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 Adler Olympic Symbols

Road Trip Route. Monuments of the Olympic Park, Adler beaches, Nick Panuli Automuseum.

In 2014, the Olympic Games were held in Sochi. Many sports monuments in Adler remind us of this event. We will try to see them all. The script is suitable for sports fans, as well as for all those who want to see the venue of the Olympiad and its memorable symbols with their own eyes, because only the lucky ones managed to visit the event itself. Tickets were bought almost immediately. Let's plunge into memories of a remarkable event in the history of Russia.

History and Culture. From: Sochi

Yulia Zharkova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: A day in the rays of Olympic glory

Today we will visit the main sport sights in Adler. These are the Olympic Park, the Olympic Games Museum and other monuments dedicated to the great event.


We leave Sochi. A day full of emotions is ahead in the most "solemn" place of Krasnodar Region - Olympic Adler. Our walk will remind you of the Olympics.


At the beginning of our busy day, I suggest taking a walk on the beach. In the morning the sun doesn't bake so much and we can enjoy the fresh sea air. Have a good walk!

Пляж Олимпийского парка

We will definitely visit the beach, where sports delegations from different countries walked. This place remembers a sea of solemn and exciting emotions that covered athletes and, of course, spectators. Probably, walking here, you can still meet the stars of Russian sport.

Вид на Олимпийский Парк

Now let's take a look at the observation deck. From here you have a view of the Olympic Park, where we will be walking today. Don't forget to take a memory photo. From the observation deck one could see how the Olympic Park was being built before. Now we can see its final, presentable appearance.

Olympic Flame (Олимпийский факел)

The Olympic torch was inspired by the Firebird and resembled its flaming pen. The bowl resonates with this concept in its appearance. The poster on which the Olympic flame rose was the highest in the history of the Olympics. Its height is 50 meters. The height of the flame was 7.5 meters. The Olympic Torch Bowl is located in the central part of the main Fisht Stadium as well as the Adler Arena Skating Centre. The Bowl is still the main gem of Medal Plaza Square.

Medals Plaza (Олимпийская площадь празднования и награждений)

For those who have not been to the Olympics, but watched on the air, it will be interesting to visit the park center. Celebrations were held on the square. Many Olympic champions were awarded here. The atmosphere is still festive and beautiful.

Музыкальные фонтаны

Next to the torch, we see music fountains. This place is very picturesque and many tourists come back here several times. In the evenings the fountains are beautifully illuminated.

Стена чемпионов Игр

Also nearby is the "Wall of Champions of the Games", reminiscent of the participating countries. In the center of the sculpture there is a globe, and the wall itself is surrounded by flags. Retro cars are also an ornament. We make unforgettable photos!

La Punto

This is Adler's best gastropub. Very good meat dishes. These are burgers and traditional shish kebabs, which are very popular to serve in a cafe in the Krasnodar region. The crown dish of the cafe is fresh oysters. Many dishes on the menu will pleasantly surprise even a budget tourist.

Музей автомобилей

Now let's go to the interesting Nick Panuli Car Museum. Here there are various exhibits with a unique history. In a single visit you will instantly become an expert in cool sports cars, vintage cars and Formula 1.

Скульптурная композиция Олимпийского парка XXII Олимпийских зимних игр

In the afternoon we will visit this sculptural composition dedicated to the Olympiad. Here we are at the Imereti beach. It's so nice to walk around in the afternoon.

Природный орнитологический парк в Имеретинской низменности

Tonight we'll take a walk in the Ornithological Park. You can see different birds here. This park is often visited by locals. The park is very clean and quiet. That's what you need by the end of the day.

Пляж "У Чертова колеса"

If you're strong enough, we can visit another beach. In the evening there are not many swimmers and we can take beautiful pictures. The beach is remarkable for its unique view of the Ferris wheel. It is illuminated in the evenings.

La Strada

If you get hungry on the way to Sochi, you can stop in Hosta. Pizzeria "La Strada" surprises not only with an unusual interior, but also with excellent cuisine.


Return to Sochi. How do you like our day in the glory of the Olympic Park? Picturesque panoramas lifted the mood for a long time!