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Active weekend in Leningrad region

Road Trip Route. Norwegian Park "Nut", Fishing on Lake Vuoksa, Korela Fortress in Priozersk.

Turn on the sporty mood, as this trip will take a lot of effort from you. First we will visit the Nut Rope Park. Moving over the ground on obstacle courses is no easy task! After that we will go to Losevo, where you can ride a sports bike, shoot with an air gun and bow or play paintball or lasertag. But then a Russian bathhouse, fishing at the morning sight and a leisurely stroll through the town of Priozersk awaits you. Don't forget to bring your fishing gear! The route is developed with the support of [Volkswagen Amarok](

Active Leisure. From: Saint Petersburg

Volkswagen Amarok.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Holidays in Orehovo

We'll spend the first half of the day in a rope park in Orekhovo, Leningrad region, and then relax in a real Russian bath.

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Norwegian Rope Park Peanut

You can test your strength at the rope park! For an hour and a half you will get a dose of adrenaline and a lot of pleasant sensations. Cool place! There are green, blue, red and black courses of different complexity. Safety at a high level. Responsive instructors, who are always ready to help!

Grand Kafe

On the way to Losevo there are not many decent places to eat, so a good choice is to stop for lunch at the Igora resort. There are several cafes here, where you will find dishes for every taste and wallet - from fast food to author's cuisine. More information about the restaurants can be found at [website](

Kiviniemi - active recreation center in Losevo

At the base of active recreation Kiviniemi has something to do, even in the autumn season. Are you ready for an active bike ride? Or maybe you want to shoot with an air rifle, bow or crossbow? Then you should definitely visit this place. And for big companies, you can order a laser tag or paintball. It is better to book all services in advance, all you need to do is to fill out an application at [site](

Sauna "Kexholm"

Relax and rest after daytime activities we offer in the sauna. It's a good place to "unload" physically and morally. More information about the sauna operation mode and prices can be found at [site](

Ресторан «Kexholm»

It's time for dinner! The Kexholm Restaurant is the place to eat from all over town. In the restaurant menu you can find dishes of Russian, Caucasian, Ukrainian and European cuisines. The most delicious baked salmon is served right here.

Day 2: Fishing in Priozyorsk

The second day: morning fishing and sightseeing tour around the city of Priozyorsk with a visit to its most impressive attraction - the fortress of Korela.

Вуокса Спорт

In this place we get on a boat, which can be booked at [site]( But it's better to prepare the gear in advance. We wish you a good catch!

Памятник Маугли

The only Mowgli monument in Russia from the stories of Redyard Kipling is located in well-groomed Petrovsky Park. The sculpture looks very contrasting, so no traveler can pass by without taking a photo.

Korela Fortress (Крепость Корела)

The fortress was built by Novgorodians in the XIII century on the island of the river Uzerve to protect themselves from the Swedes. It repeatedly passed from Russians to Swedes and was rebuilt, and only the walls and casemates of the lower floor of the main tower have survived to this day. For some time, the fortress served as a prison where the family of the rioter Yemelyan Pugachev and some of the noblemen who joined the Decembrists' movement were kept. Today there is a small museum exposition in the main tower, telling about the history and culture of Ladoga lands.

Гастрономическое кафе «Точка на карте»

It's lunchtime! We will stop our choice at the cafe "Tochka na map", which is located on the picturesque Cape Mayachny just a few kilometers from the border with the Republic of Karelia. The choice of dishes is huge! Beautiful view from the terrace, nice interior. This place is what we need for a good lunch.


We offer a little relaxation at one of the most popular places for residents and guests of the village Melnikovskoe. The beach is located on the Vuoksa bank. Take a walk along the adjacent eco-trail and breathe fresh coniferous air!


Lutheran church in Melnikovo village was built in Art Nouveau style. Nearby there is a small military cemetery and a beautiful house with a mezzanine.


We'll have dinner at Levada Restaurant. Pleasant atmosphere, varied menu with large portions. The desserts here are incredible! We suggest you try a cheesecake with fruit croissants.

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