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Along the Mississippi: A Trip from Minnesota to Louisiana

Road Trip Route. Let's explore the vicinity of the Mississippi River, Enjoy the scenic locations, Let's get to know the story of writer Mark Twain, Let's go to the winery.

This trip will be appreciated by those who, like me, have long dreamed of visiting the picturesque towns along the Mississippi River. This is a great chance not only to visit the lakes or parks, but also to get acquainted with the culture of rock music, the childhood of the author, who gave us a fascinating story about Tom Sawyer and Geckelberry Finn, and walk around the area, recreated from the book. A trip to the vineyard one day definitely made our lunch better, and I hope you can experience such positive impressions. This trip will definitely be an opportunity to get to know the suburbs of big cities and feel the atmosphere of real America.

Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture. From: Minneapolis

Emily Wilson. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Cozy Park

On the first day we decided to do without long journeys and long excursions, but walked in a nice park and had a great dinner at a local restaurant.

Loring Park

Beautiful park, very quiet and tidy, with fountains, flowerbeds and other picturesque corners. Since the year 2000 the festival of arts has been taking place here, in just two days of summer, but if you are lucky you can catch it, the dates are announced in advance on the city news sites.

Young Joni

We are definitely worth a visit to Young Joni to taste the delicious pepperoni pizza, beef ribs and grain salad. Here are a few more tips to order: for dessert, definitely worth tasting vanilla ice cream, bread pudding and chocolate cookies, from drinks - a good kraft beer, wine or Margarita cocktails. Alas, on Mondays the place is closed, but do not be in a hurry to get upset, judging by the signs, there are many bars and cafes nearby.

Day 2: Parks and Culture

Today we will visit interesting wildlife sites and visit the regional arts centre, where you can even buy paintings by local artists.

Café Alma

It's a new day, and it's breakfast time. It's worth going to Alma to try a delicious and fresh beet salad, salmon, or lamb if you like meat dishes. If you prefer classical breakfasts, try the good croissants or French toast, the last one I liked very much. As a coffee lover, I can recommend a latte here, and my friends say that tea is also good.

Quarry Hill Nature Center

Quarry Hill Park was originally part of the former Rochester State Hospital farm and became a city property in 1965. The Quarry Hill Nature Centre was only built in 1972 with funds from foundations. It's a peaceful environment, a nature we've been able to enjoy. The park has a former working quarry, a cemetery at the Rochester State Hospital and a 3-acre pond.

Pasquale's Neighborhood Pizzeria

It's lunchtime, we went to try Italian cuisine in this pizza place. A clear plus of this place is the varied menu and health care of visitors, for example, baking gluten-free pizza here. I tried cheese pie and bianca pizza, and I was happy with both. And there's also a delicious Italian ice cream here. The pizzeria is open from Tuesday to Thursday.

The Pump House

The next location of our day was the Pump Regional Arts Centre, a non-profit organization founded in 1977 with the aim of improving the quality of life in the region by supporting the cultural centre and promoting a wide range of thematic exhibitions, literary and performing arts. Entrance to the gallery is free of charge and staff can arrange a free tour of the historic building on request. And if you like one of the works, you can buy it.

Eagle Point Park

There is a fantastic view of the river and directly above the dam, you can watch barges and ships passing through it, as well as see eagles and other birds of prey, muskrat and squirrels inhabiting the area.

Copper Kettle

At the time of the cherished dinner, we chose Copper Kettle, yes, it's not a gourmet restaurant, but it's a great place to eat and eat, so we liked it. It's definitely worth ordering amazing Scottish eggs, spicy tuna and chicken gyros. I had dinner without dessert, but my friends liked the chocolate cake and crumble. The choice of alcoholic beverages here is also not bad: there is scotch, draught beer and several kinds of wines.

Day 3: Sightseeing with History

On this day we had to get acquainted with the history of American cowboys, visit the historical place founded by Mormons and the lighthouse, which was built in memory of Mark Twain.

