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Active recreation and extreme in the Krasnodar region

Road Trip Route. Look at the statue of Prometheus., Visit Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi and Olympic Park, Walk in Southern Cultures Park., Try rafting, To visit the aviary complex of the Caucasian Reserve..

The route is suitable for active travelers and extreme lovers. We will visit Skypark AJ Hackett to walk across one of the longest suspended pedestrian bridges in the world and make a jump into the abyss from a height of 207 meters, visit the Olympic Park and look at the main objects of the 2014 Winter Olympics and see a spectacular show of dancing fountains. And on the second day we will visit a very beautiful park with fountains, exotic plants, ponds and swans. We will go rafting on a mountain river, overcoming various obstacles, and after the rafting we will visit the Aviary Complex, where the inhabitants of the Caucasus Mountains live. Be sure to bring comfortable clothes and shoes!

. From: Sochi

Eugenia Laputina. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Skypark AJ Hackett and the Olympic Park

On the first day of our journey we will visit Skypark AJ Hackett to walk across one of the longest suspension pedestrian bridges in the world and even jump into the abyss from a height of 207 meters. We will also visit the Olympic Park, where the main sports facilities of the 2014 Olympics are located, and in the evening we will watch a show of dancing fountains.


Статуя Прометея

The first point of our journey will be a visit to the statue of Prometheus on the Eagle Rocks. The area itself is very picturesque, so you can go for a walk and admire the mountain landscapes. Here you get very beautiful shots!

Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi

Skypark is located in the picturesque place of Akhshtyrsky gorge. The main attraction of the park is a long suspended pedestrian bridge. Walking on the bridge, you will experience the whole range of emotions and enjoy the extraordinary views! In addition to a walk on the bridge, you can jump into the abyss from a height of 207 m on an elastic rope.

Кафе Гнездо Совы

Lunch will take place in a cafe. The cafe itself is located in a very picturesque place. It's time for a nourishing and tasty meal and relaxation. The menu offers Caucasian dishes. Bon appetit!

Стена чемпионов Игр

While in Adler, one cannot help but visit the Olympic Park, where all the main facilities of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games are located. Let's stop at the wall of Champions of the Games, where the names of Russian prizewinners and winners of the Olympics 2014 are presented.

Medals Plaza (Олимпийская площадь празднования и награждений)

In the heart of the Olympic Park there is one of the main venues of activity - Olympic Square. Celebrations and awards of athletes were held here.

Olympic Flame (Олимпийский факел)

Now let's approach the main object of the park - the Olympic Torch. This is where the Olympic flame was lit. The Sochi torch is the biggest torch in the history of the Olympic Games, its height is about 50 meters.

Солнечные часы

Before dinner, you can take a walk along the promenade. Breathe in the sea air and look at an interesting structure - the Sun Clock.

Parus Cafe (Парус Кафе)

Dinner will take place in a cozy restaurant. The menu includes Caucasian, European, Russian cuisine. Beautiful view, friendly atmosphere and live music!

Музыкальные фонтаны

After dinner, we'll watch a show of dancing fountains in the Olympic Park. Music, spotlights, splashes of water - amazing spectacle!

Day 2: Park, rafting and inhabitants of the Caucasus Mountains

On the second day of our trip we will take a walk through a beautiful landscape park, rafting on the river, overcoming water obstacles. In the afternoon we will get acquainted with the inhabitants of the Caucasian mountains, many of them endemic.

Дендропарк «Южные культуры»

The day will start with a walk in a very beautiful park. The park covers 11 hectares. The park has a lake with water lilies and white and black swans, many plants: palm trees, bamboo, magnolia, sakura, cypresses, eucalyptus and many others, various bridges, arbours, sculptures. The cost of a visit is 300 rubles.

База Рафтинга на Красной Поляне

Today we're going to raft on the river. Rafting is a real extreme. It gives an opportunity to have fun, passing various obstacles on the mountain river under the guidance of an experienced instructor and enjoying the pristine beauty of local nature. Alloy starts at 12:30 and lasts one hour, the service is available for adults and children from 6 years. You can specify the schedule and sign up for the alloy at [site](

Кафе Salmo

It's lunchtime. Lunch will be held in a cafe in a cozy log interior. There is a summer veranda overlooking the mountain river. The menu includes both Caucasian and fish dishes.

Вольерный Комплекс Кавказского Заповедника

The aviary complex is located 500 metres above sea level. The complex is home to a large number of different species of mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds and they are mostly endemics. Here you will see not only unique animals and birds, but also enjoy the beauty of forests and mountain landscapes. The cost of the entrance ticket is 300 rubles.

Rosa Square (Площадь Роза)

Let's make a little stop in the square. There's a town hall with a clock. Also here are often held various festive events, fairs, exhibitions, bazaars. Don't forget to take pictures against the background of the Town Hall and the mountains!


Dinner will take place in an atmospheric Greek restaurant. Here you will taste souvlaki, charcoal dishes, seafood and much more! They're serving big portions here!