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Active one-day road trip

Road Trip Route. Shoot a crossbow or drift on a racetrack, Fly on a small plane, Taste snails and see crocodiles in the Eco-tree, Go horseback riding through scenic forests, .

This itinerary is ideal for a spontaneous weekend trip or if a "keen Sabbath feeling" arises - when interesting entertainment and delicious food are needed. The racetrack, flying over the forests, horseback riding - all this is perfectly packed into one day that you will remember for a long time to come.

Uninhabited Nature, Adventure. From: Moscow

Alexandr Kosar. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Racing Track, Aero Walking, Horse Tourism, Eco Farm

Start the day with a visit to the ADM Raceway, where you can pick up and shoot with archery. Then take a small plane ride and continue to admire the surrounding countryside while you're horseback riding. Finally, take a look at Eco Village to make your own snails and gaze at real crocodiles.


ADM Raceway

ADM Raceway is a year-round racing circuit that is well known to fans of extreme entertainment. In winter, you can ride the map or drive the Legend raceway, sign up for an extreme driving lesson and learn how to drift, ride off-road buggy, fly by plane or shoot archery at a shooting range. For more information, please contact the Administrator on +7 495 995-95-93 or on the official [site]( The Center works every day from 10:00 to 18:00.

Severka Aerodrome

At "Severka" aerodrome there is a flight club [KVS](, which offers to fly over familiar places and feel the immense freedom in the air. Excursion flights by YAC and Cessna can be made all year round, but according to weather conditions. The bravest can experience aerobatics on YAK-52. For more details please call +7 (905) 726-35-41.

Городская еда (MiXТочка)

We will stop for a quick and hearty lunch in Kolomna, in the cafe "Mix Tochka" - try here homemade pies, soup of the day or pasta with any additives. Keep an eye on the promotions so you don't spend too much!

Orbita Horse Club

If you like horses, visit the club "Orbita", which offers horseback riding in the picturesque surroundings. A standard (1.5 hours) or hourly route costs 1000 rubles. The ride must be agreed upon by phone +7 (925) 846-60-70 or in the official [group]( VKontakte.


Finally, visit "Ecoderevushka" - a small cozy farm near Kolomna, where you can see live crocodiles, make a cheese tasting, visit a goat farm and even take part in a master class on making grape snails. As a memento, you can take away snail-mucin-based cosmetics and try dishes with snails (e.g. snail soup or snail burger). You can also rent a sauna on firewood (500-1200 rubles per hour). The complex is open from 10:00 to 20:00. All questions can be answered by phone 8 (495) 152-02-77 or get information at [site](

Chelsea pub

If you haven't stayed for dinner at Eco Village, have a bite to eat at Chelsea Pub, which is considered the best in all of Sunday. Dim light, light background music, extensive menu - dinner here will be a perfect end to your mini trip. You can book a table by calling +7 (925) 923-03-23.