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Absolute Relaxation in Larnaca

Road Trip Route. Experience amazing and perfectly equipped beaches, Admire the extraordinary natural beauty of Larnaca, Explore the history of this wonderful land and visit the most significant historical buildings, Enjoy the unparalleled cuisine of the island and its traditions.

Larnaca is one of the most hospitable and interesting cities of Cyprus. The tourism infrastructure is perfectly organised here: a lot of hotels for all tastes, the region literally abounds with picturesque beaches that are suitable for a wide variety of activities from a quiet, relaxed holiday to the extreme types of surfing for brave adventurers. This city has an extremely interesting and rich history. A lot of historical buildings of Roman times and the early Middle Ages, as well as a number of archaeological finds are sufficient indications to conclude that people inhabited these places 6,000 years ago. There is even a legend that this city was founded by the grandson of biblical Noah. Enjoy a fascinating journey through the culinary world of Cyprus mixed two lines of tradition. First is the Greek branch of culture. Second is a serious influence of the Turkish part of the population with their food habits and preferences. Get acquainted with unique culinary traditions and recipes. In addition, scientists have long established that it is the Mediterranean cuisine that is extremely good for health. Larnaca resort offers holidays at reasonable prices, so the rest is affordable for any tourist, and the impressions of this magical city are really priceless.

Relaxing Leisure. From: Larnaca

Juan Coustillas. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Your first time out in beautiful Larnaca.

Begin your extraordinary journey through the magnificent Larnaca with exploration of the extremely original branch of Mediterranean cuisine, namely the cuisine of the island of Cyprus. Enjoy wonderful dishes cooked exclusively from fresh ingredients. Cyprus and Larnaca, in particular, are known for their real paradise and superbly organized beaches, so spend the first day strolling along the coast and enjoying a swim in the waves of the warm sea.

Kastela Beach

No trip around Cyprus is possible without a beach holiday, and it’s not for nothing that the local beaches are a real treasure for a city dweller: the blue sea, the light and pleasant sea breeze and the warm and soft sand will not only help you relax and have a good time, but also improve your health, exhausted by the city life, gain vitamins and minerals that are missing in everyday life. The atmosphere of the local beaches also works on this aspect, because the beaches are equipped with everything you need, from rental sun loungers to dressing rooms.

Alasia Cafe

The national cuisine of Cyprus is very original and rich, so to explore it you need to return to a restaurant like Alasia Cafe, which offers very tasty and healthy food, because the natural features of this region allow using only fresh and natural ingredients for cooking. Pay attention to such dishes as moussaka, stifado and kleftiko, also, Greek and Cypriot cuisine is famous for its excellent yoghurt prepared from cow and more often sheep milk and being the second most important national product.

Day 2: Historical sites and beaches of Larnaca.

The new day brings many unforgettable impressions and amazing discoveries. It's no secret that the island of Cyprus has an unusually rich history mostly made here, so today we are going to visit unusual historical sites and locations that hide a great number of interesting and surprising things. We will also explore the nature of some of the most beautiful places in this area and, of course, the rest of paradise beaches of Larnaca.

PAUL'S Coffee Roasters

A good breakfast is the most vigorous and positive start to the day, and a cosy, quiet place Paul's Coffee Roasters is ideal for this. What is the best dish for breakfast in this cafe? The choice is undoubtedly large, but you should definitely taste the local Halloumi or Anari cheeses, Cyprus yogurt, smoked meat cuts, fresh or candied fruits and vegetables and carob syrup. All these dishes will not only make your breakfast tasty and nutritious, but also bring significant benefits to your health.

Finikoudes Beach (Παραλία Φοινικούδες)

Keep exploring and ejoying the beaches of Larnaca and do not miss such wonderful place as Finikoudes Beach. It is perfect for swimming, rest with children and numerous beach activities. Playgrounds and exciting attractions await you! There are lifeguards on duty during the day on the beach, the beach infrastructure is organised at the highest level, so it is a quiet and pleasant place to rest.

Larnaca Castle

Located at the end of the waterfront, the Larnaca Medieval Castle was originally built in the Middle Ages and took its present form during Ottoman rule. Today, the castle houses a small but very interesting Larnaca Medieval Museum, which consists of three halls, where exhibits relating to historical periods from the birth of Christianity on the island and to the end of the Ottoman Empire are exposed. The museum is well organised and offers the audio guides for the excursions.

Maqam Al Sultan

Cyprus is a place where cultures meet, and such national cuisine as Lebanese one is essential part of the island's culinary tradition. It has been enriched and turned into a unique phenomenon over time: it abounds in vegetables and fruits, various spices, spicery and greens. All food is usually cooked in the oven or on the grill, and olive oil is widely used in cooking, which has long been famous for its unique characteristics and benefits. Therefore, to diversify your culinary experiences, you should definitely visit the magnificent restaurant Maqam Al Sultan.

Larnaca Salt Lake (Αλυκή Λάρνακας)

Larnaca Salt Lake is a very popular attraction. It consists of four reservoirs, three of which are interconnected. In the summer months the lake dries up and turns into a snow-white salt marsh, through which you can walk, as if in snow. There is a recreation area along the coastline, where you can have a nice and quiet time, there are gazebos, benches and picnic sites. The lake’s surroundings are also home to many waterfowl birds of Cyprus, including wild ducks, geese, gulls, cormorants and flamingos.

