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Active leisure near Krasnodar

Road Trip Route. Experience the thrill of a shooting club., To climb a mountain of witches, To be a guest at the descendants of the Shapsugs..

*" Travel for families with children who don't want to spend time at home. In the morning you will be expected to attend a shooting club, where you will experience new emotions from the use of weapons and where you will be taught how to use them. And children will have fun in the children's area with animators. In the second half of the trip you will have a rest of body and soul in nature: on Mount Sober-Bash, on the reservoir. And of course, we will visit Afipsis aul, where we will learn the history of the people living there. ** From this one-day tour, all the family members will be delighted **

History and Culture, Families with Kids, Active Leisure. From: Krasnodar

Xena Fedchenkova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: For children and adults.

Get ready for active rest and unity with nature!


Стрелковый клуб "Дубрава"

This place will be interesting for both adults and children, as everyone will be fascinated by the world of weapons. Parents will be able to shoot with guns or bows, and children will be able to play lasertag or pass an obstacle course in a rope park. *I advise you to book your visit in advance at [site](

Площадь боевой и трудовой славы

Let's take a little walk around the square of fame in Tahtamukai. *" You can go to the store if you're hungry, before you go to the reservoir


Right by the road travelers meet the famous hero of folk tales and legends Snake Gorynych. You can make a short stop for funny photos.


A place with delicious cuisine and responsive staff. Just what you need for a good lunch.


The name of the mountain Sober-bash in translation from Adygsky means "mountain of witches". Its height is 735.8 meters above sea level. There are a lot of picturesque glades, springs, transparent mountain rivers, medicinal plants, good view from the mountain. *" Hike a hiking trail and try to find a waterfall called the Hidden Falls


We will stop in Lvivske village to see the beauty of Kryukivske reservoir.

Аул Афипсип

Aphypsip is an ethnic settlement. It is inhabited by descendants of the ancient Shapsugian people, who still preserve their ethnic identity. *" You can buy souvenirs made by the locals, thus supporting their work

Merci Баку

Now, before returning home, we will have dinner at the restaurant of Eastern European cuisine, where the atmosphere is very cozy.


** We hope you enjoyed your day and will remember this trip!**