Victory Cafe

Good morning and good morning! At Victory Cafe we ordered a delicious steak, eggs with bacon and tortilla. It is also worth coming here to taste delicious blueberry pancakes, cinnamon buns and French toast. We ordered coffee, strawberry lemonade and juice for our breakfast.

Buffalo Bill Cody Museum

The museum is the flagship point of Buffalo Bill's Western Centre. He first opened his doors to the public in 1927 in a log cabin in the centre of Cody, modelled on the house of Bill Cody to the southwest of the city, and remained there until 1969. In addition to documenting the life and interests of William F. Cody, as well as the history and activities of the Wild West, Buffalo Bill's collection interprets the history of American cowboys, cattle breeding, cross-border business and other aspects of Western culture. In general, full immersion in the atmosphere is ensured.

Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano

At Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano, they make amazing Caesar salad, tomato soup and parmesan, and see for yourself. Here you can try a great gelato, tiramisu and cannoli for dessert. And you can add a cup of strong aromatic tea to the dessert.

Historic Nauvoo Visitor's Center

Here is another interesting place from the historical point of view, we liked it very much. Here's a little reference. In 1839, the first members of The Church of Jesus Christ - Latter-day Saints, called Mormons, founded this place of peace and beauty on the great bend of the Mississippi River. Today, Nauvoo is one of America's leading historical communities. Visitors can explore more than 30 historical exhibitions dedicated to the period from 1839 to 1846.

Hannibal Lighthouse

This is an interesting attraction thanks to Mark Twain. The lighthouse, built in 1935 as a monument to the writer on the day of his 100th birthday, is the second in this place. Next to the lighthouse there is an information board that describes the history of the lighthouse, showing photographs for all the years of existence, including photographs after the hurricane of 1960. In 1963, a complete reconstruction was carried out. The lighthouse and its stairs have changed over the years, thanks to the relocation of the Mark Twain Memorial Bridge. Interesting location with a view of the Mississippi River.

Cassano's Pizza & Subs

Dinner time, and without changing the tradition, we went to an Italian restaurant. This pizzeria is famous for its deliciously cooked mushroom pizza, pizza salad and sandwiches. Cassano's is a good place to order a good lemonade, with a pizza - just what you need.

Day 4: Mark Twain's Story of Life and Works

A wonderful and informative day! We met the house of the famous writer Mark Twain's childhood and walked around the places of the story "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer".

Jimmy John's

Nothing unusual we haven't found here, but for a simple breakfast - the most delicious, nourishing, fast. We got some coffee and lemonade sandwiches to eat on the road.

The Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum

Here's the cherished location, we were delighted, and I hope you'll find out. Explore Twain's biography and work by learning how a boy from a small river town became America's most beloved writer and humorist. Six historic sites and museums: Mark Twain's Children's House, a national historic landmark recently opened by Becky Thatcher's House, Huckleberry Finn's House, J.M. Clemens' Office, the Peace Justice Department, the Museum Gallery and the Interpretation Center. All of these seats are included in the price of one ticket, which is definitely a plus. Also in the summer months there are readings of Mark Twain's stories.

Rockcliffe Mansion

Rockcliff's magnificent mansion has made a lasting impression on us. It was built between 1898 and 1900 by lumber baron John J. Cruickshank, Jr. for his second wife and four daughters. This is a grand residence of 13,500 square meters. The family lived in Rockcliff until Mr. Cruickshank died in 1924. Then the mansion was closed and left for the next 43 years. Most of the original Victorian and Art Nouveau antique furniture, gas and electric lamps, high-quality sanitary ware and personal belongings of the family have been preserved and exhibited.

Fiddlestik Food & Spirits

We took tender fried chicken, potato salad with ribs and a few sandwiches for lunch on the road. It also serves delicious ice cream and good key chains and offers iced tea, coffee or lemonade.

