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An enchanting road trip through the sea waves and the landscapes of ​​the Aeolian Islands

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*Hi, my name is Serena Rega, I made this naturalistic tour for you!* You might know Sicily, but you probably may not to know the _Aeolian Archipelago._ So, I chose to do this type of itinerary, so different from the others, which talks about Sicily's Island. But I thought talking about the Aeolian Islands could be interesting for tourists who don't know anything about them. If you know these wonderful island, it's good too. That's means you would like to find out them more. Anyway, with this journey I made, you'll discover the seven island, which compose the Archipelago. The *seven pearl* of the mediterrean ocean are: Lipari, Vulcano, Panarea, Stromboli, Salina, Filicudi and Alicudi. We're going to visit these island in that order in 5 days. ** *So, get ready... the journey's beginning!* ** ** *P.S. The following itinerary presents indicative times for moving from one island to another, so please if you would like to do this trip, I recommend these websites that you'll be able to check, before starting your trip. On the links below you'll see the departure and arrival times and relative rates, they are constantly updated. * ** *Tips for transport companies:* [Siremar]( , [Libery Lines]( ** *Finally, some recommendations!* ** In this trip I'll take you through the 7 island of Aeolian Archipelago, between nature, sun and sea. You'll be doing different activities from hiking to biking and even swimming, so I warn you not to forget your swimsuit! *Don't forget to wear a comfortable pair of shoes, too.* Backpacks on the shoulders, we're going to go into this adventure on the road! *Credits: This tour was made by Serena Rega, as a multimedia tourist and storytelling project for the "Laboratory of formal technical writing (storytelling and gamification)", under the coordination of Prof. Elisa Bonacini, within the ITS 2-years COURSE "Higher Technician for the management of tourist accommodation facilities and cultural activities", 2019-2021, founded by the ITS Archimede Foundation at the CUMO Eastern Mediterranean University Consortium, in Noto (Syracuse).*

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Day 1: From Catania to Lipari island

*Let's start our trip! Before landing in the amazing island of Lipari, we have to pass through Catania's Airport, and Milazzo, too. Even we have to go a long way to arrive, I assure you it'll worth it. The real journey between nature, beaches, sun and waves is waiting for you. Follow me!*

Catania Fontanarossa Airport (CTA) (Aeroporto di Catania Fontanarossa)

*Here we are, welcome in Sicily!* Our destination is so far, than I suggest you taking your luggages and waiting for the [bus]( which takes you to Milazzo. In about 2 hours you'll be there. After your arrival in Milazzo, you'll embark for the Aeolian Island. P.s. I suggest you to book in advance a ticket from [Giuntabus]( website.


Once in Milazzo, we'll take a ferry which takes to *Lipari*, the major island and the most populated between all of them. During these days you'll be discovering all the archipelago.

Imbarco per Isole Eolie

I suggest you having a little moment of relax. If you do not suffer from seasickness I suggest you look at the island of Lipari, which is slowly approaching us.

Marina Corta Lipari

Welcome to _Lipari Island,_ finally! It is the biggest and the most populated island of the Aeolian Archipelago. The _beating heart_ of the island is the town of Lipari dominated by the Castle with its mighty walls, where the Cathedral of San Bartolomeo and the Aeolian Archaeological Museum are located. The busiest street is _Via Vittorio Emanuele_ with characteristic _alleys,_ rich of shops and restaurants; while the busiest square is that of _Marina Corta,_ a suggestive meeting point for islanders and tourists. But the island could offer much more. And that's why you'll discover its beautiful places. ** *But now* ** I invite you to get off the ferry and take a look around, you are in Marina Corta, the historic center of the city. *I advise you to take your luggages and go to the hotel, we'll visit the city later.*


Have a walk into the city's historical center... You should stop to _"Pasticceria D'ambra"_ and finally have a meal! I advice you tasting our typical _"granita con brioche"_, or if you prefer you can eat a _"cannolo siciliano"_ stuffed with different flavours: ricotta, chocolate or pistachio. Rest for a while, because our next destination is a Bike Rental. You will discover soon the reason!

