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Adventures in Dmitrov: ski resorts, falconry hunting and exploring alpacas

Road Trip Route. You visit two ski resorts, Walk around the Gothic mansion., Get to know the catching birds and the four-legged inhabitants of the Falcon's Court., You'll see Dmitrovsky's Arbat., Look at the alpaca farm., .

2020 is coming to an end and you haven't traveled yet? We need to fix that! You don't even have to go far away to have a good rest. After all, there are so many amazing things to do in the Moscow region! For example, one of the best ski resorts or falconry center. Did you know that not far from Moscow there is a place where you can discover the secret meaning of falconry and get close to birds of prey and their helpers? If not, then join us and explore all the most interesting things.

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Anastasia Baklanova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Active recreation: Gothic homesteads, travel on eagle wings, ski resort

The journey begins with a stroll through the mystical and fascinating Gothic manor. After visiting the unusual center of falconry hunting, where you will get close and safe acquainted with birds of prey and their assistants, see the world of people through the eyes of "sky hunters". A little extreme awaits you in the recreation complex "X-Land" and the ski resort "Yakhroma".


Усадьба «Марфино»

The first stop is Marfino Manor. We suggest taking a walk around the territory and admiring the scenery around it. The estate is named after Boris Golitsyn's daughter, who tragically died. Here you can see the preserved equestrian yard, carriage barn, Church of the Nativity of the Virgin - all these buildings of the XVIII century. But the highlight of the Gothic manor is the bridge over the pond in the style of late pseudogothic, decorated with openwork white stone colonnade, which has been preserved to this day.

Falcon Hunting Center K. Sokolov

Go to a place where birds are shown to people. But be aware that you need to dress as comfortable as possible: waterproof, warm shoes, inflatable clothes. We offer to go on a tour "Journey around the world on falcon wings". For 1.5 hours you will visit a large Mongolian yurt-museum, get acquainted with fishy birds and four-legged inhabitants of the Falcon's Yard, and arrange a tea party-picnic. For more information [online]( You can also make an appointment in advance [on the official website](

Ильинские холмы

For lunch, drop by the restaurant "Ilyinskie hills" where you can enjoy delicious European cuisine and unique desserts.


In the village of Ilyinskoe, in addition to an excellent restaurant, there is a luxurious recreation complex "X-Land". On the territory of 60 hectares there are baths, beach and ponds for fishing, stables and a mini-zoo, bowling and billiards, areas for laser tag and paintball, sports fields, snowmobile and ATV rental. The cost of the visit can be calculated online [on site.](

Парк «Яхрома»

And finally, the ski resort "Yakhroma" in the territory of which is located skating rink, one of the longest tube tracks in the Moscow region, tobogan, 4 ski slopes with equipped slopes of varying complexity, spa center. You must have wondered what a toboggan is. Tobogan is a new type of entertainment for Russia, a rail track with bends and turns, on which special bogies move, dispersing due to their own weight saddles. Read more about the resort [here](

Бегемот & Мышь

You can spend the evening at the Hippopotamus and Mouse Grill Bar. In the menu you will find juicy steaks, various fish dishes, Italian cuisine and, of course, the highlight of the place - original burgers!

Day 2: Active recreation: walk around Dmitrov, Volen, farm "Russian Alpacas".

After breakfast in a cozy coffee house with raccoons walk along Kropotkinskaya Street, which is considered Dmitrov's analogue of Arbat. Then head to one of Russia's best ski resorts, Volen, and then visit a farm with charming alpacas.


Morning begins with a delicious coffee in a cozy coffee house with raccoons. And also here are just magic Hong Kong waffles.

Gallery tourist's dream Dmitrov Frog Museum

After breakfast we suggest just walking along the most interesting street in Dmitrov - Kropotkinskaya Street. There are various sculptures depicting Dmitrovites of different estates and epochs at almost every step of the way. Step and here you are near the sculpture "Merchant and Merchant". One more step and here the sculpture "Country Girl" is painted. And then there's the Dream of the Tourist Gallery. There are three halls here: the Craftsmen's Hall, the Dmitrov Frog Museum, the Exhibition Hall, master classes and a workshop. The gallery is closed on Mondays.

Земляной вал

Just like that, walking around town, you got to the Dmitrov Kremlin. We suggest climbing the fortress earthen ramparts and taking wonderful pictures, and then take a closer look at St. Nicholas Gate and the Assumption Cathedral.

Перемиловская высота

Further it is possible to make a stop at one of the borders, where at the end of November 1941 the advancement of German fascist troops was stopped. The monument to "Heroes of the Battle of Moscow" was erected in 1966.


Dine at a restaurant in the ski resort in a homely atmosphere, among the picturesque slopes of the Volga.

Ski Resort Wolen

This ski resort is considered one of the best in Russia. Today Volen is a real ski resort with developed infrastructure - professionally prepared slopes, equipment rental, ski school, hotel, restaurants, shops and much more. Learn more and make an appointment in advance [on the official website](

Российские альпаки

After skiing, be charged with positive emotions at Russian Alpacas Farm. Alpacas, llamas, goats, camels and many others live here. Each animal has some funny features: some have fashionable hairstyle, some have unusual coloring, and some have chic fur. Make an appointment in advance by contacting [on site](

Restaurant 5642 Height

Have dinner at Novikov Group's restaurant "5642 Vysota". Cozy atmosphere and Caucasian cuisine, cooked according to the best recipes, will make your evening unforgettable.