Along the Gulf of Finland with his family. – Road.Travel

Along the Gulf of Finland with his family.

Road Trip Route. Foxy Nose Village Beach, Vyborg Fortress, Burger Manor.

The calm waters of the Gulf of Finland, along which we pass, set up for a positive pastime. On the first day of the trip we will relax on the beach in the morning, then slowly walk along the streets of a small town Zelenogorsk and visit its famous park. In the afternoon we will spend at the yacht port "Johannes". On the second day we will be waiting for the medieval town of Vyborg with its numerous attractions: the ancient castle, Town Hall, Clock Tower, Glassblower Shop and the Burger House. Wrap up your trip with a dinner at a restaurant where you can catch your own fish and taste delicious seafood! Route developed with the support of [Volkswagen Multivan](

Families with Kids. From: Saint Petersburg

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Along the Gulf of Finland

Walking on the beach of the Gulf of Finland, visiting the city of Zelenogorsk and its attractions. On the way to Vyborg we will stop to see an unusual Lutheran kirkha in Primorsk town. During the day we will finish our visit to the yacht port, where we will have an unforgettable walk along the straits past the islands.

Saint Petersburg

Пляж «Морские Дубки»

Wake up in the morning on the beach, breathe in fresh sea air and at least wet your feet in the water - the best start for a trip!

Зеленогорский парк культуры и отдыха

It has long been considered the main attraction of the citizens. It is washed by the waters of the Gulf of Finland and attracts with the unique beauty of its landscapes. There used to be a creative aura here: literary evenings were held, exhibitions and vernissages were arranged, even small performances were shown! Nowadays the park offers sports services all year round and there are also many creative clubs.

Древо счастья

An unusual tree for lovers, on the branches of which you can hang a lock as a sign of consolidation of his love. Good location for pictures. **Interesting fact:** the tradition of "binding" the senses in this way appeared thanks to the book "Three meters above the sky" by Italian writer Federico Mochcia.

Ресторан «Ель»

For lunch we'll stay at the restaurant "Yale". It is located right on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. Varied illustrated menu with European, Italian, Russian and author's dishes. There is a special children's and lean menu.

Кирха Святой Марии Магдалины

The building of the Lutheran Church is shaped like a cross. The walls are made of red granite, finishing is made of white stone. Before the war in Soviet times it housed the House of Culture and the stable. During the years of perestroika there was a bar, disco clubs and a shop. Now the church houses the Primorsky Museum of Local Lore, which exhibits household items, household utensils and clothing of different times.

Johannes" Yachting Port

Here you can actively relax on the sports ground or rent a boat with oars. To do this you need to make a reservation in advance at [site](! The unique beauty of islands, straits and bays awaits you. This place is best suited for recreation.


After your arrival in Vyborg we recommend you to have dinner in a local tavern. The atmosphere of the Middle Ages has been completely recreated here. The menu is also creative: you can taste specialties based on ancient recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Day 2: All day in Vyborg

We will spend the whole day in the ancient town of Vyborg. You will be pleased to find yourself in the late Middle Ages. The Castle-Fortress, the Town Hall, the Clock Tower, the Glassblower Shop and the Burger House are just a few of the attractions of this city. We'll have dinner at a restaurant specializing in fish dishes.

Vyborg Castle (Выборгский замок)

One of the main sights of Vyborg, which is mandatory to visit. The castle was built in the XIII century by order of the Swedish king, but despite this, the historic site is well preserved. At the beginning of XVIII century the castle passed to Russia. For a long time it served as a fortification protecting Vyborg. There were also barracks and a prison.

Torkel Knutsson monument (Памятник Торгильсу Кнутссону)

The medieval knight Torgils Knutsson built the Vyborg Castle, so he is considered the founder of the town. His monument on the background of the City Hall looks very beautiful in the photos, so take a moment and take a photo as a memory!

Часовая башня

The first chime clock was installed on this tower, and the bell used to hang to warn residents about the danger.

Усадьба Бюргера

House-museum with items related to the life of an urban resident (burger) of the Middle Ages, working every day. The charming tour guide Gretchen will guide you through all areas, from the attic to the wine cellar. Here you can also buy the famous Vyborg pretzel.

Market Square (Рыночная площадь)

This used to be the border of the city. Then a market square appeared on the place of the fortress wall. There are still some engraved vendor numbers on the bridge. The building of the covered market is built in Art Nouveau style. The market is still functioning today, although the buildings were very damaged during the war.

Cream Cafe

You can grab a bite to eat in a cosy café in the historic centre. Cream Cafe is known for its desserts and delicious pastries. You can also have a hearty lunch of soup and salad here.

Monument to the Vyborg Tram (Памятник трамваю)

This monument is a new sight of Vyborg. A German tram of 1912 served as a model for it. The monument stands on real rails! In addition to the car model, you can also see two other characters: a mustached car driver standing at the tram entrance and a stowaway boy on the rear footstep. Bright tram attracts the attention of both adults and children. You can go inside, look at its interior and touch everything with your hands.

Лавка стеклодува

It is very interesting to watch how the glassblower works and to see the process of making unusual souvenirs, which can be purchased as a gift to your best friends.

Набережная Большого Ковша

The main embankment of Vyborg is very picturesque. A walk along it will bring a lot of pleasure. Everybody especially wants to take a photo against the background of the ancient ships of Drakkars. On such ships in ancient times the Vikings sailed along the famous trade route "From the Vikings to the Greeks". We will not sail with you, and can ride on catamarans.

Русская рыбалка

A restaurant where you can taste the most delicious seafood dishes, or you can even catch fish from the pond yourself. And it will be prepared the way you wish. And so that children do not get bored while cooking dinner, the restaurant has a playroom, playground and even a mini-zoo. On weekends it is better to [book]( table in advance.

Saint Petersburg