Find traces of Kasimov Khanate 260 km from Moscow . Get your heart set on the best racetrack and learn to shoot a crossbow. . Conquer the White Mountain . To see with your own eyes a black stork . Catch Zen in a ghost town on the Oka coast . Conquer wakeboarding and sup-surfing in a soulful company.

Ancient Kasimov: a fragment of the Golden Horde near Ryazan

The main purpose of this mini-journey will be the city of Kasimov. It is the closest to Moscow piece of the Golden Horde and one of the most unusual cities in the vicinity. On the way to Kasimov we will visit exotic sights near Moscow and engage in extreme sports. Do not worry, no special training will be required! We'll spend the second day completely in Kasimov. And on the way back we'll wander around the reserve on the Oka and ancient settlements (Attention! The concentration of beautiful landscapes is off the scale!).

Ancient Kasimov: a fragment of the Golden Horde near Ryazan

3 days itinerary by Marina Selivanova - History and Culture, Active Leisure - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture, Active Leisure

Day 1: Racing tracks, wakeboard, plaster mountain and Esenin

This day will be filled with new impressions. We will shoot a crossbow, drive a buggy, master a wakeboard and conquer the mountains near Moscow. The Moscow region offers hundreds of options for active recreation - just have time to try it! We will meet sunset in the town where Sergey Esenin studied, and overnight in Kasimov.
Visiting: Kasimov, Yegor'yevsk, Oktyabr'skiy, Spas-Klepiki, Moscow, Voskresensk

Day 2: Tatar Kasimov: a look through the ages

We will spend this day in Kasimov, once the capital of the Kasimov Khanate. The state was formed in the middle of the 15th century, when the Moscow prince Vasily settled on the bank of the Oka river the son of the Kazan khan, Tsarevich Kasim. Most likely, it was part of the deal - the day before the prince lost the battle and was captured. The Khanate ceased to exist in 1681, after the death of its last ruler, Fatima Sultan. It is believed that she was strangled by her own servants - for wanting to convert to Orthodoxy. There are still many traces of the rich past in Kasimov, which you will see with your own eyes.
Visiting: Kasimov

Day 3: Oka reserve, mystical Old Ryazan and Bastanova mountain

The beginning of the third day we will spend in Oka reserve, where cranes, bison and black storks live. After that we will visit Old Ryazan - a ghost town on the high bank of the Oka, and the sunset will be met on Bastanova Hill, under which the remains of the ancient Russian town of Perevitsk are hidden. Get ready: there will be many, many beautiful landscapes!
Visiting: Kasimov, Brykin Bor, Moscow, Fruktovaya, Sobchakovo, Il'inskoye, Nikitino