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Active weekend in snowy Karelia

Road Trip Route. Snowkiting, Snowmobile riding, Seasonal resort "Igora", Corela Fortress, Mount Filina, Ruskeal Falls, Ruskeala Mountain Park, Husky kennel, Bastion, Museum of private collection Kronid Gogolev, .

The script includes visits to active recreation and cultural-historical places. You will learn to snowkite, visit the ancient fortress of Korela, visit the largest underground museum of Northern Europe, enjoy the extraordinary beauty of Karelian nature, visiting picturesque rocks, waterfalls, taste Karelian cuisine, make friends with Husky, get acquainted with the works of Cronid Gogolev and see a large collection of his works. Besides, you'll even have time to visit the Viking Age!

Active Leisure, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Saint Petersburg

Eugenia Laputina. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Snowkiting and the way to Karelia

The trip starts with snowkiting training, then - a visit to the fortress Korela, geological and military history museum, dinner will be held in the restaurant, where you can taste dishes of Karelian cuisine.

Saint Petersburg

Lake Sestroretsky spill

The day starts with learning snowkiting on a frozen lake. During the class you will get acquainted with the new sport, learn safety techniques and learn how to operate a kite. You can sign up for the class [on the website](

Restaurant "Point on map"

Lunch will take place in a café with a panoramic view of the lake. The menu features both Russian and Scandinavian cuisine. A cosy atmosphere and polite staff are waiting for you!

Corela Fortress

In Priozersk it is impossible not to visit the stone fortress, construction of which began in the XIV century. Here you will walk along its walls, visit the Powder cellar, exhibition hall and Round Tower, and get a lot of information about the history of the fortress.

Gora Filina

The Geological and Military History Museum is one of the largest underground museums in Northern Europe. Here you will learn about gold and pearl mining in Karelia and see a collection of Karelian minerals. In addition, you will learn about the history of the Lahdenpohja region, the Soviet-Finnish wars and much more! Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 19:00.

Ресторан "Пийпун Пиха"

Dinner will take place in the restaurant, where you will have an opportunity to taste the Karelian cuisine: wickets, Old Karelian roast, Karelian fish soup and other dishes. In addition to Karelian cuisine, the menu includes Russian and European cuisine, as well as dishes for vegetarians.

Day 2: Picturesque nature of Karelia

The second day of the trip begins with a snowmobile ride, then a walk along the eco-trail among waterfalls, visiting the main natural attraction of Karelia and a walk through the city of Sortavala.


The day begins with the most positive emotions from riding with the breeze on snowmobiles. There is a choice of routes of different lengths. You can book skiing [here](

Ruskealskiye Vodopady

The area of the waterfalls is well landscaped. There is an eco-trail with bridges over the waterfall and wooden sculptures. The waterfalls themselves practically do not freeze in winter, so you can fully enjoy their beauty and take picturesque photos!


Before you take a long walk in the park, you have to eat. The menu offers dishes of Russian and Karelian cuisine: salads, soups, side dishes, hot dishes, gates, pancakes.

Gornyy Park Ruskeala

The park is truly the most picturesque place in Karelia. The main attraction of the park is Marble Canyon with a transparent turquoise lake, which is surrounded by coloured rocks. There is also the so-called Italian quarry on the territory, where the works used to be managed by Italian specialists, and now you can see beautiful marble splits here. You can also visit an amazing excursion, where you will visit the underground Ruskeala. The ticket for the excursion is purchased at the ticket office on the territory of the park.

monument Vyaynamoynenu

Before dinner, you can take a walk around the city and look at the architecture. The Nordic Art Nouveau style can be seen in the buildings: "Leander House", the former building of the Bank of Finland, the former building of the United Nordic Bank.

Relax Cafe

The evening will take place in a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. The menu includes salads, appetizers, hot dishes and desserts. Everyone will find a dish to his/her liking!


A leisurely stroll along the promenade will allow you to relax and tune in for a new day.

Day 3: Active recreation and cultural program

On the third day of the trip you will visit the Husky kennel, visit the historic park Bastion, see a unique collection of works by the People's Artist of the Russian Federation, as well as actively relax in the ski resort.

Park Vakkosalmi

The day begins with a walk in the park. It's quiet, clean and beautiful in winter!

Husky kennel

Here you will have the opportunity to make friends and play with husky sled dogs, as well as go for a walk or dog sledding. Apart from huskies, you can also see raccoons, foxes, sheep and other animals. You can find out more about kennel operation [on site](

Istoricheskiy Park "Bastion""

It's time to experience the Viking Age. Here you will get acquainted with the everyday life of the inhabitants of that epoch, you can even try on some costumes, take part in master classes, shoot at a shooting gallery and many other interesting things! More information is available [here]( Monday and Tuesday are sanitary days.

Crohn's Cafe

Lunch will be held in the café. The menu includes salads, hot dishes, soups and desserts.

Muzey Chastnoy Kollektsii Kronida Gogoleva

The museum has a unique and inimitable collection of works by Kronid Gogolev, who worked in the technique of sculptural relief in wood. Here you will see a large number of his works in the themes of the Russian North.


Dinner will be held in a restaurant in Priozersk. There is everything to have a delicious dinner and relax from the road. Salads, appetizers, meat and fish dishes, side dishes, desserts.

Seasonal resort "Igora"

The journey ends with an active skiing holiday at the resort. There are several slopes of different lengths and complexity for skiing and snowboarding, there are also tracks waiting for tubing, an ice rink, a place for curling and other sports entertainments. For more information on the clone schedule, please [here](

Saint Petersburg