Scolaro Bruno

Once you've eaten I suggest you to go here and rent a bike for the trip we're doing. You'll need a means of transport to reach the first place of our tour. If you need other information, I'm suggesting you the website of [Bike Rental Lipari by Bruno.]( But if you dont like cycling I can let you some information for renting a car or a scooter, you will use today and tomorrow in Lipari. The best one is [Noleggio da Marcello](, it is located in the city's historical center, but I suggest you to book your vehicle *before starting yor journey!*

Spiagga della Secca

Also known as *Scoglio della Secca*, I suggest you to stop for a minute, so you'll have a little few time for breath. Enjoy the sea's air you can be feeling. And you're not arrived to the _Spiaggia Praia di Vinci_, yet. You could only imagine how enchanting it is! *What are you waiting for? It's our next goal!*

Spiaggia Di Vinci

We're arrived at _Praia di Vinci_! It is a sandy beach with some pebbles of suggestive and unspoiled beauty. As you can see, that beach extends over a stretch of coast full of inlets and bays that follow one another up to the fortress of Lipari, not far from the harbour of Marina Corta.


Here we are, this is the place I have chosen for you. I hope you like it. The star of your dinner will be fish, as you can see from the menu. You should know that the menu changes according to the catch of the day, therefore always fresh and quality is on the first place! If you don't like fish dishes, you can choose between different meat dishes, equally tasty. ** *Now I've a curiosity for you:* ** Maybe you don't know that _E 'Pulera_ hides the Aeolian tradition even in its name! *The pulera is an architectural element of the Aeolian houses. It is ubicated on the terrace around their habitations. The pulera's purpose is support a late grape pergola.* After this story, I wish you have a good dinner.

Day 2: Day 2: Living Lipari coast to coast sitting on a bicycle

*As you read, the second day you'll do a trip between Lipari's beaches, discovering its different aesthetics. During our journey we'll do an excursion to Cave di Caolino and Terme di San Calogero. No panic, you'll have a little rest and taste delicious food, which give you the energy to cycling again, through Lipari's country roads. Trust me, you'll never forget this experience!*


Our day begins with a hearty breakfast at the hotel, for lunch we will stop in the town of Quattropani. But first we will pass through some of the most important beaches on the island. That's why I told you having a wealty beakfast! You'll going to spend a lot of energy, stay hydrated. Get on your bike, _let's go!_

Spiaggia di Canneto

Our first goal today, is the Beach of Canneto. This paradisiac beach is located on the east coast, 3 km to the north of Lipari city. It's so particular because the land's composition: *it is pebbly and mixed with sand;* as you can see, this beach is closed in a suggestive bay, sourrended by deep water in turquoise colour. The main characteristics of the coast are the scarce width and, on the other hand, the considerable length. It is a beach partly equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds, but we will stop for a while and then leave for the next beach, which is waiting for us.

Spiaggia Bianca

You've arrived to this magnificent beach, called _Spiaggia Bianca_. Its name came from the pumice sediments, which make up its seabed. The pumice is a type of magmatic rock, you may not know than it is composed by a light material, which confers it porosity. Looking the seabed is a thing I recommend you pay attention to! The sea is particularly warm, of an intense turquoise, on it there are some *jetties.* Probably you don't understand why they're here. You must know than once upon a time, they were used for the transport of the extracted goods, including pumice.

Monte Pilato

After visiting the beach, let's go and breathe some mountain air. If you love hiking, you could consider making one in this mountain, from whose summit you can see the whole island. You could climb the mountain through the path that starts from the extreme east of Acquacalda beach, if you are interested in this activity! You should know that Mount Pilato is the *highest point of the crater rim* from which the pumice has come out. I invite you coming back and go along the cost, where you'll see Acquacalda Beach.

Acquacalda Beach

You should know that the _Acquacalda's village_, on the northern coast of the island, gives its name to this wonderful beach. The majestic white mountain of pumice dominates it, the quarries that constitute it are the only ones in Europe, besides the Turkish one. The natural landscape, given the suggestion, recalls the idea of ​​wild nature, so I invite you to fully enjoy it. If you want, I invite you to take a bath before going there for lunch. *This way you can regain your strength before pedaling again!*

Sangre Rojo

Here we are in the town of Quattropani, where the Sangre Rojo Restaurant stands, nestled among its hills. *Here you can enjoy the enchanting landscape of Lipari even at the table.* Let yourself be carried away by the smells of the dishes you will taste, enjoy them also with your eyes, before letting yourself be carried away by the flavors of the island cuisine, based on the catch of the day and other traditional dishes. Enjoy your *well deserved* meal!

