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Adventure weekend - caves, waterfalls, farms and estates

Road Trip Route. Explore the underground worlds of the Leningrad region, Get your photo taken at a waterfall, Ride on a horseback, Have fun at the Maryino estate and visit a farm, Walk along the Palace park in Gatchina.

You staying home? Then go on an adventure in the Leningrad region. Just dress warmer and be ready for different activities! You'll have to walk a lot, be surprised, test yourself and try new things. The route will run through the most spectacular natural attractions of the Leningrad region. During these two days you will even manage to visit the Russian Niagara Falls! At the end of the trip you will experience a storm of emotions on the attraction of trolls in "Tuutari Park". The route is developed with the support of [Volkswagen Amarok](

Active Leisure. From: Saint Petersburg

Volkswagen Amarok.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Unusual sights of Tosnensky district and a walk on Maryino estate

It's better to get up early today so we can make it. In the morning, go to a world of amazing caves, rocks and waterfalls in the Tosnensky district. Visit the famous Sablinski caves and see the underground chapel. Then spend time at an equestrian club and visit a waterfall.

Saint Petersburg

Саблинские пещеры

An exciting weekend begins in the underworld of magical caves. So, from St. Petersburg go to Tosnensky district to the village of Ulyanivka, here you will find this unique natural complex. Please note that you can get here only by appointment. Contacts [here]( We recommend ordering a tour to the complex during which you will be shown copies of cave paintings from the Kapova Cave and Lyasko Cave, an underground lake of Captain Nemo, fossils of inhabitants of the ancient sea and sleeping butterflies. But the most interesting is waiting for you in the cave Levoberezhnaya! More about it a little later, but for now, check out the tours and prices [on the official website]( The earliest excursion is at 10-00, it's better to come to the place 20 minutes before the beginning. By the way, one more interesting fact: in these places in XIII century Alexander Nevskiy prepared for the decisive battle against the Swedes.

Underground Chapel of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

The underground chapel is located in one of the underground halls of the Left Bank Cave, to which there is a special passage. The chapel appeared here in memory of the dead travelers: geographers, geologists, polar explorers, speleologists, climbers - all those who bravely did their job. Due to the unusual location of the chapel it is not possible to visit it on your own, only with a tour.

Конно-спортивный клуб "Аллюр"

After exploring the underworld, go to the Allure Horse Club. What can you do here? On the territory of the club you can arrange a photo session, visit a fascinating excursion, ride a pony, go horseback riding in the forest, on the river or to waterfalls. Choose the leisure that you like and have a good time. Maybe you will want everything at once, then do not limit yourself. More information about the club's services can be found [on site](

Tosnenskiy Vodopad

If you didn't visit this place on a horseback ride, then now is the time! The waterfall is located on the Tosna River and is shaped like a horseshoe. Because of its unusual shape and location, it is often compared to Niagara Falls. Nearby is Sablinsky Falls, which also deserves your attention. If you still have strength and desire, you can go for a walk. It is not as popular with tourists as Tosnensky, but it is worth seeing. The waterfall was named after the Sablinka River on which it is actually located.

Baffo Resto

Head towards the farm, but stay for lunch at Baffo Resto in Tosno on the way. Here you can enjoy dishes of European, Oriental and Asian cuisine, as well as try delicious desserts.

Strausinaya Ferma

After lunch, go to the farm of Maryino Manor. Having your own farm is a long tradition at Maryino Estate. Not only cute sheep, hens and piglets live here, but also some exotic animals such as black African ostriches and white peacocks. Also here you can have fun in the company of beautiful and kind hunting dogs, Russian Greyhound breed.

Усадьба Марьино

Don't be in a hurry to leave, there's plenty more fun to enjoy at the estate. You can go sledging in winter and boat riding in summer. At any time of year at Maryino Estate you can walk in the picturesque English park, restored by watercolors and drawings of the first half of the XIX century, ride horses, go on a tour of the estate or arrange a costume photo shoot in old clothes. The service "Your Tree in Maryino" is also available, which means you can plant your own tree in one of the alleys of the English manor park. Of course, no flights! Here you can get unforgettable memories from a hot-air balloon flight over the Marie region. We have not listed all types of entertainment that are on the estate, you can read more about them [on site](

Baffo Resto

We recommend dinner in an already familiar restaurant in Tosno. I'm sure there are plenty more dishes and drinks on the menu that you haven't tasted!

Day 2: Caves, the house of the hero of Pushkin's story and Tuutari Park.

If you thought the first day was more intense, then the second day will surprise you. There will be an early rise again, but this time you will go to the caves where quartz sand mining used to take place. Dress warmer, it can get chilly here! The next attraction on your way is the manor house that once belonged to the Nabokov family. The evening will take place at the Tuutari Park Activity Centre.


It's gonna be a long day, early rises. Cheer up and have a bite to eat at the Toka-Toka Coffee House. Take fragrant cocoa or coffee and snacks with you on the road while you reach the Oredezhské caves, where you can stop for a scenic breakfast.

Oredezhskiye Peshchery

We hope you're not tired of coming here, because the most interesting things are starting! You'll have to take lots and lots of pictures. The Oredezhsky caves are one of the symbols of the Leningrad region. The uniqueness of this place in its incredible color palette and unusual patterns on the walls. Interestingly, the passages in the caves are of artificial origin and were laid in the early XX century, when the quartz sand was extracted here.

Музей-усадьба «Рождествено»

Moving towards St. Petersburg, you will come across a very interesting manor house, which before the revolution belonged to the relatives of the famous Russian writer Vladimir Nabokov. Now the manor is under reconstruction, but here you can stroll through the well-groomed park with a humped bridge and benches, reach a spring where you can even take a swim. And next to the spring you can explore the karst caves.

У Самсона Вырина

After an informative tour, take a look at a cozy cafe, which, like the museum, bears the name of the main character of the story "Station Ranger". Facility's menu offers traditional Russian dishes.

Gatchina Palace (Гатчинский дворец)

If you are a guest of the Leningrad region, you just need to make a stop in Gatchina on your way to the next attraction. Today there is no time to go on a tour of the palace, but you have the opportunity to take a walk in the Palace Park. Believe me, the scope and majesty of this place will amaze you!

Tuutari park

Finally, have fun at the Tuutari Park Outdoors Center. The entertainment complex covers an area of 50 hectares. Everyone will surely find something to enjoy here. There are various activities on the territory: fishing, rope camp, trolls. And in winter you can ski and sledge! If you've never been to a troll ride, now would be a good time. What's he like? The descent on the suspension system by cable from the top of the slope to its foot, the length of the entire route is 400 meters. More information about services and prices, as well as booking of activities can be [on site](


Complete this little adventure at Pkhali-Khinkali Caucasian restaurant. Here you will be warmly welcomed and fed with the most delicious khinkals in Leningrad region. Only here you will have a chance to taste khinkali with adjapsandal!

Saint Petersburg