Fort of São Francisco do Queijo. This place is strategically important and for travelers today it is a good viewpoint to enjoy the waves of the Atlantic and the vast expanse of the ocean. You can visit the museum only from Tuesday to Sunday from 13.00 to 17.00.

Mercearia das Flores

In this unusual place, you can not only try cool sandwiches and other tasty things but also buy snacks for the road ahead.

Praia do Castelo do Queijo

Relax after exploring the medieval fortresses on the beach. Here you can have a bite, look at the ocean, share your impressions and decide on further plans.


A small cozy restaurant located near the green park of the city. There is nothing better at the end of a day than a restaurant with jazz, a friendly atmosphere and green trees nearby.

Torre dos Clérigos

Visiting the modern lighthouse at the beginning of the day, pay attention to the bell tower, which for a long time was used as a reference point for numerous ships entering the harbor. You have probably already noticed this building, as it can be seen from anywhere in the city. You can go inside and climb the observation deck only until 19.00 daily, but you can also enjoy the atmosphere around the Clerigush Tower, capture the evening of Porto and its endlessly beautiful views.

Day 3: Road to Lisbon

After a nice morning in Porto, drive out to the south. On your way to Lisbon, you will visit some of the smaller towns and a castle. Lunch and dinner are also offered outside of the big cities.


Since today it is planned to move to another hotel, it is best to get up a little earlier to have a meal, say goodbye to the hospitable Porto and go to meet the small towns on the way to Lisbon.

Sé Catedral do Porto

Terreiro da Se offers a beautiful view of the city of Porto. Fortification-style cathedral built in the 12th century.

Sé de Viseu

This day is intended for a rather long trip from Porto to Lisbon, but on the way it is worth paying attention to the key sights of Viseu, a city of exquisite and rich architecture. Visit the main cathedral of this city – the real heart of Viseu, from which its history began, and today an architectural monument that is a recognized heritage of Portugal.

Muralha da Sé

A good place for lunch nearby.

Convento de Cristo

When you drive through Tomar, you should definitely visit this place to see how valuable architecture and history are in the life of this city. The Templar Castle and Christ Monastery are not only well-preserved architectural structures, but they are also part of the UNESCO heritage list. This monumental complex is an architectural chronicle of seven centuries of Portuguese history and contains a number of important reminders of key moments in the history of the entire Western world.

Taverna Antiqua

Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the real Antique Tavern. What else does a tired traveler need on the way to a soft bed in a Lisbon hotel, as not a hearty dinner?

Day 4: Exploring Lisbon

Today you can park your car and use public transport or taxis to travel around, but – it's up to you. The whole day will be dedicated to Lisbon.

Fabrica da Nata - Rua Augusta

A perfect morning starts with a nice cup of coffee and breakfast. Come here for both.

Berardo Collection Museum (Museu Colecção Berardo)

What do you think about contemporary art? This museum is quite off the beaten path but worth visiting if you are into everything strange and beautiful.

Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara

Complete your educational journey with emotions from the beautiful views of the city. In addition, there is a bar right on the observation deck where you can order drinks and enjoy a view of the city's terracotta mosaic with a glass of wine, beer or any other favorite drink.

Cordoaria Nacional

Visit the national museum that used to be a shipyard and today is a vast exhibition space.

Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e do Porto

The tasting center is located right on the territory of the Institute of Winemaking, which amazes not only with its scale, but also with the quality of its work. An unforgettable tasting of the best wines of Portugal awaits you. Not only will you be given a chance to taste several types of wines, including port, but you will also be told about the peculiarities of each of them. Book an excursion and tasting in advance by phone or on the website. Closed on Sundays.

LX Factory

Before returning to the hotel, be sure to visit the LX Factory, where life boils in the evenings.

Day 5: Not for everyone...

After spending half a day more in Lisbon, drive out to the east to visit a place (if you can do it, of course), where there are thousands of bones and hundreds of skulls.

Cerâmicas Na Linha

After having breakfast at the hotel and leaving your room, stop by another noteworthy shop before you leave town. What's so unusual about a ceramic cookware shop? Firstly, it is a wonderful gift to family and friends – handmade Portuguese ceramics, covered with unique patterns and glaze. Secondly, this shop offers to buy ceramics not by the piece, but by the weight. For a kilo you pay from 4 to 7 euros. There are, of course, other prices, but the key price policy here is very attractive, isn't it?

Palácio Nacional da Ajuda

Since the budget was cut during construction, all drawings and plans were changed to reduce the size of the building. Learn about the eclectic interiors of the palace and get to know more about the royal family of the 19th century.

Restaurante Herdade do Esporão

Amazing restaurant inside of a good winery outside of Evora.

Capela dos Ossos

One of the most famous monuments of Evora, the Chapel of the Bones, was built by one of the Franciscan monks as a reminder to brothers and other people that life on earth is fleeting. A small gloomy chapel is located next to the entrance to the Church of St. Francis.

Enoteca Cartuxa

Portuguese cuisine and good wine are the perfect end to the evening in Evora. However, it is in the Cartuxa Enoteca that you can not only taste good traditional wine, but also buy your favorite bottle to remember the taste of the trip when you return home.

Day 6: Culture of Evora

Today, you will spend a day in atmospheric and beautiful Evora. Get to know its culture, check out the sights and streets of the town, try the local specialities during lunch and dinner.

Catedral de Évora

After enjoying a beautiful morning, continue with Evora's exploration. The building of the largest church in Portugal is known for its eclecticism and the spirit of exquisite antiquity. The building itself is worth going inside, climbing to the very top of it, from where you can see the town. It is also worth visiting the treasury museum of the cathedral.

Igreja de S. João

This is a real museum, which contains all the Portuguese relics: gold jewelry and antique artifacts, the rich interior of the church, as well as tiles outside the building. The building itself was considered a national treasure and a very important architectural monument in 1910.

Restaurante Vinho e Noz

This place is notable for a variety of positions in the menu and the best national dishes, such as boar stew and baked cod.

Museu de Arte Sacra da Sé

In 2010 this place was transformed into a Museum of Crafts and Design. The building itself is attractive for its eclectic style. Inside you can see the restored rooms that now have handicraft exhibitions.


The whole journey consists of moments, and Momentos in Evora is a gastronomic journey. The chef not only cooks deliciously, but also makes each dish original and the staff, manager and director of the restaurant pay a lot of attention to the guests.

Day 7: Back to Lisbon

Today is the final day of the itinerary. If you are following it, get back to Lisbon, enjoy some more nice places that the city has to offer if you have time and get ready for your trip back home

Igreja da Misericórdia

A igreja está localizada em uma bela praça. É um exemplo maravilhoso da arte dos mestres portugueses do azulejo.

Praça de Giraldo

While going back to the hotel, discover more of the city's modern streets and fountains.