Tenuta di Castellaro

I was asking to myself if you're getting tired of cycling today. I thought about this resting activity to break the monotony of our tour. If you're interested I invite you to rest by taking a tour of this wonderful estate, inside and out, and to taste its wines. You could do an appetize if you aren't saziated from the lunch you've made before. I recommend you checking some information from [Tenuta di Castellaro's website]( If you're looking for an awesome winery experience you should evaluate this option!

Kaolin Quarries

Welcome to the next goal of our trip: *The Kaolin Querries* or *Cave di Caolino*, according the italian's name, open on the western side of the island, not far from Quattropani. They're dating back to the Greek era, maybe you didn't know that information! The path runs along the walls of the quarry, where ancient fumaroles have produced showy polychromies, the result of alterations in the rocks. You may not know that during the Saracen occupation many Lipari's habitants moved to the Kaolin area, settling in some natural caves present, called by them _"Rutta i Saracina"._ At the end of the Muslim occupation, the Kaolin area was also known as _"Vagnu Siccu"_ or Bagno Secco, which takes its name from the function it had. In the past it was known for its waters with exceptional healing properties. *If you'll agree you be able to explore these quarries in 2 hours.*

Terme di San Calogero

Here we are at the thermal structure of _San Calogero,_ in Pianoconte. It's of great importance to know that during the nineteenth century it was possible for guests to stay, receive thermal treatments and pray in the chapel dedicated to the saint, who gives the building its name. The building is composed of 2 floors and it was born from a structure that dates back to the Hellenistic age, turns its gaze towards the island of Salina. *Taking a beautiful photograph among these rocky landscapes that open into the sea is a piece of advice I want to give you!*


After our visit outside the _Terme di San Calogero_ you'll be to this scenografic lookout, called _Belvedere Quattrocchi_. I know you could be tired due to numerous place we've visited, but it is the last effort, I swear! I be able to admit than the view you get, it'll be worth it. From this viewpoint, located on a hill, you can see Lipari's Island in the foreground and its other _"sisters"_ in the distance. But don't worry! We'll visit them in these days, so take a breath while enjoying this amazing panorama. From there you can see the remains of ancients volcanos which are only stones standing in the sea in front of you. They are called [_"Faraglioni di Lipari"._](

Spiaggia Valle Muria

After leaving the Belvedere Quattrocchi behind us, we reached the *Valle Muria's Beach*. You can breathe a sigh of relief, it's our last stop for today. Now *- if you want -* I invite you to immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of this wonderful black sand beach. *A little moment of relaxation before returning to the hotel.* As you can see, its extension gives it an elongated shape and it can be considered as embraced by rocky promontories.

Trattoria Da Bartolo

Here we are, you're well rested, I hope, and ready to taste the Trattoria da Bartolo's cuisine. Tonight I took you to this restaurant to eat something simple, but just as good. *You may want to eat a pizza* after two days of tasting fish dishes.

Day 3: Day 3: Going by boat to Vulcano, Panarea and Stromboli

*During the third day, as I promised we'll go to discover the beauty of three of the seven island, which are in order of visit, as you can read from the title. That's the order in which we'll visit them. In first place you'll see Volcano Island, its Spiaggia delle fumarole and Pozza dei fanghi. Then, you'll travel in boat, going to Panarea. Our last destination will be Stromboli, magnificent island whose vulcano is still active. In Stromboli you'll taste a dinner with volcano view, thats a way of ending a day with class and beauty.*

Marina Corta Lipari

Our day begins at the port of Lipari, where you'll take a boat to visit our first goal: _Vulcano._ We'll take the ferry to reach the other islands. Leave your bike, we won't need it anymore. We'll rent other vehicles arrived at your destination, if you feel the need. *Let the discovery of the Aeolian Islands begin!*


*Welcome to Volcano's Island, whose magnificent sands are ashy colour.* Maybe you don't know that Vulcano is the island of *Hephaestus*, the island of fumaroles and the sulfur that springs from them. A landscape that at times seems to catapult to the moon or directly to hell; its _Gran Cratere_, the muds and the warm waters certainly make it one of the most fascinating of the Aeolian Archipelago.

