An active weekend for the whole family near Saint-Petersburg – Road.Travel

An active weekend for the whole family near Saint-Petersburg

Road Trip Route. See the bison and bison, Overcome obstacle course, Walk the eco-trail.

**Do you like to relax with your whole family in the countryside? Then you will definitely like this route, because we will visit places where both adults and children will be interested. You will be able to make friends with bison and bison, have a picnic by the picturesque lake, pass the obstacle course in the rope park and walk along the eco-trail off the coast of the Gulf of Finland. *" If you're interested in a description, join us!

Families with Kids, Animals and Farms, Active Leisure. From: Saint Petersburg

Xena Fedchenkova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Active recreation for the whole family

We will go on a journey in which we will feed bison and bison, have a picnic by the picturesque lake, pass an obstacle course in the rope park, walk along the eco-trail off the coast.

Saint Petersburg

We leave the city in the morning to have time to visit all planned places.

Цех 85

We have breakfast in an unusual bakery "Shop85", which serves healthy breakfast and fresh baked goods of its own production. The bakery has an unusual interior and original approach to the client. It's worth a look there. *" Please note: early breakfast can only be enjoyed on weekdays, the bakery opens at 10:00 on weekends


Today we are planning to have a picnic by the lake at lunchtime, so we will stop by the grocery store for everything we need.


Zubrovnik Park is 15 km away from St. Petersburg, and it is worth going there to get acquainted with bison and bison. You can see them for free during the park's working hours. We also advise you to visit the mini-farm. Excursion will be paid, but such entertainment will be very appreciated by children, because all the inhabitants can be stroked and photographed with them.

Озеро «Ройка»

We will have lunch at the lake, we bought picnic food in advance at the store.

Норвежский парк

There are a lot of tracks in the park that focus on different ages, so that each member of your family can pass the obstacle course and feel the full range of emotions. It is cheaper to buy a family ticket. Check park days in advance at [site](

Пруды В Лесу

This is the "Komarovskiy Bereg" trail - a complex of paths equipped with pedestrian wooden planks. Along the way there are information stands with small articles about plants and inhabitants of the place. Get ready for a stroll all the way to the coast.

Ресторан Casablanca

We'll have dinner at a restaurant with European cuisine afterwards. It is very cozy and overlooks the bay.

Saint Petersburg

So we returned to St. Petersburg, where our journey came to an end. We hope you enjoyed the day. It was a very busy day.