Mackenzy Beach (Παραλία Μακένζυ)

There is nothing better before bedtime than spending a few pleasant hours by the sea. Mackenzie Beach is an ideally equipped place for an unforgettable vacation. You can rent everything you need from loungers to beach volleyballs. Another interesting feature of the beach is that here you can watch landing planes and make interesting photos on their background.


A good evening in the cosy Almar restaurant, where not only wonderful fresh food awaits you, but also an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility, created by quick and courteous staff, will be a good end to a day full of impressions and emotions. Fishing is one of the main industries on the island, and the restaurant's menu offers excellent dishes from exclusively fresh seafood. Also, enjoy the local wines.

Day 3: An awsome experience for water sports enthusiasts.

This day is, perhaps, culminating in the exploration of beaches of wonderful Larnaca, because we are going to visit the world famous Larnaca beach today. Superbly organized, clean and picturesque beach is just the icing on the cake in our journey. And of course, today's rest is not limited to visiting local beaches. We are going to visit one of the best water parks in Europe and enjoy plenty of fine impressions and emotions as well.

Sea Joy All Day Lounge

See Joy is a pleasant place, which offers a beautiful view of the sea expances from the second floor. In the morning you can have a huge portion of pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast, or order a traditional European breakfast, and have a good time for a tropical cocktail in the evening.

Larnaca Beach

Larnaca Beach is another decent city centre for a beach holiday and an ideal place for wind surfing. Soft and clean sand on the shore, warm caressing sea with a fairly flat entry will be an ideal place both for a novice surfer and experienced one. And for lovers of beach activities, there are plenty of opportunities to have a good time, from renting bathing accessories such as flippers to sailing on the banana boat.

Ocean Basket

Everyone knows that outdoor activities will be even more pleasant with the best dishes of local cuisine, and in this respect, Ocean Basket seafood restaurant, where delicious dishes are prepared exclusively from fresh products, will be the ideal place. Enjoy delicious oysters, and indulge in delicious salads from fresh vegetables here. The menu of the restaurant offers only healthful and tasty food and helps to gain vitamins and microelements.


WaterWorld is the largest theme water park in Europe. Experience the environment of the ancient Greece gods and stuff of legends. All attractions of the park are named after the legendary heroes, gods of Olympus, mythical creatures and are made in the appropriate style. Here you will find children's playgrounds for the youngest visitors, highest extreme waterslides for those who are bolder, and swimming pools and attractions for a more relaxing holiday.

Taverna Mousikos

Cyprus cuisine is, of course, original and multifaceted, and you should definitely visit Taverna Mousikos exploring it. Several types of cheeses, olives, classic sauces, fresh bread and meat and seafood dishes are essential for a dinner here. Choosing a dish for dinner, pay attention to the kotopoulo kolokasi, sheftalia, tuna or sea bass. And the restaurant has a good range of wines of local and foreign production.

Day 4: Final act of relaxing holiday.

We are going to finish our beach exploration with a visit to one of the best places for kite surfing on the last day of the trip. Perfectly equipped and extremely beautiful Kitemed would be a treasured experience worth repeating. We will also have some time to visit the magnificent historic castle, get acquainted with its secrets and riddles and, of course, enjoy the authentic cuisine of the southern part of the island today.

Koko's Taverna

Koko's Taverna has a very intimate, cosy and pleasant atmosphere created by friendly and responsible staff, and an amazing selection of meat and fish dishes. Large fish species, for example, bream and sea bass, which in Cyprus are called “tsipura” and “lavraki”, are most often prepared here on the grill. Fish bones are removed before cooking, and fish is always served with a slice of lemon so you can squeeze lemon on the dish to your liking.


Kitemed is an ideal place for those who want to try such an interesting water sport as surfing. This beach has the necessary space for a beginner to master the basic skills of extreme kitesurfing, fair winds from dawn to dusk, and coastal waves, which will be needed both for an expert and a novice. In addition, a rescue team is always on duty at the beach in case of emergencies.

Kolossi Castle (Κάστρο Κολοσσίου)

Kolossi is an ancient, majestic castle keeping alive the spirit of its medieval inhabitants, among whom were the Knights of the Maltese Order, the Hospitallers, and even Richard the Lionheart. The valiant warriors entered the castle through a drawbridge and immediately found themselves in rather severe living rooms on the second floor. Various frescoes have been preserved on the castle walls, including a fresco depicting Christ, the Virgin Mary and Saint John.

Ωραίος Τρελλός

Due to some historical circumstances, the concept of national Cyprus cuisine has been formed mainly on the basis of the culinary traditions of Greek and Turkish chefs. This is expressed primarily in the fact that the chefs here love to cook dishes on the grill, use a large amount of yogurt, garlic, various spices. Ωραίος Τρελλόςός restaurant offers all these amazing culinary specialties and the best location for fine rest in a pleasant atmosphere.

Aphrodite Beach (Παραλία Αφροδίτη)

Aphrodite Beach is one of the most unique beaches in Cyprus. Its shore is covered with gray sand of volcanic origin. You can find small pebbles in the sand. The seabed is mostly sandy, with a comfortable, smooth entry and gradual approach to the deepest part. The beach infrastructure is perfectly organised, there are rental sun beds, umbrellas, small cafes and shops along the beach where you can buy a soft drink on a hot day.