Piscina di Venere

On the boat you'll passing by this point. I invite you to see it, because it is very special. If you want to see it closest, I suggest you to [rent a boat.]( In that way, you'll be able to see the recesses of the Volcano island from the sea.

Porto di Ponente

I suggest you to take off the boat, and admire the land of Volcano's Island. Before going to explore the famous _Crater_ of the island, i suggest you to rend a vehicle. My tip for you is renting a scooter, or a quad if you like it, from [Noleggio da Paolo.](


I suggest you to move on with your means straight on north. You'll arrive in the _Volcano's Crater._ Leave your vehicle at the entrance, the crater will be climbed on foot. While we are trekking, we will be able to closely see some volcanic manifestations present near the _Gran Cratere_ also known as _"La Fossa"._

Capo Grillo

Leaving behind the crater, you'll have to reach Capo Grillo, the highest point of the island from which you can see Sicily and the summit of Etna, the most famous Sicilian volcano. Rest there for a moment and take an amazing selfie, whose your friend will be envious!

Spiaggia Cannitello

After you had taken a look to the Capo Grillo's scenografic lookout, You'll drive to the south of the Island and you'll arrive in _Spiaggia Cannitello_. It is an equipped beach where I invite you to go down, with the classic black sand of Vulcano. Framed in a cliff covered with prickly pears and blackberries. Later, you'll drive to the north and you'll arrive to the _Sorgente Termale_.

Sorgente Termale

We're arrived in this natural thermal spring as the name suggests. The therme has been borned thanks to residual gas emissions to which are added underground mineral waters, which sometimes reach the surface and can be exploited for therapeutic purposes. In fact, the place is visited by lots of people, who are looking for relaxation, taking baths and thermal muds. You can stay for a while and try this natural treatments. When you have finished, You'll reach me to the _Spiaggia delle Acquecalde_.

Spiaggia delle Acque Calde

Not far from the thermal spring is the _Hot Waters' Bay._ You can reach in on foot. As the name suggesting, here you can relax with a natural hydromassage. *You got it right, these are jets of hot water that come out of the sea!*


I recommend this little restaurant for lunch, after our trip in Volcano, through beaches, craters and muds. It is located a few steps from the port of Vulcano. If you want you can eat fish specialties, different according to the daily catch. So, everyday there are different dishes to try!

Valle Dei Mostri

The last thing to see, according to me, is the _Valle dei Mostri_. You can take a short walk to the north east of the Vulcanello peninsula. In this way you'll be able to digest what you've eaten for lunch. As you can see, a paved road runs along the many villas in the area until you reach a crossroads, here you turn right and continue for a while up to a large lava field. You can reach the area with your vehicle, too. The area, of black and very fine sand, is dotted with *monsters* , whose bizarre rock shapes has been created by the volcanic activity. That shapes were born from the lava expertly sculpted by the winds coming from the sea.

Porto di Levante

After you had visited the suggestive _Valle dei Mostri_, we're going to discover Panarea Island. From the pier _Porto di Levante_ we're letting behind our shoulders the island of Volcano and its thermal muds and jetties, too.


Welcome to our next destination of today! _Panarea Island._ You should know than this island is a perfect mix of history, art, culture and worldliness, and obviously _the sea_. Its coasts are as beautiful as the sea that caresses them. Don't forget than this Island offers also most scenografic lookouts. We'll visit few of these.

Punta del Corvo

I recommend that you take the shortest path if you want to reach _Punta del Corvo_. This path starts from San Pietro's town and leads to the summit. Point of departure will be the port, taking the main road that leads to the town above and continue to then take the signposted direction of the cemetery. The path is marked with red and white paint on the rocks near the crossroads. Along the way we will meet many shrub plants, typical of the Mediterranean scrub, myrtle trees and cypresses. Once you reach the summit, beautiful landscapes with a view of the archipelago will open on the horizon. If you wish, you can continue your excursion by descending the southern side of Panarea, in this way you'll reach [Cala Junco](, an amazing bay which deserve to be visited. Another interesting point of view is [Punta Milazzese](, place where an ancient prehistoric village was built in a furthest past. But, our next destination is _Cala degli Zimmari_ before leaving this flawless island.

