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Anapa isn't just beaches: a trip to the sea.

Road Trip Route. Visit a wine appellation, Go paragliding and windsurfing, Listen to the bell ringing in Su-Psekh, Overcome 800 steps on the way to the sea, Become a spectator in a tournament at a knight's castle, .

Anyone can go to the sea from Krasnodar - it's good to go very close. But is Krasnodar Region famous for its beaches alone? No and once again no! During this two-day trip you will combine swimming in the sea with visiting the most curious sights in the area. We guarantee: you will change your mind about rest. The route is developed with the support of [Volkswagen Amarok](

Active Leisure. From: Krasnodar

Volkswagen Amarok.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: A winery, 800 steps to the sea and a knight's show.

From Krasnodar you will head for the wine appellation in the village of Moldavanskoye - wander among endless vineyards and drink the guide's stories with delicious wine. Then you will find yourself at the very beginning of the Caucasian mountains: make a beautiful village at this geographically important point. In the afternoon you will try to go down to the sea by stairs of 800 (!) steps, and you will meet the sunset listening to the bell ringing. The brilliant conclusion of the day will be a colourful horse-racing show at Castle Lionhead.


Winery complex "Lefkadia Valley"

"Lefkadia Valley" is a huge winery complex, which is happy to welcome guests on its territory. You can come here to taste the wine at its place of production and learn how this or that taste is born. The territory of the complex is impressive: the original tower, from which you can see the whole valley with endless vineyards in the palm of your hand, the French garden, the magnificent lake Gechepsin, bridges and rotundas. There are several options for excursions in the "Valley", and the most useful and interesting of them are by bus (1.5-2 hours). The tour may include tasting of local wines and cheeses. It is important to remember that such excursions are only for groups of 5 people, so individual visitors are better to call the administration in advance. [Official website](

Смотровая Анапа

At the entrance to Anapa we recommend to stop at the monument "Anapa - the beginning of the Caucasian mountains". The stone eagle was installed in 2013 on the first meters of the mountain chain stretching 1,100 kilometers to the Caspian Sea coast. The observation deck at the foot of the monument offers a panoramic view of the city and village of Su-Psekh.

Artsakh" cafe

You can have lunch in the "Artsakh" barbeque shop. Delicious meat, fragrant cakes that are cooked here, juicy cherries, grilled vegetables - the glory about this cafe has spread far beyond the boundaries of Su-Psekh.

Bald Mount Anapa

Finally, we go to the sea! But not just to the beach. Bald mountain is one of the most picturesque places in the vicinity of Anapa. From here you can enjoy wonderful views of the Black Sea, Big Utrish and the highway leading to it, the quarters of the resort of Anapa and the cozy Anapa Bay. It's easy to drive up to Bald Mountain. If you not only want to admire the rocks, but also to swim, you can go down the stairs of 800 steps to the water from here. The experience is not easy, but worth it: below is a beautiful rocky beach with the purest water.


On the hill behind Su Psekh in 2005 was established Bow Cross in honor of the 60th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Near the Cross there is an exhibition and sale "Russian Bells", which presents more than fifty ancient and modern bells - reduced copies of the bells known in Russia. The exhibition was founded by the ataman of the Supsekh Cossacks - he brought from the plant in Voronezh a lot of old bells, which were just dusting in the hangar. That's when the idea to create an exhibition was born, in which the ataman was greatly helped by the director of the Voronezh bell factory. The exhibition is open every summer from early June to mid-September. Every Friday from 18:00 to 20:00 there are calls - an amazing spectacle!


For dinner we go to the village of Sukko, to the restaurant "Nirvana". In the opinion of many visitors, this restaurant has simply no competitors in the whole village. Beautiful presentation, friendly staff, well-chosen music - not to mention the cuisine, worthy of all praises. Reserve tables by phone 8-909-450-77-67.

Замок Львиная Голова

It's show time! A great end of the day will be a visit to the Park Extreme equestrian theater. Its main feature is the show "Knight Tournament", which is held in the majestic castle "Lion's Head". This building with its coats of arms, jagged walls and lattice gates is iconic in itself, although the show has not pumped up. The Battle of the Long Hair Knights has been reconstructed based on famous historical events and legends. Stage costumes - armor, ringlets, shields - add to the show of realism. The costumes, by the way, are made on the territory of the complex, in the smithy. Horses participate in the show - they also have their own role in the performance. The show is held on certain days from June to September, at 10:30 and 21:00. In May the show can only be seen on Saturdays, at 15:00. The ticket costs 600 rubles (children's ticket - 400). You can find out more details and read about the show [on site](http://xn----8sbpqvnbu3ap1b.xn--p1ai/raspisanie_i_tseny/).

Day 2: Paragliding, windsurfing and a wildlife park

We'll spend the second day actively. Buying enough in Succo, we go flying in the air on a paraglider. We will try to master the windsurfboard after having a taco and quesadilla at a Mexican restaurant in Anapa. Closer to sunset we'll stop in Wildlife Park "DoDo" to get acquainted with exotic animals and curious birds.

Пляж Сукко

After breakfast, go down to Sukko beach. Petty beach is equipped with sun beds, sun loungers and umbrellas, there is a shower, massage room, attractions. Extreme lovers should pay attention to paragliding. Sukko complain fans of high-altitude flying and interesting photo shoot. You can find the contacts of instructors in the official [group]( VKontakte.


Our way is to Anapa, where you should first have a good meal. You can have a look at the restaurant-park ["Kovcheg"]( There is a great view of the sea, delicious food and friendly staff.

Anapa Surfing

Anapa is one of the best places in the Krasnodar region for windsurfing. There are three main wave spots near the surf station in the Malaya Bay. Wave surfing is determined by the weather - instructors will warn you about the conditions. If it is your first experience you should first have a short briefing on the shore (20-25 minutes) and then enter the water. Advanced riders will be able to go straight into the sea by renting equipment. After riding you can get warm in the dryer, which is heated with wood, drink tea or coffee in a cozy kitchen, relax in the fireplace room. Hookah lovers can bring tobacco and charcoal - the station has a hookah. You can also rent SUP-surf at the base. [On the website]( there are prices for all services of the base.

Парк Живой Природы

The last point of the trip will be the wildlife park ["DoDo"]( in the village of Natuhaevskaya. Here, on an area of more than 10 hectares, you can walk in close proximity to animals of all kinds. Walking along the paths guests observe the life of kangaroos and camels, llamas and meerkats. Important pelicans and swans roam the banks of the pond, and a huge glass enclosure is home to lemurs. The park is open daily all year round from 9:00am until dark.


Restaurant "Mill" at the hotel of the same name knows every resident of the city of Krymsk. You bet: it is a very beautiful place with a summer yard buried in the green, sheds and a lake with fish. In the evenings there is live music, and you can also play billiards.