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Alpacas, a Film town and a Cheese gem

Road Trip Route. Hang out with alpacas, Buy some great cheeses, Walk around the cinema city and the manor house.

Moscow region has a lot of interesting and unusual places. This trip will introduce you to cute alpacas, discover the skills of an American cheesemaker and plunge you into the atmosphere of eighteenth-century England. This short but spectacular excursion to the northwest of Moscow is for everyone. Adults will be pleased, children will be delighted. *Please note: visit to the farm with alpacas must be booked in advance.

Unique Locations, Animals and Farms. From: Moscow

Kirill Khomko. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Animal encounters, gastrotourism and walks in little-known places

At the beginning of the trip you will literally hang out with the alpacas, you can feed them and even cuddle them. Then you'll visit the organic farm of an American cheese maker. Lastly, you'll visit a cinema town and a little-known farmstead.


We left home at 8am to take our time and make sure we were on time despite possible traffic. Since we were travelling in winter time, the daylight hours were short and we decided not to waste time on lunch in a restaurant - we took food and water with us in the car for snacks on the way.

Russian Alpacas Farm

Unspeakable emotions for people of all ages! A real farm, not a zoo, where the animals are cared for and well fed, as you can tell by their super sociable and positive attitude towards all guests. You can bring your own cabbage or carrots, which will be cut up for you on site so you can feed the animals. There are alpacas, camel, rabbits and llamas. Alpacas can be visited in their enclosures for maximum companionship. llamas are also available, but are for the more adventurous. Camels are not recommended. In addition to getting to know the animals, you will also be told about them, the farm, its history and activities. Visiting is possible by appointment only - as part of a group. It is possible to join a group (1000 rubles on weekdays, 1500 on weekends and holidays) or get your own group. Groups are small and there are a lot of enclosures, so everyone has an opportunity to find their own alpaca. All details, as well as contacts for contacting the owners are at [official website](

Farmer Jay Close's organic cheeses

Amazing discovery! On the face of it, an unremarkable house in a holiday village, but it's worth the drive. You will not only be able to taste many different kinds of cheese, but also to buy them - for yourself and your loved ones. The choice is huge and the quality is no worse than in Europe. There are master classes and agritourism-style excursions with stories about the cheese-making process. It is necessary to sign up for these activities in advance using the contacts listed on [official website]( Product tasting is possible without an appointment from 9 to 20 on any day. Just in case, it's better to clarify the time of your arrival by texting Jay in Telegram - the number can be found on the website.

Kinogorod Piligrim Porto

In summer you can spend a lot more time here. There are various events, quests... The whole area can even be rented out for your own events. We plunged into the atmosphere of an abandoned old English town on a snowy winter, and we didn't regret it. A few streets, many different buildings, you can even go inside some of them, and you can even climb on a ship that has run aground. You can visit the museum from 10 to 19 every day, but you have to pay for the entrance fee at the ticket office. Sometimes, when filming and private events are held here, the cinema city is closed. You can find out more about it by visiting [site](

Serednikovo Estate

There is also the Serednikovo estate nearby, which we visited at the end of our trip. A walk around the territory is possible at any time from 10 to 18 for a symbolic fee to the conservation fund of the estate. To visit the front house, you need to sign up for an excursion. You can check the schedule on the [homestead's website]( It was magical here in winter, but judging by the main avenue, it's no worse in summer.

Gastrobar Nekrasov

Despite all the snacks we took with us, we were hungry and cold on our walks. So we decided to finish our trip in this excellent gastropub in Skhodnya. Great food and service, as well as a cozy atmosphere to discuss the day's impressions.


It won't take long to get home. I hope you enjoy this trip as much as we did.