Cala Dei Zimmari

A bay that I recommend you to visit is _Cala degli Zimmari._ Its red sand beach is bathed by a crystalline cobalt blue sea with shallow waters, while on the side it has a rocky wall. Ideal place for those who love to explore the seabed or take a simple swim. After swimming for a while, you'll go to the pier. We'll embark for Stromboli Island.

Porto di Panarea "Scalo Ditella"

After visiting _Cala degli Zimmari_, we are preparing to leave the island of Panarea. We have enjoyed it a little, but I can leave you a link to a boat rental in case you want to see it, seating in a boat. My advice for you is [Sea Panarea.]( But now, destination Stromboli.

Isola di Stromboli

Welcome to _Stromboli_, where the high cliffs alternate with small beaches of very black sand, with inlets and caves. Characteristic are the white Mediterranean houses, the green of the palm trees, the olive trees and the citrus fruits that rest on the volcano of the island. Comparable to a black pearl that has always attracted lovers of uncontaminated nature and relaxation. Or as the inhabitants of the island call it: _Iddu_, an incredible volcano overlooking the sea, boils giving a suggestive and unique show, especially at night, with lapilli in a sky full of stars.

Spiaggia Lunga

The _Spiaggia Lunga_ is located in the northern part of the island. The beach is of black sand bathed by a very clear blue sea. You may not know this beach is a favorite destination for young people and naturists and it has always been coveted by lovers of wild and unspoiled nature. I invite you to spend a few moments here, before going to have dinner at the restaurant with a view of the volcano, which I have chosen for you.


I recommend a vehicle to get around, it is almost dark. Taking this small road, you will arrive at the observatory, now transformed into a restaurant, the place is only 100 m from the crater. In the evening, while comfortably enjoying your dinner, you will be able to see the marvelous explosions and the launches of lapilli. Maybe you don't know than the island is not illuminated by the will of the habitants. So, my suggestion is to bring a torch with you. In the dark, you'll allowing to see a carpet of stars as if you were in the middle of the sea! _But now, I let you have dinner -I suggest you a delicious pizza!_

Porto Scari

After the dinner you had behind the Stromboli volcano, we're preparing to return to Lipari. From _Porto Scari_ we'll board the ferry, leaving Stromboli behind us. Also for Stromboli I realize there was little time to visit it, in case you want to extend your stay I recommend the rental of boats, rafts or jet skis from [Pasqualo.]( Using a boat is essential to reach the beaches, and also the town of Ginostra.

Marina Lunga Lipari

Welcome back to Lipari. Get off the ferry and reach the hotel. It is late and you would have a relaxing shower and get some hours of sleep.

Day 4: Day 4: Discovering Salina, the island surrounded by greenery

*In the fourth day it's Salina's turn to be discovered! Lots of natural reserves, beaches along the coasts and extinct volcanoes deserve to be visited. You'll try some food and if you like, you could taste good wine, which is producted in this area. Let's immerse ourselves in the tranquillity of this green Island.*

Marina Corta Lipari

Starting point on the fourth day is the port of Lipari. I hope you had a good breakfast, it's time to take the ferry to Salina.


_Welcome to Salina,_ the second largest island of the Aeolian archipelago. It fascinates tourists with its fascinating nature, due to the numerous sources of fresh water that have made this land the greenest in the entire archipelago. It is famous for its Nature Reserve, which occupies over half of the territory, from the top you can enjoy an enchanting view of all the nearby islands.

Piazza Santa Marina

Here we are in _Santa Marina_, the main center of Salina. One of the largest towns in the archipelago, it is located on the slopes of the Fossa delle Felci, which is one of the 6 extinct volcanic craters, covered with shrubs and numerous ferns. Santa Marina is the _beating heart_ of the island thanks to its many shops and its nightlife.

Bongiorno Rent

After landing in the city, I advice you to go by _Bongiorno Rent_ for renting a means of transport, which is really helpful to move from a point of the island to another. I've thought about a scooter. You can choose what means you prefer between bikes, cars and scooters if you don't like my choise. I recommend to book the vehicle in advance. [Click there for some information.](

Laghetto di Lingua

After renting your vehicle, I recommend that you go south east and leave the town of Santa Marina. Our destination is Lingua, a nice little town. We are headed to the lake that bears his name. It is a brackish lake, formerly used as a _saline_, from which the island takes its name _-for those who didn't know yet!_ On the narrow strip of land that separates the lake from the sea stands a lighthouse, which we will visit later. The _saline_ ,or salt pans, present here are no longer visible as they are entirely submerged by the lake water. From this point of the island you can enjoy a splendid view of Lipari island.

