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Anapa isn't just beaches: a trip to the sea.

Anapa isn't just beaches: a trip to the sea.
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2 Days


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Active Leisure
Anyone can go to the sea from Krasnodar - it's good to go very close. But is Krasnodar Region famous for its beaches alone? No and once again no! During this two-day trip you will combine swimming in the sea with visiting the most curious sights in the area. We guarantee: you will change your mind about rest. The route is developed with the support of Volkswagen Amarok.
Volkswagen Amarok
Volkswagen Amarok
  • Visit a wine appellation.
  • Go paragliding and windsurfing.
  • Listen to the bell ringing in Su-Psekh.
  • Overcome 800 steps on the way to the sea.
  • Become a spectator in a tournament at a knight's castle.
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A winery, 800 steps to the sea and a knight's show.
Day 1209 km

A winery, 800 steps to the sea and a knight's show.

From Krasnodar you will head for the wine appellation in the village of Moldavanskoye - wander among endless vineyards and drink the guide's stories with delicious wine. Then you will find yourself at the very beginning of the Caucasian mountains: make a beautiful village at this geographically important point. In the afternoon you will try to go down to the sea by stairs of 800 (!) steps, and you will meet the sunset listening to the bell ringing. The brilliant conclusion of the day will be a colourful horse-racing show at Castle Lionhead.
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Paragliding, windsurfing and a wildlife park
Day 2206 km836 m

Paragliding, windsurfing and a wildlife park

We'll spend the second day actively. Buying enough in Succo, we go flying in the air on a paraglider. We will try to master the windsurfboard after having a taco and quesadilla at a Mexican restaurant in Anapa. Closer to sunset we'll stop in Wildlife Park "DoDo" to get acquainted with exotic animals and curious birds.
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