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Adventures in Karelia: mountains, canyons, snowmobiling

Road Trip Route. Paintball in Snaker Club, Igora Ski Complex, Beautiful views from the Hiidenselga mountain, Snowmobiling in Karelia, Marble Canyon and underground world of Ruskeala, .

Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city? Then go on an active trip, during which you can hike eco-trails, go skating, skiing, snowmobiling and dog sledding, play paintball or laser tag. You can also get acquainted with Karelian history and taste traditional dishes of the region, such as uha, wickets, fish pies and rabbit meat. Enjoy the local scenery and you will definitely want to come back here more than once! The itinerary is developed with the support of [Volkswagen Amarok](

Active Leisure, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Saint Petersburg

Volkswagen Amarok.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: On the Priozerskoye Highway.

Start your day with paintball or laser tag, then go skating at the new Mills Creek complex, where you can also enjoy a delicious lunch. Spend the evening on the ski slopes of Igora.

Saint Petersburg


The morning starts with a very active holiday - why not play a game of paintball or laser tag? Choose what's more interesting for you and go! Paintball field is open for you daily from 10 am. You need to register by phone beforehand: +7 (921) 955-25-40

MillCreek Russia

A winter ice skating rink is open on the MillCreek complex and can be visited by anyone by appointment. Please note, it is better to bring your own skates. You can make an appointment by phone: +7 812 507-83-11.

Mills Creek Restaurant

There is also a restaurant in a panoramic pavilion overlooking the lake. On the menu you will find European and Russian cuisine. And if you make an order before visiting the rink, a delicious lunch will be waiting for you after the skating!

Ski resort Igora

Winter recreation at the Igora resort includes 10 different-level slopes more than 4,2 km long with the total altitude difference from 88 to 116 m. If you wish, you can rent equipment or book a training session with an instructor via [the resort's website]( The resort also has an ice arena that is open until 22:00 on weekdays and until 23:00 on weekends.

Dot on the map, Priozersk.

The point on the map is an iconic place of the region. Try traditional dishes such as "smorrebrody" with Baltic herring, homemade balsamic caviar in sour cream or pheasant cutlets with dried cranberries and mashed potatoes. You can reserve a table by phone in advance: +7 (812) 317-05-35.

Day 2: Mountain landscapes of Karelia and snowmobiles

The morning will start from the historical site - Korela fortress. Then you will go hiking (wear comfortable waterproof shoes!) up to Hiidenselga Mountain, which offers magnificent scenery. After that you will have a breeze ride on snowmobiles before the sunset and taste traditional Karelian pies.

Corela Fortress

In the morning visit the ancient Russian wooden fortress of the XIV-XVI centuries, built by the Novgorodians in 1310 on the Castle Island. In XVI-XVII centuries the Swedes rebuilt the fortifications according to the bastion system, lined the earth ramparts with granite, erected stone structures of the Round Tower, the Old Arsenal, the Gunpowder Cellar on the territory of the fortress. The fortress is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00.

Hijtolian rocks

Climbers train here in summer, but in winter you can simply climb up the well-trodden path to the top, which goes through bushes and trees: the observation platform offers a beautiful view. Be careful, it may be slippery - wear comfortable shoes and follow safety precautions!

Mountain Hiydenvuori

One of the most beautiful points in the region, which offers a magnificent view. The ascent takes about 15 minutes, but be careful, there are no identification signs in front of the point. The only reference point is a small car pocket on the road before the start of the climb.

Кафе-бистро «Точка на карте»

Once again, Point on the Map, this time in a bistro format. The café stands right on the highway - you won't miss it. There is no fixed menu, the café works on the principle of self-service.


In the afternoon you can take a snowmobile trip. Snowmobiles are probably the only way to get to such places, where even in the warm season you can't always get by boat. Contacts for booking are at [website](!/tab/40108300-1).

Кафе Лето

Dinner awaits you at a simple café near Ruskeala Park, where most of tomorrow's activities will take place. Walks will start in the morning, and today try traditional Karelian pies or ukha.

Day 3: Ecotropics of Karelia

Start the third day of the trip with Ruskeala Park. In winter, the snow gives it a special beauty and you feel like you're in a real fairy tale. Walk along the canyons, look into the underworld. After that, be sure to stop by the Husky breeding centre and enjoy the company of these cute creatures. In the evening you will meet reindeer.

Marble Canyon (Мраморный каньон)

Start your morning with a walk along Marble Canyon. An eco-trail runs along it, offering beautiful views of the surrounding nature. The park opens daily at 10:00 am.

Горный парк «Рускеала»

Ruskeala Mountain Park is the main pride of Karelia. It is an amazing combination of marble mountains, turquoise lakes and lush greenery.

White Fleece Husky Nursery.

Another interesting point on the territory of the reserve is a kennel of huskies, where you can ride a dog sled. You should inform about your visit in advance through [VK group]( or through [website](


A small cozy cafe is located on the shore of the lake near the Stone of Wishes. The menu includes both traditional Karelian dishes and European cuisine. Be sure to try the traditional Karelian fish soup.

Пляж на Ладожском озере

And to make the way home not seem so tiresome, you can make a short stop and admire the views of Lake Ladoga.

Forest Hut

Until 2013, the Forest Hut was inhabited only by horses, but then Catherine, the hut's owner, came up with the idea of breeding reindeer. And now it is a sanctuary for these noble animals. You have to make an appointment to visit it. The izba is open on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 till the last client. Registration by phone +79043343077.

Après Ski

Dinner awaits you at Ohta Park. A very nice place in the style of a European chalet will be a great choice before returning home.

Saint Petersburg

Happy and happy come home. You'll remember something.