Forest Park

This place is a bit like the Central Park in New York, by the way, it was the site of the 1904 World's Fair, and at that time it was the second largest urban park in America, and today it is the main resting place of St. Louis. Shady and spacious, the park is ideal for walks at the end of the day.

Gateway Arch

From breathtaking views to amazing stories, it's all about visiting the Gate of the West. It's an experience that will never stop inspiring. The building was built according to the inspired design of the Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen. Gateway Arch was established in honor of the development of new western territories and heroic pioneers, thanks to which it became possible.


Those who have been to Spain know that tapas are a source of pride and an integral part of local culture for local restaurants. And I can honestly say that in Sanctuaria we were able to preserve the Spanish atmosphere and culinary traditions, mixing them with Latin American cuisine. Don't take a long look at the menu and choose, just try all kinds of tapas here and you won't be disappointed. The restaurant is closed on Mondays and closes earlier on Sundays at twenty-one o'clock.

Day 5: Cathedral and Natural Spaces

On this day we decided to go to see the cathedral in St. Louis and have a walk and lunch at the picturesque winery.

Russell's on Macklind

Good morning! Breakfast time at last! Probably yesterday we spent a lot of energy, because today's breakfast was not easy, but insanely delicious. Everyone ordered an egg sandwich, pork chops and cheese salad, and for dessert I had a lemon pie - I definitely recommend it!

Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis

The incredible Church of the Mother of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, was delighted, very monumental and beautiful. The cathedral was built between 1907 and 1914. In 2014, the centenary of the Cathedral was celebrated. He is known for his "beautiful internal mosaics, which took almost 80 years to create, more than forty one million pieces of tesser glass. This is one of the most grandiose cathedral mosaics in the western hemisphere.

Chaumette Vineyards & Winery

It was definitely our favorite, because there's always something inviting and romantic about wineries. Visit this cozy winery and don't forget to take a walk through the vineyard and enjoy a delicious lunch at the same time, as we did. Try Italian cuisine. You're definitely gonna love delicious shrimps, steaks and bacon. Chaumette Vineyards & Winery also serves great wine, bourbon and beer. The winery is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Mississippi River Walk

To the next place long enough to go and the trip without stops would be tiresome, so we decided to have a rest of the park and walk along the promenade. There are interesting views of the river and bridge, and on the shore there are small cafes and vans where you can buy snacks.

Reelfoot Lake

The park's ecosystem is unlike any other place in Tennessee. The Reelfoot Lake is a flooded forest. While the cypress trees rise above the water, there are a lot of flooded cypress tree stumps under the ground. A variety of aquatic plants and flowers occupy the coastline and saturate the shallow waters. This lake is very rich in flora and fauna, we did not regret that we stayed here and enjoyed the natural beauty.

J. Alexander's

It was time for dinner, which we were so happy about. There are some nice cafes nearby, but we chose a grill and did not regret it. They make amazing ribs and steak salads, and if you like seafood more, order shrimp, they are also very tasty. Of the sweets I recommend a lime cake, and if you are a fan of delicious wine, you will appreciate J. Alexander's. The restaurant is open until 23 hours on Friday and Saturday, while on other days it closes an hour earlier.

Day 6: The Story of Rock'n'Roll

We were waiting for this day of the trip and now it came, and we immersed ourselves in the history of rock and soul music, which was one of our goals in arriving in Memphis, and then visited beautiful natural sites.

Tamp & Tap

At Tamp & Tap for breakfast, be sure to try the mouth-watering caprese salad, blt sandwich and tomato soup. We're delighted with delicious bagels, cookies and, of course, cappuccakes. Here you can try a nice chilled latte, match or espresso.

Rock'n'Soul Museum

Visiting the music museum, we learned many interesting facts about the birth and development of rock and soul music in Memphis. Even in the museum is quite an interesting audio guide, you can listen not only to the description of the exhibits, but also the original recordings of country music performers of the thirties and rock'n'roll melodies of the seventies.