Faro di Lingua

A little further on, half an hour away on foot, is _the old lighthouse_ of the city of Lingua, a small fishing village. The lighthouse rests on a dark colored pebble beach, and I guarantee you that the view is wonderful, you'll be able to see the island of Lipari from here, better than from Lingua's Lake.

Piazza Malfa

Now I invite you to go back, we will go to the town of _Malfa_, located to the north west of the Salina. When you'll arrive, I suggest you to take a walk in the city and leave your car. Take a look at the historical center, then from Piazza Malfa, you could be hungry, so I'm letting you go to the restaurant, which is not far from there. You'll be able to reach it on foot.

Bar Malvasia

You will be hungry! So, if you want you can stop and have lunch in this restaurant in Malfa. Don't expect a lunch like the ones you've been used to on this trip! Here you can eat quick but equally tasty dishes. I recommend you to taste _u pani cunzatu_, the sicilian _Parmigiana_ made with eggplant and, why not, a plate of spaghetti with fish, if you've enjoyed that in these days. Completing your meal with a nice granita, very refreshing after all the road you've done.

Spiaggia Punta Scario

After an abundant lunch, I invite you to walk down to this suggestive beach. What I don't recommend is to take a bath because you have just finished eating few minutes ago! As you can see it's a beach made up of pebbles and smooth stones, immersed in a charming nature and bathed by a crystalline sea. The beach, has environmental and landscape value, takes also an important historical connotation because, _perhaps you do not know it yet_, it was a stopover for sailing ships that sailed the seas between Sicily and Campania. Take a moment to capture this panorama, which looks like it came out of a postcard!

Baia di Pollara

Let's leave _Spiaggia Punta Scario_ behind us, take the car because we'll go to Pollara, the place where * Il Postino * of Massimo Troisi was be filmed. We'll go to the bay, park the car and continue for a while on foot. Worthy of note are the _Grotte dei Pescatori_, which can be seen in these coves formed by the rock.

Monte Fossa delle Felci - Salina (Isole Eolie)

If you want you can climb the summit of _Monte Fossa,_ leaving the car and going on foot. You may not know that it is the highest peak in the entire archipelago, in the past it was a volcano that has been extinct for centuries. Rich in flourishing vegetation such as cyst, heather, strawberry tree, mastic tree and broom and fern,too. In fact, the mountain takes its name from this plant! Even in winter, the show is guaranteed, under a blanket of snow. A network of paths runs through the reserve, giving the possibility to reach the summit of Monte Fossa from different points on the island, offering a breathtaking panorama. If you intend to climb the summit, _I recommend the route that starts from the Valdichiesa locality, where we are now._ After I invite you to take your vehicle and get off at the town of Rinella.

Rinella Salina

Here we are in _Rinella_, fraction of Leni, one of the most important city in Salina. A typical and characteristic seaside village on the sea, where the second port of the island of Salina is located, from which we will leave later. The small fishing village of Rinella rises along a steep valley that leads directly to the sea.

Spiaggia Pra Venezia

From _Rinella_ it is possible to reach another beautiful beach, that of _Prà Venezia_. The beach is made up of stones and pebbles and can be easily reached by walking along a path of about 20 minutes. From this wonderful beach it is possible to admire the islands of Filicudi and Alicudi from a different perspective than you had in _Pollara_ before.

Papero granite gelati bar

Later you've contemplated the _Spiaggia di Pra Venezia_, I recommend a dinner here, you can choose to eat a delicious lasagna, or a few arancini. If the granita eaten in Malfa is not enough, you can also choose this option in Rinella. One of their specialties is ricotta ice cream with capers, a very particular combination that highlights the flavors of this land named by many _the green pearl_.

Porto di Rinella

After the day we have dedicated to the beautiful Salina, we get ready to get on the hydrofoil and return to the island of Lipari.


