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Active weekends near Ivanovo: ski slopes, eco-farms and walks in the forest

Road Trip Route. Conquer the eco-park Ivolga under the Ples., Feeding squirrels and peacocks in the village farm "Noble side"., Snowboarding or sledding in the complex "Semigorie"., Find traces of a rich past in the town of Viciuga., Visit the unusual porcelain museum in Plesse., .

If you didn't have time to fly closer to the sea at the weekend, you can at least leave Ivanovo for nature. Skiing slopes, Nordic walking, squirrel feeding, tea drinking by the fireplace, bathhouse and fresh air - such entertainment can be found very close to the city.

Active Leisure, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Ivanovo

Marina Selivanova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Village farm "Noble side", eco-park "Ivolga" and beauty Plesa.

We leave early in the morning for the tourist complex "Noble side". After admiring the peacocks and trying out curious master classes, we start at year-round eco-park "Ivolga" - conquer the rope park, play snowball or just wander through the woods. And in the evening we'll visit the unusual Plesa Museum - "Provincial ART Gallery-M" with inspiring collections of porcelain.


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Тихвинский источник

On the way to the Volga we'll go to Volzhsk - to the chapel of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God with two fonts. It's a quiet and cozy place practically in the center of the city, where you can also buy herbal collections and pastries from the Nikolsky convent.

Rural eco-farm "Noble Side"

Tourist Complex "Znatnaya Storonka" is a unique complex that includes a hotel, restaurant, park zone, authentic buildings and a mini-zoo. The territory occupies several tiers, each corner is decorated in an original style. Here you can visit a bird yard with peacocks and turkeys, cages with rabbits, stables and squirrels. The complex also offers a variety of master classes, from pottery lessons to gastronomic classes. You can visit the complex from Friday to Sunday, or you can arrange an individual appointment on another day of the week, in any case, it is better to warn about the visit in advance by calling the phone number indicated on the [site](

Russian-French hotel-restaurant "Private visit"

For lunch we'll have a look at "Private visit" - the so-called "restaurant without a menu". The owners of the institution claim that they do not use semi-finished products and shop preparations: they grow fruits, vegetables and meat themselves.

Ekopark Ivolga

Eco Park ["Ivolga"]( is fun all year round. There is a huge rope park that will interest both adults and children up to minus temperatures. During the cold season, the park hosts snow battles, an ice town, husky and horseback riding. Walking routes are always available - the nature here is unbelievable!


At the end of the day visit one of the most unusual museums of Ples - "Provincial ART Gallery-M". Many experienced travelers call this museum almost the main pearl of the Golden Ring. In a private museum a stunning collection of porcelain - figurines vividly and humorously convey the atmosphere of a bygone era. In addition to porcelain, you'll find paintings, Leninist paintings and much more in the gallery. To visit the museum, call [listed in the group]( As the museum is private, its opening hours are "floating" and you can be admitted even at late hours.

Restaurant Brewery Plessky Beer House

For dinner, stop by the Plessa Beer House. Boiled hodgepodge, spicy sausages, salads, beer of own production - prices here are slightly above average, but they are quite justified.

Day 2: Snowboards, sledges and paintball in "Semigorie" and the amazing town of Viciuga.

We will spend the first half of the day in the tourist complex "Semigorie", where you will find entertainment to your liking - from snowboarding and alpine skiing to paintball and Russian bath. On the way back we'll visit the amazing town of Viciuga and try to find the traces of its rich past.

Semigorie Dacha Hotel.

After breakfast we go to the tourist complex ["Semigorie"]( Here you can safely stay for a few hours: the hotel has rental equipment for skiing (350 rubles per hour for adults) and ski passes (500 rubles per day). The length of the slope is 160 meters, and the rope tow lift lifts up the guests. You can also rent skates and sleds and go snowmobile riding in the picturesque surroundings. The complex also has a paintball court and a spa complex with a sauna - in short, a lot of entertainment. The visit is better agreed in advance.


At the complex "Semigorie" works an excellent restaurant ["Buffet"](, which offers a large selection of dishes of Russian cuisine. And in the afternoon you can relax with a cup of tea in the fireplace room - which may be better on a frosty day!

Church of the Resurrection

It's time to go home. On the way, you'll drive through the small town of Vichugu. It's little known now. A century ago, the town worked wonders, because about 10% of Russian textiles were produced here. Six merchant dynasties, technical progress, innovation and theater of ambition - all this is about Vichugu. But the second half of the last century the city fell into complete economic decline and lost all its luster. It takes a lot of work to find the traces of a rich past. Of particular interest is the Resurrection "Red" Church, built by the merchant Kokorev, the mansion of the merchant Razorenov and Viciug spinning and weaving factory named after Nogin, which is more like a theater.


It's dinner time! We go to the restaurant ["Panorama"]( - perhaps the best place in the town of Rodniki. The range of dishes is small, but everything is always fresh and appetizing.