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    Day 1

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    A Nice Evening in Strasbourg

    Today begins your fascinating journey through the famous French countryside. Since you won't have much time, devote this short evening mainly to organizational matters.


    There is no more symbolic way to France than the one that leads to Strasbourg across the European bridge. For centuries, the culture of Alsace, which combines French and German traditions, has been the subject of controversy between two neighboring countries. But just as long ago, it became the place where negotiations were held to promote the unity of peoples.
    In the center of the city there is a cathedral—an ancient symbol of the spiritual community of European countries. Four years after the end of the Second World War, which caused the wounds and this creation of architecture, Strasbourg was elected the seat of the European Council, and in 1952 - the European Parliament.
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    Le Moon
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    Le Moon

    The first day of the journey comes to an end. It was mostly devoted to various organizational nuances, and the most interesting begins tomorrow: we plan to go south and enjoy the magnificent architecture and nature of these areas.
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    Day 2
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