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Acquaintance with the fauna of Sochi and its surroundings

Road Trip Route. Exarcho Farm in the Matsesta Mountains, Ostrich Farm, Deer farm, Aviary complex Laura, Trout farm, Sochi Discovery World Aquarium.

Sochi is wonderful not only with its resorts, but also with its farms, where amazing animals live. Following the route, we will get to know the farms and their inhabitants, see the local beauties, and climb the longest suspended pedestrian bridge.

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Margarita Glumova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Visit to Exarcho, Ostrich and Deer Farm.

The first day we will dedicate to getting acquainted with the famous farm "Exarkho", which is home to various farm animals, as well as learn about the production of dairy products of this farm. After that we will go on a tour to the Ostrich Farm and the Deer Farm.

ферма Экзархо

Did you dream of escaping the bustle of the city and going to a real farm? Then the first thing to do is to visit the eco farm "Exarkho". We will see with our own eyes a unique place in the mountains of Matsesta. It is a rest in nature, and acquaintance with animals (here live goats, calves, rabbits), visiting the equestrian complex and the opportunity to ride horses. Exarcho holds a photo session in its territory, so we can make memorable shots with the animals. In addition, we have the opportunity to try and buy natural products of the farm, as well as eat at the farm restaurant with a magnificent panoramic view. Please note that the complex is closed on Mondays.


Before you go to the next farm, you have to have a good meal. We'll stop at this cozy place and have a delicious lunch.

Страусиная Ферма

Ready to see African ostriches and Australian emus? On this farm we have the opportunity to see near these wonderful birds, take pictures with them and also buy a big ostrich egg in a special shop. Besides ostriches, we can also see the Golden Pheasant, swans and ducks.

оленья ферма

On this fascinating farm, we will get to know the life of deer, pet and feed them. Also next to the farm is Husky Park, where you can make friends with the incredibly beautiful and kind northern Husky.


After a busy day we'll stop by the restaurant with a wide variety of pizzas, pastas and seafood dishes. This institution has deserved recognition and love of visitors in Rosa Khutor.

Rosa Square (Площадь Роза)

We will take an evening stroll through the famous square, which is the visiting card of the ski resort "Rosa Khutor".

Day 2: Visit to the Reserve, Trout Farm and Sochi Discovery World Aquarium.

The second day we will dedicate to acquaintance with animals of Northwest Caucasus in reserve. Then we will walk along the incredible bridge "Skybridge", visit a unique Trout farm and look at the famous oceanarium in Adler.

Вольерный Комплекс Кавказского Заповедника

We will visit the famous reserve, where we will see the animals of the North-West Caucasus. Originally this place was created for bison conservation. Today, the reserve has over four thousand species of animals.

Sky Bridge

When taking this route, you should definitely visit Skybridge - one of the longest suspended pedestrian bridges in the world! Visiting this place, we will get incredible impressions, see the area from a height, take unique photographs. If you want to get maximum adrenaline, there is an opportunity to visit attractions or make a bungee jump.

Таверна "Каньон"

After an extreme walk on the Skybridge we will stop at a Greek restaurant. Here we will have a rest, taste hot dishes and also try Greek snacks.

Форелевое хозяйство

Look how much fish there are! At excursion we will see how trout are grown, and also we will take part in catching of this wonderful fish. After walking on an au pair we can buy production from a trout in firm shop. But it is better to order the excursion in advance, it is possible to do it, having called by phone specified on [site](

Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

After a fascinating voyage through the farms and farms, we will take you to the wonderful underwater world and meet the sea creatures. Here we will see sharks, jellyfishes, rays, turtles and many others. In addition, the oceanarium offers its guests the opportunity to personally dive with an instructor and see the inhabitants in their natural environment. Please note that diving requires an appointment.