The Crossroads

It wouldn't seem like much, just a sign, but it looks epic. Located just a mile from Clarksdale city center, so if you're near this small town, be sure to stop. It's a good idea to take a picture to remember. Clarksdale was the birthplace and home of many gifted musicians who influenced not only American but also world culture.

Lake Providence

A small stop near the picturesque lake will never hurt, here we decided to take a walk, breathe fresh air before the next move. There are also cafes near the lake where you can have lunch while enjoying the beautiful view.

Vicksburg National Military Park

A picturesque park with an interesting history of origin, which I will tell you a little about here. It was created on the initiative of veterans of the Union and Confederation in honor of the victims of the battle. Currently, there are more than 1,300 monuments and tablets in the Vixburg National Military Park, which is why it has been named the world's largest outdoor art gallery.

10 South Rooftop Bar & Grill

A quiet restaurant with a very beautiful view, a great place to relax at the end of the day. From dishes I can personally recommend fried chicken, very tasty, just licken fingers! We are lucky that the restaurant was opened so late, because on weekdays, except Friday and Sundays, it closes at 21 o'clock. The restaurant is closed on Monday.

Day 7: Picturesque Places

That day we visited a very interesting mansion, it feels like we saw it somewhere in the movies. Then we decided to go for a walk in a picturesque park with a 128-year-old tree.

Waffle House

Time for breakfast, they cook delicious hashbrown, if you want a classic breakfast - order eggs with bacon and sandwiches, the dishes are very simple, but in order to have a hearty meal they fit perfectly. Here you can order ice cream waffles. It'll make you feel better about your coffee.

Stanton Hall

In 1858, Frederick Stanton built a real dream home for his family on a newly acquired plot the size of the entire city quarter of Natchez. The city block cost about $1,550. The house cost $83,000 before it was furnished. Stanton came to America with his brothers in 1815, he made a fortune on the sale of cotton, and then became the owner of more than 16,000 acres of cotton plantations. Ironically, the merchant only had time to live in the dream house for a month.

Magnolia Grill

At Magnolia Grill they make great dishes out of river fish, and I really liked the fried catfish. And don't miss the opportunity to eat coconut cake, it's delicious. The menu is quite diverse, so even if you decide not to listen to my recommendations, but to choose your own dishes from the menu you will definitely find something to your liking. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

University Lake

The lake is a wonderful place for walks and rest, the landscape here is very peaceful - the water surface and small houses on the shore.

Audubon Park

This park is filled with elegant Spanish oaks and has open spaces ideal for all kinds of entertainment activities. There is also a so-called tree of life in the park - a 280-year-old tree, which is breathtaking. The place is very soulful and picturesque, we liked it very much.


NOLA Restaurant serves Cajun and Creole cuisine. This place is famous for its deliciously cooked fried shrimps, pork chops and fried chicken wings. And that's why we couldn't get past it. For dessert we ordered a delicious bread pudding with white chocolate, lemon pie and waffles. As for the bar, we liked the merlot, and they also have bourbon and micheladas. On Friday and Saturday the restaurant closes an hour later, at 23, so you can stay here longer.

Day 8: Fairytale Cathedral

Our last day and finally we went to visit the cathedral, one of the most notable attractions of New Orleans, by which we could not pass.

French Truck Cafe

This cafe serves French cuisine. We decided to use it and ordered an amazing toast with avocado, croissant and turkey sandwich. The French Truck Coffee is a good place to order delicious egg waffles, almond croissants and cappuccinoes, and you can choose from a wonderful French coffee, ice-covered coffee or latte tea.

St. Louis Cathedral

St. Louis Cathedral is one of the most notable attractions in New Orleans. Since 1727, people have been going to church on this very spot. The French engineer Adrian de Pauger, who arrived in the newly founded city on March 29, 1721, identified this place for the church in accordance with the plan of the chief engineer Louisiana LeBlond de La Tour. The bell, which still sounds above the church clock, is written in French: "The brave people of Louisiana, this watch, whose name is Victory, was cast in memory of the glorious 8 January 1815."