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Active rest in the mountains

Road Trip Route. Skypark, Husky farm, Horseback riding, Rodelban, The highest waterfall in the Krasnodar Region: Polikar, .

An incredible journey that will suit fans of adventure and outdoor activities. Do you already feel that there is nothing to surprise you? This trip will refute your words! The best celestial adventures in Europe. New friends among charming husky dogs, horseback riding, and the new, exciting attraction Rodelban.

Active Leisure. From: Sochi

Alisa Ivanchenko. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Adventures in the four elements.

The day begins with a visit to the famous SkyBridge bridge, and later in the evening you will climb Rose of Peak.

Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi

Skypark is a complex of extreme high-altitude entertainment, located at high altitude. Here you can find real adventures, feel the beauty of the sky and see the earth from a completely different perspective!

Sky Bridge

The "celestial bridge" became particularly popular among visitors to the park. This structure, more than 400 meters long, is located at an altitude of 207 meters! From the bridge one can see mountain peaks and deep dark gorge in all its glory. It's the longest suspension pedestrian bridge in the world.

Скайпарк Грилль Буфет

You can have a delicious lunch in this charming place, the scenery is breathtaking. This restaurant has a beautiful view of the mountains and the Sky Park.

Rosa Peak (Роза Пик)

To ride while enjoying the magnificent mountain scenery, you must first climb Rose Peak. You can get to the right point quickly by using the mountain lift (mark 2300 meters). Horseback riding is accompanied by an instructor on the picturesque slopes of Mount Aibga.


You can have a delicious and hearty lunch at a Russian restaurant. I especially advise you to pay attention to hot traditional dishes!

Day 2: The most extraordinary entertainment.

Extraordinary entertainments: a ride on the rodlesbon, communication with Husky, the highest waterfall in the Krasnodar region.

Rosa Plateau (Роза Плато)

Not far from Rosa Plateau, near the Juvent Lift, the Rodelban ride was opened in 2019. The Rodelban is a summer sled, which speeds up to 40 km per hour! Rodelban is a symbiosis of bobsleigh and roller coasters, where sledges race on a special metal track, laying bends on the slopes and flying in meters above the ground. The Rodelban in Krasnaya Polyana is equipped with double sleds, its track length is 1350 meters, and the maximum height of the track passage above the ground is almost 13 meters. The speed of the trip reaches 40 km/h, and it won't be possible to speed up any faster - it is monitored by automatics. For those who find such acceleration unnecessary, there is a manual brake - the only internal control sled.

Khaski Khutor

Husky Hutor on Rosa Khutor is a kennel and breeding center for Husky and Malamut breeds of dogs, located in Krasnaya Polyana, near Sochi. These kind and sociable animals cannot but cause a smile and true joy not only in children, but also in adults. In addition, this breed is said to have no evil gene. Dogs are very friendly to visitors.

Al Monte Pizzeria

Who doesn't like hot pizza on thin dough! Order your favorite pizza and enjoy the rest!

Waterfall Polikarya

Polikar waterfall is considered one of the highest in the Krasnodar region, it reaches 70 meters high, located on the northern slope of Aibga. The route is easy enough, but you can get there by cable car. On the way you can swim in small, sunny, mountain lakes.

Snow Bar

This restaurant offers incredibly beautiful and stunning scenery. Many people come here for stunning views and the most beautiful photographs. It is highly recommended to order a light dinner, a cup of mountain tea and enjoy the stunning views.