Along the Volga: a two-day cultural and historical journey from Rybinsk – Road.Travel

Along the Volga: a two-day cultural and historical journey from Rybinsk

Road Trip Route. Get acquainted with the Cathcars, Solving the mystery of Tver Atlantis, Taste the fragrant porridge in Kashin, To see a 19th century lemonade and sausage machine in Myshkin., To visit the Museum of Holes and Patching in Uchma., To visit the temple in Uglich, erected on the site of the tragic death of his son Ivan the Terrible., .

Cold is no reason to lock up at home. This route, which runs along the Volga River through the most interesting cities and villages, can be done even in bad weather. Amazing museums, created by the hands of craftsmen, ancient cathedrals, huts of cabbage, culinary workshops and porridge tastings - will be interesting, warm and delicious!

History and Culture, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Rybinsk

Marina Selivanova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Unique technique in Myshkin, Museum of Holes and Patch in Uchma, Beauty Uglich.

On the first day of this trip you will visit the city of Myshkin and its museum with unusual equipment (how about an old lemonade car?). Then the way lies in a tiny village Uchma, which boasts original expositions on the theme of peasant life and ... And in the afternoon we will wander around cozy Uglich - almost the oldest Russian city on the Volga.


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Музей Уникальной Техники

In the morning we're going to Myshkin town early. We'll leave everything that is associated with mice for another time. And today we will visit the museum of unique equipment ["Myshkin Self-propelled"]( - the only one in the Upper Volga region. There is a rich collection of agricultural machinery and pre-war cars, there is even a steam locomotive, lemonade and sausage machines of the XIX century and much more. There is also an excellent open-air historical and ethnographic museum, where you can get acquainted with crafts of the distant past: cooperage, oil, weaving and carving, pottery and blacksmithing.

Cassian the Greek chapel

Let's not stay long in Myshkin - we're going to Uglich. And on the way we will stop in Uchma to visit a truly amazing place. On a small island opposite the village there is a cross and a chapel. Temples once stood there. The last one was destroyed in the mid-twentieth century. That's where legend has it that Cassian the Greek is buried, listed as a saint. The chapel and the cross were built by a local forester and a talented architect Vasily. He also found and restored ancient log cabins, which nowadays contain museum expositions. These exhibitions deserve to be mentioned separately. "Old Women about Love", "Museum of Holes and Patch" - these amazing and lovingly made expositions tell the personal, most intimate story of Uchma and its inhabitants.


We will have lunch at the fashionable Uglich restaurant ["Brunch"]( It can be praised for its cozy atmosphere and stylish interior, as well as for its balanced menu. Try warm salad on a cake, dumplings with salmon, quails with spinach mashed potatoes and mushroom caviar here. And for dessert, a lovely homemade cottage cheese.

Угличский кремль

It's time to take a walk through the heart of Uglich. The Kremlin as such is not here - in the sense that it is not fenced by the usual walls. But the architectural composition is still astounding. Only the Savior Transfiguration Cathedral with its iconostasis is worth it! Another curious place is the Church of Demetrius on Blood, built on the site of the murder of his young son Ivan the Terrible. By the way, near the Kremlin, in the culinary studio ["Garage"](, gastronomic master classes "Tasting of handicraft cheeses from Uglich" are held. Here you can taste several types of cheese and prepare delicious dishes yourself using local cheeses.


For dinner, I suggest visiting a charming restaurant ["Opyata"]( This institution as if teleported to a small city directly from the capital or St. Petersburg. Stylish interior, interesting food, competent service - everything is on the level.

Day 2: Mysteries of the city of Kalyazin, the most delicious city in the Tver region and the village of Katskarey

Today it is better to get up early: I advise you to sacrifice your sleep for new interesting places. You will learn the mystery of Kalyazin Atlantis, taste the fragrant porridge in the city of Kashin and find out who are the Katskari and where they live.

Колокольня Никольского собора

After breakfast at the hotel we go to admire the main attraction of Kalyazin - the bell tower, standing alone in the middle of the water surface. In the Soviet era, the town was half flooded during the construction of the Uglich hydroelectric power plant. Old houses were mired under the water column, and only the five-tier bell tower of the Nikolo-Zhabensky monastery still reminds us of the past. In winter you can walk to the tower on ice. And while the river is not bound by ice, you can reach the tower by renting a motor catamaran (about 4000 rubles per hour from the yacht club) or by boat with local residents (for 300-500 rubles).

Воскресенский собор

The city of Kashin in the Tver Region is called the heart of Russia because of its peculiar landscape (the riverbed of the Kashinka River creates a heart pattern in the city center). The city is dotted with red brick buildings. Previously, it had its own production of this building material, but in the XIX century, it went down. The main attraction of Kashin is the Resurrection Cathedral, which dates back to 1382 (the current building was built in XVIII-XIX centuries). By its scale, the cathedral is one of the largest in the Tver land, and in the panorama of Kashin is the undisputed dominant.

Muzey Kashi I Kashinskikh Traditsiy

According to legend, guests were treated to delicious porridge, which the merchants of spruce on the main square. That's why the city got such an unusual name. Museum of porridge can be visited with various excursions lasting 1.5 hours - but in any case you will learn a lot of useful and interesting things about porridge. The excursion program usually includes tasting of porridge, herbal tea and kvass. It is better to make an appointment for the excursion in advance by phone indicated on [site]( Museum work schedule: Monday - Sunday 11:00-17:00.

Golden Ring

If you haven't had enough porridge in the museum, it's time for a hearty lunch in the cafe ["Golden Ring"]( It stands out from the rest of the city and boasts large portions and pleasant prices.

Этнографический музей кацкарей

The next point of the trip will be the Ethnographic Museum of Cossacks. Katskari is a subethnic group of Russians living in the Kadka river basin. This group began to form 30 years ago with the easy hand of the local ethnologist S.N. Temnyatkin, who saw a special accent and a unique cultural code among the locals. The museum is a "living" village: its 55 huts are inhabited by 90 people, all local. They will help tourists to immerse themselves in the village life with its unique flavor and get acquainted with the myths and folklore of the village. Museum work schedule: 09:00-17:00. It is better to order the excursion in advance, by phone or e-mail specified on the official [site](

Museum of Vodka Distiller Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov (Музей Водочника П. А. Смирнова)

Before dinner, visit the museum of Peter Arsenyevich Smirnov, the creator of the vodka of the same name and well-known to all. The standard excursion lasts 40 minutes. More information is available [on the museum website](

Набережная г. Мышкин

You can have your appetite on a walk around the city and the city's waterfront.


I offer dinner in Myshkin, in one of its most famous restaurants - ["Myshelovka"]( Mushrooms of all kinds, cutlets from a wild boar, assortment of dumplings, fragrant nalewkas and kvass - such a nourishing Russian lunch will be an excellent end of an interesting journey. And another cute touch: the waiter brings free cheese to every visitor. That's right - you're in a "mousetrap"!