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Abandoned Manor House and Monastery in Serpukhov

Road Trip Route. Take atmospheric photos, Climb into the abandoned place, Have lunch in Serpukhov.

Short but exciting outing from Moscow to the south towards Serpukhov. Excellent highway, photogenic places, a drop of adventure and a sea of impressions. For dessert - dinner in the best restaurant in Serpukhov. Or maybe - Moscow region? You decide, but be sure to stop by!

Unique Locations, Adventure. From: Moscow

Елена Вахтурова . Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Photo location near Serpukhov

Two abandoned manor houses, photogenic monastery and tasty lunch in Serpukhov - itinerary for the lovers of the unusual.


Depending on which area you live in, departure times may vary. From the MKAD to the south the M2 highway is excellent!


The first place on the route is an abandoned farmstead on the bank of the Oka, southeast of Serpukhov. It looks atmospheric and epic. You can't get inside (well, it's problematic), but you can walk around outside. In summer you can also go down to the river, where there is a font and a waterfall of Pushchino. If you are afraid of dogs, be careful. Somewhere nearby there is a pack of local dogs barking. But they do not interfere with the sightseeing.

Photo spot in the field

Nearby, we found a great spot to take pictures of the car. In winter and summer the shots will be great. Especially if you're lucky with the weather.


And here is more interesting. When you drive up, you can get upset, because the whole abandoned manor is in the woods and behind the fence. But if you wait a little bit, you will see the kindest watchman, who will not only let you in, but will practically give you a tour. You may go around the whole building, pass through to the other, more atmospheric side and even ascend to the second floor, if you are not afraid. The main thing is to be careful! The manor is being restored. The plan is to have a hotel. Have time to visit it without booking, while there is such an opportunity.

Kitchen Market

For lunch it is definitely worth visiting Kitchen Market in Serpukhov. The place really surprises with the level of service, the variety of the menu, and the quality and taste of the dishes. The table is worth booking in advance, even for lunch. Phone: +7 (925) 659-06-00

Vysotsky Conception Monastery

The last stop on the route before going home is the monastery in Serpukhov. It is beautiful here at any time of the year. The XIV century is one of the oldest in the Moscow region.


You'll be home for dinner. It's only one day, but so much fun! We dedicate ourselves to adventure lovers!