Welcome back to Lipari, our day has come to an end. I invite you to go back to the hotel, on foot or by renting a taxi *-you would be probably tired.*

Day 5: Day 5: Exploring the farthest, wildest islands: Alicudi and Filicudi

*The fifth day of this journey is dedicated to the discovery of the uncontaminated nature that surrounds these two islands, the wildest and most distant. You should know that on both islands it is not possible moving with car, especially in Alicudi. I don't think it's a problem for us, because we will see some of its places on foot, others by boat or a vehicle of your choise. Let's go to the discovery of the landscapes, beaches of these beautiful islands, before leaving this *sicilian paradise.*

Molo Aliscafi

Good morning! We're starting our day from Lipari's pier, first point of the itinerary. We will take the hydrofoil to move, destination _Filicudi!_

Isola di Filicudi

Welcome to _Filicudi_! Maybe you don't know that Filicudi was known under the name of _Phoenicusa_, in a far past. Filicudi is located between the islands of Alicudi and Salina. Also known as the island of ferns, it is characterized by a rugged and rocky territory of volcanic origin. Its coasts are composed of dark and reddish rock, large reefs and numerous caves. It is dominated by Monte Fossa, an extinct volcano, and is divided into the inhabited centers of Filicudi Porto, Pecorini a Mare and Valdichiesa. _Although the island is sparsely populated, it's dominated by sea and nature._

Filicudi Porto

We have landed on the island of Filicudi, I invite you to get off the hydrofoil. Your feet will touch this land, for the first time. We are in the small town of _Filicudi Porto._ Looking around we will go a little further south, to a rent scooter.

Centro Noleggio Filicudi

As you well know, you need a vehicle to better explore the island, so I recommend the _Filicudi Rental Center._ You can choose between scooters, rafts and boats. I'm letting to you this choice! Following the link below you'll be able to check the website and book your vehicle in advance, if necessary. When you've [rented]( You'll go to _Zucco Grande._

Zucco Grande

A long road separates us from _Zucco Grande,_ an uninhabited village in the north-eastern part of Filicudi. But here we are! You will find yourself in front of this abandoned village for many years, once populated by 300 people, but now there are ruins immersed in thick and lush vegetation, in a riot of colors! The ruins of the abandoned houses will take you back in time, and the streets now covered with ferns, remains of volcanic lava, remind us of the antiquity of this place. As you can see, in this ancient village _the time has been stopped._

Capo Graziano

After leaving an ancient village, we immediately reach another one. In _Capo Graziano_ stands the ancient prehistoric village dating back to around the Bronze Age (3400 BC to 600 BC) A path that is not too steep, easily practicable and well marked, whose view dominates the whole island. You can see the two sides of the island from the _Montagnola di Capo Graziano:_ the port on the right, _Pecorini mare_ and _Alicudi island_ on the left. I invite you to capture a picture of this amazing point of view, and take it as a souvenir, even a selfie can be fine!

La scogliera

We move away from Capo Graziano, to get to _Pecorini Mare._ It is here that I invite you to get something to eat in this rotisserie, a different propose for the first time on this trip, because you're not going to eat there. You can eat these delights sitting on the beach looking at the landscapes that the island has to offer. If you love fish I recommend fried fish, otherwise fresh bread or other rotisserie pieces of your choice will certainly be delicious!

Pecorini A Mare

As suggested by its name, it is a town that overlooks the sea, and has a fishing village as its inhabitants. Our destination is the very suggestive beach, where I invite you to take a moment to have lunch, while admiring this landscape. At the end we'll embark to discover the beautiful _Alicudi._

Filicudi Porto

After having consumed your lunch, the boat awaits you to go and discover the beauty of the small and unspoiled Alicudi. If you want you could still stop in Filicudi to do various activities such as scuba diving or a boat ride, to admire a Filicudi's _Faraglione_ like [La Canna]( Even the [Grotta del bue marino]( deserves to be visited more closely.

Isola di Alicudi

Welcome to _Alicudi_, the last stop on our itinerary. The volcanic island is covered with heather, hence the name _Ericusa_. It is the most pristine of the Aeolian archipelago, thanks also to the absence of driveways, so there are no cars or motorbikes on the island, you could walk through the mule tracks and the panoramic paths that cross the island from the port. The mount of this island is _Monte Filo d'Arpa_, where chestnut and lime trees take the place of olive trees, prickly pears and caper plants. _Beautiful, lonely and wild. This is how Alicudi appears, A quiet place with sea, sun and silence._ I invite you to get off at _Alicudi Porto_ and go to Contrada Tonna, so as to admire the Aeolian architecture.

