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Adrenalin dose in the Leningrad region

Road Trip Route. Take a walk on the lake shore, Go flying in a wind tunnel, Visit rope park, .

Tired of boring everyday life and dreaming to get a dose of adrenaline? This scenario is for you! Overcome all your fears by climbing obstacle courses and climbing the mountain in the rope park. Feel the weightlessness and get unforgettable emotions from flying in the wind tunnel. Relax from the hustle and bustle of the city on the Big Simagin lake and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. Take comfortable clothes and shoes with you!

Active Leisure. From: Saint Petersburg

Elena Sadchikova. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: In search of thrills.

Our little thrill ride will take us slightly north of the Gulf of Finland. Today we will have a lot of new impressions and emotions, as we plan to fly in the wind tunnel, pass the obstacle course, as well as make a climb up the mountain.

Saint Petersburg

Пляж «Красавица»

The day will begin with a visit to the picturesque Big Simaginsky Lake. We will walk along the coast, enjoy the nature and silence, we can also arrange fishing.

GREENVALD Park Scandinavia

The Scandinavia Rope Park on the shores of the forest lake is a great place to recharge your batteries and test your physical strength. And if this is your first time climbing, the team of experienced instructors will be on hand to help and guide you. It is better to buy a ticket to the park in advance, you can do it on [website](


Lunch will be held in a very cozy restaurant. The menu offers dishes of Russian and European cuisine: snacks, salads, hot dishes, pasta and risotto, desserts. The dishes are prepared from real farm products!

Аэротруба Butterfly

You can feel the feeling of flying in Butterfly Aerotrub. A powerful airflow of more than 200 km/h is created inside the pipe. Flights in the Aerotube are absolutely safe, so even children can try it. For more detailed information and prices, please [on site]( You should also make an appointment in advance.

Экологический маршрут

After a powerful dose of adrenaline in the air pipe, we recommend walking along the famous eco-trail in Komarovo. It's good all year round. Before the snowfall you can meet the locals - our smaller brothers.

Смотровая площадка

If you're lucky with the weather, make sure you stop at the observation deck with a peaceful view of the bay. It's expensive to meet the sunset here.


Dinner will be held in a restaurant with a beautiful interior and home-like cozy atmosphere. Here you can taste real Uzbek pilaf, lula kebab, venison casserole, fish dishes, pasta, various side dishes, soups, desserts and much more! Rest and enjoy this evening!

Saint Petersburg