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Absolute Relaxation in Larnaca

Absolute Relaxation in Larnaca
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Larnaca is one of the most hospitable and interesting cities of Cyprus. The tourism infrastructure is perfectly organized here: many hotels for all tastes, the region literally abounds with picturesque beaches that are suitable for a wide variety of activities from a quiet, relaxed holiday to the extreme types of surfing for brave adventurers.
This city has an extremely interesting and rich history. A lot of historical buildings of Roman times and the early Middle Ages, as well as several archaeological finds, are sufficient indications to conclude that people inhabited these places 6,000 years ago. There is even a legend that this city was founded by the grandson of biblical Noah.
Enjoy a fascinating journey through the culinary world of Cyprus, mixed two lines of tradition. First is the Greek branch of culture. Second is a serious influence of the Turkish part of the population with their food habits and preferences. Get acquainted with unique culinary traditions and recipes. In addition, scientists have long-established that it is the Mediterranean cuisine that is extremely good for health.
Larnaca resort offers holidays at reasonable prices, so the rest is affordable for any tourist, and the impressions of this magical city are really priceless.
Juan Coustillas
Juan Coustillas
  • Experience amazing and perfectly equipped beaches.
  • Admire the extraordinary natural beauty of Larnaca.
  • Explore the history of this wonderful land and visit the most significant historical buildings.
  • Enjoy the unparalleled cuisine of the island and its traditions.

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Out in Beautiful Larnaca
Day 19 km1 km

Out in Beautiful Larnaca

Begin your extraordinary journey through the magnificent Larnaca with exploration of the extremely original branch of Mediterranean cuisine, namely the cuisine of the island of Cyprus. Enjoy wonderful dishes cooked exclusively from fresh ingredients. Cyprus and Larnaca, in particular, are known for their real paradise and superbly organized beaches, so spend the first day strolling along the coast and enjoying a swim in the waves of the warm sea.
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Historical Sites and Beaches of Larnaca
Day 27 km4 km

Historical Sites and Beaches of Larnaca

The new day brings many unforgettable impressions and amazing discoveries. It's no secret that the island of Cyprus has an unusually rich history, mostly made here, so today we are going to visit unusual historical sites and locations that hide a considerable number of interesting and surprising things. We will also explore the nature of some of the most beautiful places in this area and, of course, the rest of paradise beaches of Larnaca.
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Experience for Water Sports Enthusiasts
Day 392 km422 m

Experience for Water Sports Enthusiasts

This day is, perhaps, culminating in the exploration of beaches of wonderful Larnaca because you are going to visit the world-famous Larnaca beach today. Superbly organized, clean and picturesque beach is just the icing on the cake in your journey. And of course, today's rest is not limited to visiting local beaches. You will visit one of the best water parks in Europe and enjoy plenty of fine impressions and emotions as well.
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Final Act of Relaxing Holiday
Day 4177 km

Final Act of Relaxing Holiday

You are going to finish our beach exploration with a visit to one of the best places for kite surfing on the last day of the trip. Equipped perfectly and stunning, Kitemed would be a treasured experience worth repeating. You will also have some time to visit the magnificent historic castle, get acquainted with its secrets and riddles and, of course, enjoy the authentic cuisine of the southern part of the island today.
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