Contrada Tonna

After walking for a while we'll arrive at _Contrada Tonna._ Located in the westernmost part of the island, there is a small group of rural houses, where you can admire the authentic _Aeolian architecture:_ the steps built with dry stone walls and the ancient aedicules of the Via Crucis that testify to the devotion of the islanders.

Spiaggia Bazzina

We continue our walk to Alicudi going to _Spiaggia Bazzina,_ it is located in a splendid natural position completely flat with small gray pebbles. You'll have to follow a path to get there: a very easy path, number 9, characterized by the fuchsia color. A difficulty could be climbing the 198 steps that separate us from the beach. Once arrived, the first thing you'll see, is a real oasis where harmony and peace can be breathed everywhere, in nature and in its sea, with pure and transparent waters, whose depths are low and give the opportunity to make spectacular dives. If you want you can stay until sunset, so you could do an emotional experience: seeing at the sunset all the shades that the sky takes on, meeting on this wonderful mantle of water. _When you've ended to enjoy this little piece of paradise, don't forget to take on the ferry and get back to Lipari island!_

Alicudi Porto

After having seen the foreshortening that characterize this island surrounded by greenery and mountains, I invite you to get on the boat that will take us back to Lipari, therefore concluding our journey. _P.S. If you want to visit Alicudi again, my advice is to do it by [boat,]( so that you'll be able to see every angle. Unfortunately for its conformation, not the whole island is accessible by land.

Molo Aliscafi

Here we are back to Lipari, being dinner time I will take you directly to the restaurant I have chosen for you. But if you prefer, you could first stop by the hotel to cool off and then reach this delightful restaurant overlooking Marina Corta.

Caffe' La Vela

I hope you are ready for the dinner that awaits you! Tonight you can enjoy fish appetizers, caponata and other vegetables of your choice and, if you like, an octopus salad. Simple dishes of the Aeolian tradition, which you can enjoy watching Marina Corta enveloped by the first lights of the evening, for the last evening.

Day 6: Day 6: Aeolian memories: the end of a journey in the middle of the sea

*I'm disappointed to say, but it's true: today is the very last day. Get ready yourself to say goodbye to this enchanting archipelago, whose islands are one more beautiful than another. Seven sisters so different beetwen them, but lovely all the same way. At this point I think you have noticed it, too. Today, we're going to enjoy Lipari city, doing some shopping and having a nice walk in its historical center for the last time.*


Good morning and wake up! I thought that after all the way you have come and all the places you have seen, you deserve a quiet day. If you want, after having the last breakfast at your hotel, you could get out for a walk. I recommend a walk in the historic center of Lipari. I would like you to fully appreciate this characteristic place for the last time. I've included some shopping tips below, _but feel free to get into any store that catches your eye._

ArteSana Luisa Mendoza

I recommend this artisan shop. Here you can buy handmade objects, with creativity and imagination in colors. Really interesting souvenirs to take away as a souvenir of a holiday in the Aeolian Islands!

A Putia du Souvenir U Segretu

Along the historic center, you'll be able to find another interesting souvenir shop. Why don't you take a look at this shop too? You could buy ceramics with Aeolian decorations, but also jewels with stones by hard and coloured materials. You may find the perfect souvenir for you!

Gilberto e Vera

I recommend this sandwich shop as a last place for your lunch. A quick but tasty and delicious meal. The restaurant offers breads filled with the typical flavors of the island. Choose the one that best suits your tastes!

Marina Corta Lipari

Here we are at the port of Lipari for the last time, the return ferry awaits us. Turn around for a moment to say goodbye to this island, which has managed to give you *-together with the rest of the archipelago-* countless emotions.

Imbarco per Isole Eolie

After embarking, we'll see the island gradually move away, and in about 2 hours we'll land at the port of Milazzo. Here I invite you to get off and go to the bus stop. You'll wait the bus which take you to Catania airport.

Catania Fontanarossa Airport (CTA) (Aeroporto di Catania Fontanarossa)

Getting off the bus, your final destination is Catania Airport. The time has come to say goodbye, our journey together comes to an end. I wish you a good return. _I hope I made you appreciate the magic atmosphere of the Aeolian Islands._