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Abandoned Manor House and Monastery in Serpukhov

Abandoned Manor House and Monastery in Serpukhov
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9 Hours


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262 km




Unique LocationsAdventure
Short but exciting outing from Moscow to the south towards Serpukhov. Excellent highway, photogenic places, a drop of adventure and a sea of impressions.
For dessert - dinner in the best restaurant in Serpukhov. Or maybe - Moscow region? You decide, but be sure to stop by!
Елена Вахтурова
Елена Вахтурова
  • Take atmospheric photos.
  • Climb into the abandoned place.
  • Have lunch in Serpukhov.
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Photo location near Serpukhov
Day 1262 km

Photo location near Serpukhov

Two abandoned manor houses, photogenic monastery and tasty lunch in Serpukhov - itinerary for the lovers of the unusual.
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